Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Works In Progress

The gardening marathon continues....from sun-up to sun-down!
I should have a video tour for you by the end of the week.
We'll call this one "Before" and then in a few weeks I will show you the "After".
I should have shown you the "Before Before"...
then you would be truly impressed.
The garden looks so much better now than it had in early Spring.
It was overgrown with weeds and really looking unkempt.
Now, however, it once again looks loved!

Yesterday's project was planting the pumpkin patch.
I planted two flats of pumpkin babies that I had started from seed,
as well as 40 tomato plants, 30 cabbages, and zinnias.
By the end of the week, I will have planted sunflowers more zinnias, and blue corn as well.

At that point I will be officially finished.

I also worked on the fairy garden yesterday....

A few new pieces were added...
a new covered bridge,
and a miniature Sadie dog (far right)...
(our beloved Bernese Mtn. dog who passed away last year)

The right half of the fairy garden...above.
The left half of the fairy garden...below.

Mount Mushroom....

Shhhh...don't wake the sleeping fairy....

I received a lot of comments yesterday about my overalls.
I wish I could say that I made them, but I did not.
They were a birthday present from Hubbs.

They are from a company called "Garden Girl" and they are the best overalls EVER!

Overalls are my daytime uniform these days.
They are perfect for chores and dressy enough to wear into town for errands.

I wish you could have watched these two yesterday.
It's springtime and that means mating season.
Even though these two are females,
they still exhibit a ritualistic mating behavior.

A lot of head butting and blubbering happening here...

This little display was completely one-sided.
Stella repeated the posturing over and over.

Audrey was totally unimpressed and safely hidden behind the hay feeder...
which took the brunt of the action.

Here is a sweet little video that shows how we end each day.
Not a bad way to end a day, huh?
(you might want to watch this in full-screen mode)


  1. Love the fairy garden and it is sweet to include your dogs both present and past.
    I need to get a pair of those overalls...

  2. Wonderful video and photos WOW ! you have been busy .All so beautiful My planting of my flowers wont be till our May long weekend this weekend coming up it is a tradition here with gardeners lol ! Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  3. everything looks perfect! you can come and love my garden. i have more weeds than plants! tomorrow will be cool and i am gardening the entire day. you sure are surrounded by cuteness!

  4. Love your farm! Always brings a smile to my face...:)

  5. Looks like all is well on the farm! I didn't plant my garden this year, and I am really missing it. I may plant a few things still. We had two back to back trips, right in the planting season. And our drought is severe this year. I just decided to skip a year.
    Those overalls....swoon!!
    xo Kris

  6. Love how the yard & garden are coming along. I sure can see the work you'fe put in. Video way to CUTE!

  7. Looking great...Audrey won't have any of that..I don't blame her..Very nice video..you clean up very well xxoo

  8. PS..Forgot to mention your Fairy Garden.. Very cute..wonderful detail..

  9. I had a super cute fairy garden, but our female boxer, Izzy, loved to play in it and kept dragging things out of it and either destroying them or losing them elsewhere in the yard. I finally gave up. LOL

  10. Such a treat to follow you . . .
    Love the coveralls . . .
    Like seeing all the "befores" and know I will enjoy the " afters!"
    Liked watching the "herding" going on in the video . . .

  11. The garden looks beautiful, all your hard work is showing off! Love those bibs...just too cute. The little ones are so adorable and growing fast. You look so pretty in your long dress.


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