Friday, September 16, 2016

Arrivederci Friends

Well, the day is finally here.
I succeeded in slowing time down for the last two weeks...
I've been so excited.

The feed bins are filled....with extra feed in storage.
Hay is stacked.
The pantry and refrigerator are stocked.

Everything is ready for a small army of house sitters and care givers
 to survive over the next two weeks.

Yes....TWO weeks!!
It's an awful long time to be away...
but necessary in order to see all that we wish to see.

Oh, how I will miss my friends...
the four legged...

and two...

I will also miss visiting with you each day.
You are a big part of my day.
My peeps.
So many of you have become "friends."
So many of you I wish were closer so that we could have tea together in the morning,
and a glass of wine in the afternoon....
or borrow a cup of sugar from each other!

Here's the deal.
I am taking you along with me... in my heart.
I will take lots of photos and share our adventures with you as soon as we are home.

We will be back in October.
I'll have so much to share with you...
you might have to tell me to stop!!!

Until then, dear friend....
be well, be happy, stay positive...
and share as much love as possible!

Mwaaaaaahhhhh!  (Hugs and kisses from your farm family!)


  1. Have a truly wonderful holiday. It will be so weird not logging on to you daily to see what you are up to .... I will miss your tales. Hope everything is fantastic for you and your husband and can't wait for all the stories on your return. Take care and have a ball!! Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK.

  2. An American in TokyoSeptember 16, 2016 at 5:12 AM

    Have a wonderful time!!!

  3. Safe travels, y'all. You will be missed, but we'll catch up when you return. Blessings on your way...

  4. Now you will slow down time for the rest of us....
    Waiting for you to get home. Safe travels and have a wonderful time.
    Love the mailbox with the ritz crackers!!

  5. What Colleen said... - although I plan on roaming around here during the hiatus - so much to enjoy/re-enjoy! I just discovered that cuuute puppy asleep (pic. 7) and will see what other treasures I've missed so far. Wishing you the most wonderful trip ever!

  6. Oh this is so exciting. Wonderful that you are getting away on a holiday and an adventure. It is so hard to leave..(been there done but it is ok once you get on the plane. The work involved in leaving our farm friends is more than most can understand. By the time you leave you really do need a
    Have a Wonderful Time...Will look forward to your stories and pictures.
    Safe travels Bev..enjoy!

  7. Hope you have the best holiday ever,but I will surely miss having coffee with you every morning! Safe travels, Bev!

  8. TWO weeks of no farm tails! EEEEKKKKK! Enjoy yourselves! TerriC

  9. Enjoy your vacation (you deserve it)! We will anxiously await all the lovely photos! Divertiti!

  10. A truly well-deserved vacation. I know you'll miss the farm and the "kids", animal & human, but what an adventure! Can't wait to see pictures and hear your stories. Wishing you safe and happy and fun travels.

  11. Have a wonderful trip Bev! BTW: It looks like you either have a new dog or probably a welcomed visitor in the sheep pen (4th photo from bottom). Seems everyone is helping to watch the farm in your absence.

  12. Oh my goodness......that dog in the fourth picture is a grave marker for my daughter's little Cody (Yorkie), who passed years before we ever had the sheep.

  13. Happy adventuring! Will miss your wonderful tales but look forward to reading of your travels! Best wishes!

  14. I just found your blog and love it. Have a great trip! I'll use this time to check out previous posts.

  15. Looking forward to seeing all about your trip, have a good one

  16. Have a wonderful time!!

  17. Have a wonderful trip! I always dread leaving the farm for adventures but once out on them, I feel better about it and check in frequently.

  18. Enjoy all of it! Have a great, safe trip!

  19. I am so excited for you! Safe travels for you both. And we will be here when you get back. Enjoy.

  20. So you're on your way! May God bless you with a wonderful two weeks of travel! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and you whisk away to new and exciting places! Can't wait to see those pictures Bev and hear all the tales! The two weeks you are gone, we will finish up packing up our house for a move four hours North of here. About the time you get home to all that you know and love, we will start an adventure in a new place with new people. Such is life! Make the most out of your trip. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  21. Have a great time . We will be looking forward to photos and hearing all about your trip !

  22. Have a wonderful time, Beverly! Will keep you in my thoughts.

  23. Up Up and Away . . .
    Ciao Bella . . .

  24. Awwww.....have a great holiday! Enjoy the sights and hopefully great weather! Everything at home will be fine!


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