Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More Donkey Love

Thanksgiving is almost upon us...
and we have so very much to be thankful for, don't we?

Our family celebrates on the day after Thanksgiving...
so that our kids don't have to rush around seeing double families on Thursday.

So, today and tomorrow will be spent in the kitchen cooking and baking,
while the snow flies outside my window.
Yes, we have a snowstorm predicted for later this morning.
All of my errands are finished, so I have the luxury of staying home and enjoying the scenery.

Hopefully I will have lovely snow photos to share with you tomorrow.

Today, however, I have just a few things from yesterday to share... he surveys the horses and donkeys...
actually, I think he is trying to remind me to feed him his supper.

The daily ritual of walking the turkeys home...

Oh, and these two are exceptionally thankful that they were never intended as
Thanksgiving Dinner!

And last but not least,
What I love about Daphne and Chloe...
How do I love them?  Let me count the ways.  

1.  Their kind eyes...

2.  Their soft nose (oh how I love to kiss their noses)...

3.  Their smiley lips (that they use like fingers)...

4.  Their big ears that hear everything (they hear our front door open each morning
and answer it with loud braying... calling for their breakfast) ...

5.  Their zebra stripey legs...

6.  The beautiful cross on their back (and the legend about it) ...

7.  Their gentle personality...

I could go on and on...
however, I have baking and cooking to do, so going on and on is not an option...
We'll be back tomorrow with some snowy scenes for you.


  1. I am sure the snow will arrive very soon . . . it created a white world here in Michigan.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and ALL of yours too . . .

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. Yes we do have many things to be thankful for. My husband doesnt like us raising animals because I get attached and then dont want them on the dinner table lol.

  4. Gobble, gobble they are saying thank you for not being on the dinner table! The next few days with be filled with big kids, and grand kids which I call family and am so THANKFUL for! Enjoy your baking, snow and family, Hugs!

  5. what is the legend of the cross? you must have snow now?! we are getting some too. it's been a perfect morning...i baked 4 pies, cranberry cornbread and our turkey. the giveaway turkey gets roasted tomorrow.

  6. Enjoy all your cooking, baking and knitting..Great picture of Tom Tom...Yes, the donkeys are very loving girls..Happy Thanksgiving..we all have lots to be thankful for.

  7. Love your donks! Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Annie v.

  9. An American in TokyoNovember 26, 2014 at 7:26 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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