Friday, October 23, 2015

A Few Friends, A Lot of Ladybugs, and A Little Knitting

I often am asked which animal is my favorite...
which is like asking a mother which child is her favorite.

It's impossible to place a comparative value on my animals.
I love them all and cannot imagine life without any of them!

And that is the double edged sword of having this farm.
Sadly, I know that at some point in the future, 
I will face saying goodbye to each and every one of them.
(Just one more reason why it is important to enjoy every day with them,
and spoil the heck out of them!)

There is a good chance, however, that my donkeys may out-live me.
They typically live about 50 years.
And although I am planning on living past 100, there is always the possibility that I won't.
In which case they are passed down to my children.
(And because I know you, dear kids, are reading this....
be prepared to love two baggy, saggy old donkeys some day!)

But enough of that!

Yesterday's piggyback post was cuteness overload and incomplete.
Bobby and I had also spent a little time with the sheep that day.

This was his first encounter with Grace, Faith and Hope...
and it went quite well.

Sheep are curious, but passive and benign.
They sniffed Bobby from head to toe, 
before returning to their previously scheduled activity (grazing).

We have entered our Ladybug season here on the farm.

Every autumn, the ladybugs come out of the woods seeking the afternoon warmth of the barn and surrounding buildings.
I've been finding them in my hair, clothes and decorating piles of horse manure!

The shorter days and longer evenings are giving me a chance to get some knitting done.
I've wanted to share my last few projects with you, however they are Christmas presents,
so sharing will have to wait a while.
I'm in the process of finishing this pair of fingerless mitts.

I knitted them with scrap yarn and then decided they would be
even better embellished.
In order to embroider on them, I placed a long skinny olive jar inside the mitt.
This gave me a solid surface to sew on and prevented me from sewing the front to the back!

PS...we are having another wedding event this weekend here at the farm.
Details on Monday!


  1. another wedding? what fun! stink bugs and lady bugs have been trying to get inside here. thankfully there are not many stink bugs anymore. i love your sheep. they are awfully cute!

  2. The last few years, we have been over run with stink bugs. Now they are waning, and the ladybugs are making a come back! Seems everything is cyclical. Gosh, those lambs are cute and that Bobby is one of a kind! Love him! A fall wedding at the farm.....perfect!

  3. We have the so called lady bugs infestation here to actually they aren't lady bugs at all They look to get in to hibernate they dont lay eggs or mate whilst in side and these don't bite either they just want a warm place to sleep all season , they aren't lady bugs per say they actually are Asian Lady Beetle's apparently real lady bugs have only two spots on them Huh who knew lol ! But I call them lady bugs regardless lol ! Oh another wedding cool , looking forward to pics hehe ! Lovely post and photos , that Tom is a hoot with all the animals . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  4. I just love watching the interaction of your sweet animals! So sweet.

    Another have got me curious....

  5. Another wedding . . .
    This weekend . . .
    Tell us more . . . exciting!

  6. Great Lady bug shot!! Cute mittens..Have a super weekend..

  7. What a beautiful blog post! please come and share it on Fun Friday Favourites at Cath@Home.

  8. That chestnut-brown sheep has stolen my heart !~! May I visit, chase the cutie, snuggle its fur and retrieve my cardiac organ from those brown brown eyes.

  9. Love ALL your babies and I am sure your kids will love those saggy, baggy old donkeys. lol
    Glad your sheep like Bobby. So cute to watch animals interact.
    Your knitting is always fabulous and the gloves are no exception.

    Another wedding? OMGOSH! Pictures, please. xo Diana

    ps.IF you have time pop over and sign up for the giveaway for my son's newest venture.

  10. What beautiful knitting!

    Have you ever read the children's book The Truth About Horses? Every time I see you and Red with the cart, it brings a grin to my face. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. I always love your stories about your animals. But the fingerless gloves are just lovely!


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