Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Pony Cart For Red

I don't remember a summer with so many spectacular days
as we have had this year.
Seriously.  Beautiful.  Weather.

I awoke, yesterday, to a cool morning
and sped through morning chores in a long sleeve shirt.

By 9AM, my required work was done and Monday was dressed in her best blue sky!

It was the perfect day for my 2 hour journey to pick up Red's cart.
I drove through Lancaster County Amish country
enjoying the rolling hills and beautiful farms.
Lancaster County is beautiful, but has become a little too commercial for me.
Many Amish have left that area and settled near our farm instead.
But still, I enjoyed the trip... driving my truck with the windows down
(the air conditioning decided to stop working this summer).

By the time I returned home, it was time to do the afternoon chores.
So, I fed the goats and horses, refilled water buckets, cleaned up manure, and collected eggs.
When I was finished, I brought Red out of the dry lot and
cross-tied him in the barn aisle.

We played a fun game of dress-up...
me doling out the treats with each new piece of tack we tried.

First we tried the bit and the driving bridle.

He didn't mind the bit at all, and spent what time it was in his mouth playing with it with his tongue.
After about 15 minutes, I removed all of the head gear,
and tried on his harness.

He didn't flinch a bit with each new piece of harnessing added.
What a good boy.

So we took a walk with his harness on, just to get used to it.

Tomorrow we will try both the harness and the bridle together,
adding the reins.
I plan to get him used to me walking behind him with the long reins.
We will walk around the farm and through the trails in the woods until I am certain
he feels at ease with his surroundings.

This process is one of baby steps...
each step introducing something new...
always aware of the effect it has upon Red.
Based on yesterday's session, I predict he will be driving in no time.

He is my dream horse in miniature!


  1. Red, what a good boy you are! Bev, you are so patient with what ever new task you have at hand...I really admire that in you.

  2. That is a sweet little cart! How does one determine how much weight a little can pull? What an exciting new project and Red is a dear to be so accommodating and willing. I can't wait to ride along!

  3. He is going to love his new hobby. How sweet!!! This is great weather to have some fun. Thankfully our heat wave is over. Will be watching for more updates. Love his harness.

  4. how exciting! i can't wait to see him pulling the cart.

  5. Exciting . . . this progress will be to watch!

  6. Isn't that just a beautiful little pony cart!

  7. What a good boy! Can't wait to see him enjoying his new toy. Or would that be yours?

  8. Oh what fun this will be.Red seems to be rarin' to go...Love his new "outfit"...Cute cart as well.

  9. Yes what a good boy Red ! I had a pony when I was a kid on the farm I had to train not to act like he was hooked up to a cart as he was both cart and for riding but when I road him he would cross walk turn like he was still pulling a cart and I had to break him of that lol but he caught on well lol ! I miss having farm animals . Lovely photos . cute cart to ! Yes we have had cooler fall like temps with warm sunshine it is awesome ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Hi Bev,
    First, that is one beautiful sunflower!
    Red is such a good boy... Love the cart... I know with your loving heart and gentle hands, he will be driving in no time at all.
    By the way, what a beautiful TAN you have... You look lovely!

  11. How does he doing being away from the herd? My mini donks cannot be separated. Unfortunately, they wouldn't pull well together, as one is a good 6 inches taller than the other.


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