Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Pardon

Happy Thanksgiving from our farm family to you!
May your day be filled with good cheer and good health.

We will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with our friends this afternoon,
and making final preparations for our family celebration tomorrow.

I am happy to say that yet again this year Tom and Chuck received a pardon.
They will not become Thanksgiving turkeys (ever!).

It's hard to believe that 6 or 7 years ago we ordered three turkeys
that we thought would be food for us.
And then we named them...
and the idea of eating them went right out the door.
I am sure that we never would have been able to follow through with turning them into food.

And so, we have our Thanksgiving turkey raised by a farmer down the road.
We never meet it... or name it.

I thought you might enjoy this video from almost 5 years ago...

Yes, that's Tyler... 5 years ago!
And the same Tom and Chuck!


  1. Ours are destined to be Christmas dinners, I am still thinking of keeping a pair for breeding but yet undecided, never name your food as soon as you do your eating veggies :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all

  2. No rest for that kitty! Enjoy your day!

  3. Love the turkey pardon! I was at the farmer's market this past week picking up my turkey and while I was waiting, along with a young man, I kept hearing this bird sound. He was texting or reading on his phone and I thought "how can he stand to hear that sound all day long on his phone when he gets a message?" Then the gal behind the table said - do you hear that? It's that turkey in the crate over there - someone wanted us to bring a live turkey for a turkey pardon. I nearly died laughing and so did the young man after I told him I thought it was his phone.

  4. That cat was not to be caught and the turkeys did a great job of watching out for little Tyler . . .
    Fun post . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Those are the luckiest turkeys in America! Apart from the one that the President pardons every year.

  6. That cat sure is a how the turkeys keep an eye on Tyler!

  7. I feel like I know your Tom and Chuck - they are in almost every picture! Have a very happy Thanksgiving, Beverly!

  8. That's quite a parade! Enjoy your day. xxoo

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    It seems that the turkeys were jealous of the attention Tyler was giving the cat. (5 years ago? impossible!!!

    Annie v.

  10. Yup give them names and we are the ones that are doomed lol ! Lovely post and video . Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving !

  11. ordered 3 turkeys. Now you have two....What happened to the third?

  12. I am delighted to read this article..thank you for sharing with us. Great walk-through. I value this post.
    Happy Thanks giving.


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