Monday, January 26, 2015

It Only Takes A Moment!

Saturday morning we woke up to this...

Five more inches of show had fallen during the night...

making our world even more beautiful...

I am in love with the blue hour.... especially when it snows!

For some strange reason, the pigs were eating snow.

The guineas, who apparently had not had the sense to go in out of the snow Friday night,
were roosting high in the branches...

not entirely happy with their choice of roosts!

I love our home in the snow...
a fire in the fireplace...
and austere white beauty out of every window.

It was a beautiful, peaceful weekend...

Oakley and Annie had disappeared for a while...
adventuring in the snow...
and both came home with nose-fuls and mouthfuls of quills.

Dr. Becky sedated both dogs, and she, Hubbs, and I set out to pull the quills.
This is the inside of Oakley's mouth...

Oakley had about 50 and Annie had 33.
You'd think they would learn.
This is the 3rd time for each of them.

Here we are afterwards...waking up from sedation...
with an extra dose of loving for both pitiful pups.

It amazes me how one moment our world is blissfully peaceful...
and the next...
utter craziness!


  1. Oh no...not again! Thanks goodness you have veterinary assistance close by.
    I hope the two culprits are feeling much better (and ashamed of themselves) now!


  2. OMG! That looks painful. There's something cozy about winter and snow.calming...she says having been awake since 3 AM with no less than eight trips of the snowplow passing by my bedroom is now 530. I should just get up. Have a wonderful day. I don't think the snow is going to be as nice as the last one.

  3. Oh my goodness, the poor babies... :-( I am glad you have Dr. Becky close by to help you out in situations like this. Everything does look so beautiful and serene covered in snow, beautiful photos!

  4. I was so enjoying your blue hour pictures, ginger and maryann eating snow the quineas in the tree and all the beautiful white....and then you wrote...until...this.... and I scrolled down and my stomach did a flip flop!! Poor babies!

  5. Poor, poor pupsters!! You would think they would stay far, far away! Thank goodness for Dr. Becky to the rescue! I think all should stay in and enjoy the beautiful landscape by a warm fire! Hugs!

  6. So sorry for your pups. I used to have a beagle that wouldn't learn either. After the 5th time I kept her pent up or on a run. To dang bad when you live out in the boondocks and they can run to their hearts content. Loved the photos.

  7. Good grief!!!! Can you even imagine how that would feel? Why, oh why can they not comprehend the folly in this?? Thank goodness they have an ace medical team there!! Beautiful snow scenes. Stay safe and warm!

  8. Oh WOW ! you got lots of snow looks soo pretty though ! Oh you crazy dogs glad you have a vet near by and on hand . Lovely photos . Very windy and cold here today with the sun popping out every now and then Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. OH wow, that had to hurt like heck. UGH! You handled it well. Stay warm, are you getting whopped with the nor'easter we are?

  10. Poor, poor babies!! I hope they don't get any infections from those nasty quills. I also love your blue snow world. We haven't received any significant snow this year and had more than I would like to see of ice.

  11. omg...i would just die. i had no idea those quills went in so far. the poor pups. you would think they would learn but i guess not. thank heavens for dr. becky!

  12. Oh My Word! you would think after the 1st 2 times they would learn... silly pups! and that is why Katz are smarter than dogz! If you don't believe me, ask my katz when the last time was that they met up with a Porci... lol! hugz to you, hub's, Dr Becky and the pups...

  13. Silly dogs! I'm glad we don't have porcupines in MO or my dogs would have the same issues. Beautiful snowy photos. Still waiting on snow here.

  14. Oh those dogs. I cannot imagine. Lucky you have Dr. Becky so close. I have snow envy. I have blizzard envy. I just want to experience it for one hour. I didnt think I would go through this again. Last year was just awful....this year well it is becoming another last year. If that makes any sense. Keep warm and cozy.

  15. An American in TokyoJanuary 26, 2015 at 7:32 PM

    Omigosh! Why do they keep going after those spikey creatures?! OW!

    The snow does make everything look so beautiful! I wonder if the piggies were eating snow cones? hee hee

  16. Poor little doggies . . . such an ouch . . . YIKES! I hope they have learned and won't go for porcupine ever AGAIN!
    Fresh snow, early light, the best! Lovely photos . . .

  17. OMGosh, that is so terrible. In their mouths too....I really hope they learn a lesson...that is just awful!

    The snow is so gorgeous, we just aren't getting it this year.

  18. Oh man!!! Your poor dogs! That picture of inside the mouth just makes me cringe.


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