Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gnarly Carrots And The Pigs Come Running!

The pigs have enjoyed their daily trip to the front pasture.
Each morning, after breakfast, they make their way down to the gate
and lie there.... waiting.

When the horses are done grazing, it's the pigs' turn.
Out into the pasture they go...traversing it side to side, front to back.

We wondered at first if we would have any trouble getting them to come back 
into their own yard each afternoon.
But each afternoon, when the call goes out...
"Pig, pig, pig!!"....
they come running.

The secret?

These girls love their carrot treats so much
they are willing to leave the pasture behind for a delectable garden carrot.

As for this year's carrot crop...
gnarly is the best word for it.

I've never seen an uglier, twisted mass of carrot root than that which gets pulled
out of the garden each day.

The pigs obviously don't care.
To them, any carrot is bee-utiful!

They pick their carrot up and carry it a few feet away
and munch in utter bliss.

Problems arise, however, when one finishes before the other.
Never content with just their own carrot, they then try to take from whoever's
carrot remains.

Eventually all morsels are finished and they are both satisfied.

So, let's talk turkey!

Fred and Ethel have been getting along splendidly in their new home.

They are presently living with the handsome, but hazardous Roos.
Luckily the roos don't bother the turkeys...
so everyone seems happy here.

I took these photos, by opening this gate enough to stick my camera inside.

Of course, old Petunia was there ready to jump me.

You can tell just by the look on his face how menacing he can be.
I keep waiting to hear "I say, I say....boy!" in his best Foghorn Leghorn voice...
but then he scowls like this and my best cartoon fantasies are forgotten!

Yesterday I cut a bunch of zinnias and sunflowers from the garden.

I love bringing fresh flowers into the house!

It's one of my favorite parts of summer.


  1. DO your pigs not root up the ground, the pigs we had at the start turned over the area they were in to look like a badly ploughed field, I think your carrots could win shows they look amazing a character of there own, lol

  2. Hazardous roos? Do you think this behavior will calm down? With how well all of your animals get along with each other, I can't imagine you'd be able to have an aggressive animal, even a small one, on your farm for long. Those roosters are quite pretty, however. Know that you will do what's right for your family-friendly farm.

  3. Dawn....good question! Kunekune pigs differ from others in that they do not root. They are content to graze on grass and plant life. They only time I have seen them turn over the soil is to cool off with the cooler soil beneath.....but with the pool that they have in their yard to cool off in, that's a rare occurrence.

    As for the roosters....they are definitely a logistical problem. At this point, they live within their own yard. I cannot let them out, because they run after anyone who crosses their path!

  4. My gawd, GNARLY doesn't even begin to describe those carrots! Wow, they're something else.

  5. those roosters sure look like trouble!

  6. I guess pigs aren't big on presentation..Has Tom shown any interest in the newbies??? Pretty flowers..

  7. I've never seen carrots like that! Have you any idea why they are that way?

    The roosters LOOKED like a fighting chicken breed from day one. Upright and slim and light (and fast). Do you know what breed they are? I once raised a Japanese breed noted for growing very long ornamental tail feathers, and laying blue eggs. What I didn't know was they were used also as fighting cocks in Japan. I got a mixed lot of chicks - which turned out more roosters that hens. The young cocks were very dangerous too say the least, they would even gang up on me. Needless to say they ended up in the freezer. But I had wanted to breed them because they were beautiful. But having young children then, they were just too dangerous. The hens were fine however and laid beautiful colored eggs.

  8. An American in TokyoAugust 18, 2016 at 8:16 PM

    Is there any animal that doesn't like carrots?!
    I guess even though they look like that, they must taste GREAT!!

    Your Roos look pretty scary. I don't think I'd want to meet one before I've had my morning cup of tea! I don't think I could run away fast enough. Ha ha!

  9. Those are certainly some ugly carrots . . .
    What causes that . . .
    Great pictures of the Roos through the gate opening.
    Be careful though . . . I think that one is quite feisty !

  10. How can you tell those roosters apart? Love seeing your new turkeys....I hope they and Tom can get along someday soon! Love your blog ....keep up the great work!

  11. Oh Bev,,, I am fastly becoming aware of my 'age' and that I do not tolerate the heart as I once did (in my youth).. I am appreciate the milder, cooler weather of Autumn and Spring...
    When did I become OLD?
    As for the carrots,, mine were not quit a 'pretty' as yours,,, but they were oddly shapened,,, I garden has struggled with the effects of this drought and the ground,,, even tho' I amended it,, the soil has been hard on my root plants... beets & carrots are small and oddly shaped.
    Oh well.. there is always next year! lol!
    hugz to all at BHA.

  12. oops! I meant,, "Heat" not "Heart".. duh!
    'I appreciate' not 'I am appreciate'
    and "I" was suppose to be "MY"...
    See,,, I told ya I was getting old,,, guess I should wear my 'readers' when I type! (if only I could remember where I placed them! lolol!


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