Wednesday, October 21, 2015

School Is In Session

I am in love....
in love with a little red and white horse.

Yesterday was a perfect autumn day.
37 degrees greeted me for morning chores, but by mid afternoon temps had risen
to around 68... sunny and breezy.
It was a perfect day for a little horseplay!

Here's what we did....


  1. Oh my goodness, that is fantastic! Congrats to you and to Red on a good job! Your grandchildren are going to love rising in the cart! PS - I love your top!!

  2. How wonderful!! I am so happy for you and for Red. What a quick learner! Fun times ahead!

  3. Wow... How great is that? Looks like you both passed with flying colors! Great job. You look fantastic.

  4. Patsy from IllinoisOctober 21, 2015 at 8:48 AM

    Dear sweet, little Red. What a wonderful guy he is! I hope he got extra treats for doing a spectacular job.

  5. Yay!
    Good job Red and "momma!"

  6. Yeah Red! Job well done. Your blog never fails to brighten my day.

  7. red is a natural! does tyler know about this yet? there is a lot of fun ahead for all of you!

  8. Great job, y'all! Looks like a fantastic way to spend a cool, fall day.

  9. WOOHOO ! YEAH RED ! awesome video you both looked amazing . Thanks for sharing , have a great day !

  10. Hooray! Great job by everyone. So sweet...good job Red...loved the music too.

  11. Great job RED! Oh was that fun to watch... and you look great..
    Thank you so much for taking time to put this together for us all.. And a big thanks to Kathy!

  12. What a great way to spend the morning! Love it.


  13. What a super duper horse that Red is! It didn't take him any time at all to pull that cart and with a passenger too! I am impressed.

  14. Hey there! Looking good!! I can see that you and he have a terrific bond on which to build your driving foundation....he looks relaxed and willing-a perfect driving buddy! And so handsome in his harness, what a cutie!

    Just a suggestion to always have your whip with you. It seems unnecessary at first-and even a bit awkward, but as time goes on, it becomes your "riding legs" as you and Red build your driving dialogue together. Your whip is an extension of your hands and truly is a safety essential every time you drive. I learned this the hard way!!

    On one of my first outings as a new driver, my seasoned driving pony decided to backup and I quickly realized sitting in a cart with no brakes, that I had no way of stopping him. Whoa!, Stand!, Walk on!, Stop! No! -had no effect. lol

    I was new to driving and he had my number! lol We backed clear across the yard and into the middle of my veggie garden. Finally, I had the where-with-all to use the reins to tap his bum and that finally sent him forward. My whip would have accomplished that in seconds. Lesson learned! :)


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