Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Old Man Winter has cast his icy stare down upon us,
pointed his finger and frozen our world.

We still have not reached the record cold temperatures of the past two winters,
but, it is the coldest to date for this year.

This is not a complaint.
I've got to say that with the right cold weather attire,
even the coldest temperatures are tolerable.

Truth be told... give me a frigid winter day over a stinkin' hot summer day anytime...
and I will give you a big smile and a hot pot of soup cooking on the stove!

I have much to be thankful for these days...
cold weather gear not withstanding.

I am thankful for animals who have their own cold weather protection...

lush, winter coats that block out the icy winds.

None of our animals actually seem to mind the winter winds,
with the exception of the pigs...
who stay safely tucked away in their bed of hay beneath the warmth of an infra-red heat lamp...
just like two bacon cheeseburgers under the lights at McDonalds!
(Who said bacon in reference to Ginger and MaryAnn!!!)

I am thankful for adequate stores of hay to feed during the winter...
fueling internal furnaces.

I am thankful for heated water tubs (and so are the animals)...

I am thankful for warm beds for those who might feel the chill more than others...

I am thankful for this cozy fireplace that puts out enough heat to warm most of our house.

And I am thankful for warm, beautiful wool...
both on the needles...

and off!...

I am thankful for frozen poopsicles...
as they are much lighter and easier to lift being freeze-dried!

As for the dogs....they love frozen poopsicles...
they go for the crunch!


  1. I am thankful for some low freezing temperatures at moment helps to kill off the bugs and parasites we have battle with over the past few weeks, the mud freezers solid making it easier to walk on, the animals are happier with frozen ground rather than wet slushy boggy stuff, and yes frozen poo is easier to collect, :-)

  2. I don't much like the cold, but if I had to choose, I'd take it over the scorching heat anyday. Yeah, we're always ready for some homemade soup here, summer or winter! Your critters look snug as a bug.

  3. frozen poopsicles! what a thing to be thankful for, that really made me chuckle!

    I suppose it makes cleanup easier, great post

  4. "just like two bacon cheeseburgers under the lights at McDonalds" -- what an image for your piggies, LOL!

  5. Looks cold . . .
    Very little snow which surprises me . . . Should I send some your way?

  6. Well I did a little grumbling over the cold while mucking stalls and dumping ice buckets this morning, but you're right.. if you dress properly it's not half bad. So you'd think after 30 some-0dd years of farm chores, I'd get it right every time. *sigh And yet.

  7. Great article with excellent pictures!!
    I am delighted to read this article.Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. i'll never look at mcdonalds the same way again! why do dogs eat poop? teddy can't gt enough cat poop. are you getting the big storm this weekend? i sure hope it doesn't miss us! i would take a freezing cold day over a hot sunny one always! you can always add clothes but there is only so much you can take off.

  9. Love the MacDonalds reference...I'll just bet they are thankful for all those things as well..including you..I'm with you...Love this weather !! I thought I'd better say that before the snow..This mornings winds were a little brutal but I'll take them to the heat.Why can't it be windy when it's hot? I'm sure there is a geological answer to that question...Have a good day.

  10. Much to be thankful for indeed. The animals all look loved, warm, fed & content.

  11. Much to be thankful for there and here as well ! It is cold and windy here today . Lovely photos , I love the winter coats of horses so snuggly and cuddly looking ! Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , have a good day and stay cozy !

  12. laughing at your wool off the needles!!! picturing Faith and Hope all knitted into a big sweater!

  13. Hi Beverly,
    What a heartfelt post.. I too am thankful for so many things, one of them is you. Always sharing your heart, and are so grateful for everything.
    Your friendship is treasured... Thank you for the beautiful post, I love it here. And thank you so much for your kind words about my little Chef! I am so happy you enjoyed.
    Stay warm!


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