Friday, June 24, 2016

A Farm Kind of Day

Grammie Camp continued yesterday with a day at the farm.
I awoke early to a fiery sky...

and although I was a little sleep deprived due to the nighttime shenanigans of
3 dogs, 1 cat and 1 six year old,
 I was glad to not miss this one!

That sky, a harbinger of what was to come...
 sunshine and storms, more sunshine, more rain...
warned that it was a good day for staying home.
Between showers we tended to chores...

calling the horses in from the pasture...

and they came willingly....

they knew what the ringing bell meant.


We learned that one of the most important things to remember...
is to always lock the gates!

"You-know-who" is always ready to escape.

We also discovered something....


  1. Great post. Love to see kids getting out and interacting with nature and care taking. So important for character development.

  2. Yes, we aim to make farm time screen-free!! Lots of games and outside fun!!

  3. wow...they ate that like....PIGS! i hope you planted some watermelon in your gardens!

  4. They are noisy sisters! My wiener dog, Rosie loves watermelon too.
    Have fun you two!

  5. Loved the video! How come you can see one's teeth and not the other?
    Robin in Portland oregon

  6. That's so cute. I loved your pictures and especially the video today. So fun to see the pigs being fed watermelon! I'm glad they didn't eat any fingers!!! You always sound so kind and calm and loving Bev, and it's so fun to hear your little grandson talking too. A very entertaining video! Thank you!

  7. Does Tyler like watermelon ;)..Beautiful sky..great shots..We finally got some rain last evening. Happy weekend..


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