Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Beating The Heat

"Hey there're looking a little worn out!"

Thanks for the vote of confidence, there, Daphne!

I guess when your animals start to look at you this way, 
you know you are looking a little haggard!

I typically think of myself as a very high energy person....
taking care of home and farm and animals.
But, I've got to tell you....
there is nothing like a five year old to remind you that you do not have 
quite the same stamina as you did at one time!

Yes, that is a cat along for our hike!
Although, honestly, it might also be due to the fact that
we have landed in the hottest week of the summer so far!

It's so warm that the pigs are spending a good portion of their days in their pool.
(as are we.....just not in the same pool!)

Cold water is the most important ingredient in keeping our animals cooled off 
during the hot days of summer.

The pigs' pool gets drained and cleaned daily as it is also their bathtub...
and by the end of every day is rather muddy!

I check, clean, and refill everyone's water several times throughout the day...
in order to assure they have fresh, cold drinks available.

In the wintertime we use heated buckets...
wouldn't it be nice if their were also refrigerated buckets for summer?


  1. I have NO idea if thise idea would work or not, but could you freeze a half milk jug of water and at noon, place the ice chunk in the water buckets? Or would that freak the animals out?

  2. You certainly have your work cut out for you. It's not easy doing outdoor chores in this humidity. I agree that cold water is the most important thing for our animals on these hot days.We have the same thing in Ontario. Too hot - good for nothing. Stay cool. Deb

  3. hahaha...tylers keeps you on your toes! i hate this heat. today is going to be the worst. i got up before three to get everything done before the heat arrives. the pigs in their pool is so cute. do tey both go in at the same time?

  4. I applaud you Bev.. Of course you are tired . Children are such joy, and so full of energy you wonder how they can possibly keep going.. Hard to keep up with them.. You are such a good grammy.. I see all that you do with him and he will have such precious memories... I am sure the heat is part of you feeling so tired.
    Stay cool.

  5. I guess 5 year olds don't feel the heat or take naps anymore..I'm sure these temperatures are taking their toll..I was just out for an hour and my face is bright red and I was in the shade most of the time..Hang in there..Winter will be here soon..

  6. Kids wear me out to lol and the heat and humidity here has been a killer thank goodness for AC ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. What a delightful little monster! You just went through a one-year wedding prep and he is just fresh from the egg (that is what we say in French)!


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