Friday, January 22, 2016

We're Ready

It's the calm before the storm...
and we're ready.
The animals have fresh bedding.
The feed bins are full.
The snow shovels are out.

We are ready for whatever Ole Man Winter has in store for us.

The latest forecast has lowered our predicted snowfall to just several inches.
Higher accumulations are predicted south of us.

We'll be fine with whatever comes.
Personally, I am excited.
This will be the first time this year that we will be able to use our cross country skis.
The snow is to continue through Saturday...
so we hope to ski on Sunday.

This little gal came for a visit yesterday and brought her puppy, Sam.

Black Sammie will be enjoying the snow with us for the next several days.

This is one little girl who will always love dogs.
She reaches out to touch the dogs with both hands...and open mouth, too!
Gotta love those dog germs!


  1. enjoy your ski trip, its great to be prepared for the snow, I was watching on the news this morning the people dashing to the shops to stock up ready for the snow fall, why the leave it to the last moment I will never know, stay safe :-)

  2. We were predicted a noreaster but turns out we aren't getting any snow at all.
    I can't believe how fast sweet little Mackenzie is growing!
    Enjoy your skiing.

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  4. Thinking about you this weekend. Stay safe. Enjoy your skiing.

  5. She can't be part of this family and not love dogs!!! Such a sweetie...I hope this storm doesn't live up to all its hype!! Have a fun weekend..

  6. Lovely photos . Oh my she is growing like a weed what a sweetie ! Hope you are all safe in the big snow storm heading your way ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  7. They say that dogs' mouths are cleaner than our own, but I don't believe it for one minute. Look at what they eat (ewwwww) and lick (ewwww)!

  8. We are ready too. Right now we have around 6 inches or so...supposed to have anywhere from 8-14... The wind is blowing and the snow is falling.. we have wood and lots of food. Your little one is gorgeous! Her puppy is a cute one too. Enjoy the snow! Stay safe and warm. Blessings!

  9. Enjoy skiing. I gave up my cross country skis and now I snowshoe. My neighbor and I went a couple of days ago. Such fun... At least I don't say "I have fallen and I cant get up" lol... Hugs, LJ

  10. Happy snow days . . .
    Little Miss M is adorable . . .
    Dog love is a must!

  11. Dog germs are good. I told my hubbs that we should rent our place out to people with babies. They could bring them here to expose them to all kinds of animal dander/germs as well as 130 year old dust from the log walls. Think of the immunity they would build!

  12. Enjoy your beautiful snow ... hope you don't get tooooo much! :o)
    I just love the pics of that little girl....she gets cuter with every picture...and how sweet that she loves doggies so much! You take such good care of all your creatures there .... I just love that!


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