Friday, February 27, 2015

A Final Trip Down Memory Lane

Thanks for understanding my need to take a week off from writing.
I have recharged my winter-weary battery by taking some time to enjoy
photos from days gone by.

Did you remember any of them?

This exercise has made me feel so very lucky.
I have lived a great life...I have enjoyed so much beauty.
This farm makes me so happy...
(although in the midst of winter grayness and so much cold and ice...
I need a reminder!)

So many precious lives have touched mine...and given me so much.
For all of this I am so thankful.
I thank you for taking this journey alongside of me!


  1. Oh my gosh, that photo of you with donkey ears is hilarious! I guess we do start to look like our pets, huh? ;0) Glad you are feeling recharged. We all need that sometimes. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I agree with daisy g. Those donkey ears are perfect on you, Bev!

  3. I have really enjoyed this trip you took us on the past few days. Wonderful, wonderful heart-warming pictures. the EARS!!!! xo Diana

  4. This post gave me the first smile of the day...I love everyone's extra ears!

  5. I remember alot of your pictures, the good, the beautiful, the sad....
    I love the picture of you and the donkey ears! So priceless.
    Thanks for sharing. Maddie touched me so this week and so did little Tyler!!!! They grow up so darn fast.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Loved the pics! And I do remember some of them! Glad to hear you've been recharged with this week off. We all need that sometimes! -Stephanie

  7. Oh Bev,
    Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful photos this week of the children and animals.
    Ok... Is there a donkey standing behind you in the photo of you with the donkey ears? It looks that way to me. If so, that is photo genius!
    Yes, you have had a wonderful life at the farm.

  8. I've loved this series. There were so many new pictures. I had to go back and re-read so of your posts. I visit your world pretty much daily and always come away with a smile. Reading your blog just makes me happy.

  9. your blog is like opening a beautiful, handmade, heartfelt gift every day. thank you.

  10. Your pictures make me sad and happy at the same time..Beautiful

  11. Thanks sharing all the memories this week. I never tire of seeing Maddie. The picture with Tyler is priceless. One thing for sure this weeks photos brought us one week closer to spring :)

  12. I just love all your critter pictures as well as the beautiful garden pictures! It won't be long and things will be waking up again! I know you're ready for that!!!

  13. Love the photos-farm in review!! Take care of yourself Beverly- SPRING IS COMING!! Sooner to you then us- clocking in at over 100 inches here in Maine!!

  14. That was fun! Your animal family is so well cared for, so loved, so CLEAN ( Piggy on a good day?) and so very funny, especially when they wear headgear. Great pictures! Jeri


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