Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Walk On The Wild Side 2015.... Week 3

Yesterday was perfect.

Perfect sunrise...

Perfect blue sky over our little valley...

Perfect walk with the dogs.


I, however, am far from perfect.
I forgot to turn on the camera that overlooks the deer bait.
Camera, zilch, nada.
(Sorry....I'll do better this coming week!)
There was evidence of nibbling on the bait and the dogs spent a good solid
minute peeing all over the area trying to cover up the scent of something...
next week should be productive.

Down to the creek we went to check the second camera.
I had turned that camera on.

It seems this spot is the local watering hole....
for fox...

squirrels (lots and lots of squirrels!)


dark, raccoon-like creature of unknown species...

and several deer...

This particular deer looks as though he has an old wound on his shoulder...
( can I protect all of our wild creatures?)

I love this creek.
It is absolutely beautiful in every season of the year.
And it is obviously important to the local animal population as well!


  1. at least you got good shots with one camera! someone around here has not figured the new cameras out yet! we have another ice storm on the way.

  2. Dark unknown species looks like it could be a Fisher Cat. Enjoying your blog, especially the wild side updates!

  3. I enjoy your Saturday camera shots even on a non perfect week.
    Loved the Valley and Creek photos . . .
    Looks like January thaw may be happening for you . . .

  4. Oh Bev,
    The sunrise is breathtaking, and I love this night cam... What a beautiful creek! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh darn..and I thought you were perfect..You might want to think about aiming the camera a little above the deer food (if you haven't already)..Otherwise you could end up with food and noses:) Enjoy your weekend..Stay warm..

  6. PS..You've had some beautiful winter shots of the creek over the years...xxoo

  7. Wonderful photos . Being perfect is boring lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. That creek is mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing some of your perfection with us.


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