Friday, May 22, 2015

The Long Walk Home

It's the end of a busy day...end of a busy week.
I've planted and planted,
watered and watered,
weeded and weeded...
and done everything else that needs to be done each week.

I look around the farm and am surrounded by the fruits of my labor.

Everything looks lovely.

Now I just need to maintain...
a little daily weeding and watering should keep things lovely.

At the end of each day we are tired....


For sure.

I head down the lane with crackers in hand...

to get Gracie and her girls.

It's time for bed...
time for the safety of the barn.
Gracie is always ready to go back to the barn for bed.
The twins are getting quite independent, and take their own sweet time...

It's Memorial Day weekend....
what I have always thought of as the official start of Summer!
This weekend we have house guests.
We will have visits from the wedding pastor, our caterer, and a friend who is going to M.C. the event.

We are finally erecting the platform tent in the woods.
All hands on deck for that event!

We'll be back Monday with a weekend catch-up,
as well as a little Memorial Day salute from the critters.
Hope your weekend is full of fun!


  1. So cute! They are adorable. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.xxoo

  2. Gracie and "kids" are such fun to watch . . .
    Everything is looking and sounding lovely Beverly . . ,
    It will be a gorgeous setting for the wedding . . ,
    I can't remember the date . . . soon???

  3. Those little lambs are absolutely adorable!

  4. So the little walk home to bed! Too sweet. Don't they just grab your heart? Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. do you have to cover everything tonight? that would be a lot of covering!

  6. Oh they are all soo cute ! It is to be quite cold here tonight I just hope all my flowers I have planted will survive not our typical May weather this year . Hope you all have a wonderful weekend !

  7. Your horse is so pretty. You are going to be busy with the exciting planning and guests and putting up the platform tent, etc.

  8. Hey Bev, everything at BHA is looking so beautiful and green,,, unfortunately I can't say the same for around here with our drought... pretty much brown and crunchy... I am re-thinking our landscaping and my garden... wish me luck!
    hugz to you all.


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