Friday, September 2, 2016

Strange Bedfellows

It's been several weeks since Tom lost his sidekick, Chuck,
and he seems to be getting along just fine without him.
He spends his days with the chickens, follows me around the farm,
and tries each evening to roost on the fence beside the goats.

I persuade him to jump down and we head to the barn.

I am trying to train him to come "home" to the barn to roost each evening.
Something tells me this is not going to be a lesson that is learned quickly.

Tom has a friend to roost with each night.

Lucille hops up on the bags of bedding beside him and they fall asleep there every night.
It's a purely platonic relationship...
just companionship.
Eventually he will spend his time in the company of Fred and Ethel.
Until Fred and Ethel are full grown, however, the current arrangement will remain the norm.

I am so happy to tell you that finally this year I have grapes again!

It seems that the severe haircut that I gave the grapevines this spring has helped quite a bit.
I actually had to prune a bit more from the vines this summer as well.
Now that the sunlight reaches the grapes, they have ripened.

There was enough to pick and bring in to make juice.

I love this process.
The grapes are steamed in this steam juicer.

All of the juice runs out of the hose,
while the empty skins and stems remain in the top of the juicer.

I spent yesterday morning babysitting Mackenzie.
We had so much fun playing at her new Little Tikes Kitchen.

She's growing up so quickly,
before you know it she will be helping me in my own kitchen!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
We will be back on Monday with weekend Tails From The Farm.


  1. The grape juice sure looks good.
    I like your kitchen, McKenzie!
    Have a great weekend. See you next week.

  2. That grape juice looks delicious! And thanks for the Tom Turkey update - love that he has a friend!
    McKenzie is adorable.

  3. Congrats on the grapes. Have a wonderful long weekend!

  4. Mac is getting so much bigger! She is a squeezer for sure. When my folks retired, they had a few acres and dad planted grapes and he always pruned those vines back to almost nothing. He had a lot of grapes and they were delicious.

  5. Mackenzie is lucky to have you to teach her all the tricks of the kitchen...Glad that Tom has settled in to life without Chuck...Nice that companion to spend the nights with..Your grapes look wonderful. I'll bet the juice is yummy..Enjoy your weekend..

  6. That looks a niffty bit of kit will have to look for one, I have some grapes this year on the vines in the poly tunnel its there first year of fruiting, next year I hope there is enough to make juice

  7. Fresh grape juice sounds like a wonderful treat . . .

  8. I would think two male turkeys couldn't live together if there is also a female. Won't they fight all the time? Or is there one big fight that establishes the order and then it's over?
    Funny to see he has a chicken for a roommate...pretty sweet.
    Enjoy all your farm and family stories. Lisa G in TN

  9. GREAT shots of your granddaughter and fun pictures of your turkey!!
    Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!

  10. Hi Beverly,
    Question. How do you train a Rooster? haaa. Well, I know if anyone can do it you can. Mackenzie is so adorable! Yes, she sure is growing fast. It looks as if she is offering you a drink.

    I just became a great grandma 3 weeks ago. When you have a moment, please drop in a meet Lily. My first great grandchild. I am in a cloud of love.

  11. What great happenings were you are! I am so envious about you grapes. Love it. Your granddaughter is adorable.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer.



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