Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Donkey Love

Yesterday, with temps in the 70's...
we enjoyed the last of warm weather.
I hear a cold front may be bringing us snow showers this weekend....we'll see.

I took full advantage of the warmth and worked outside for most of the day...
starting before sun-up...

finishing up the last of this season's mowing and weeding and cleaning out garden boxes.

It's hard to believe that it is almost November,
and the begonias on the side of the garden shed still look as good as they did all summer long!
You might notice that my fairy garden (green box) is now a jungle.

After the work was done,
I sat with the donkeys for a while.

With my back against their run-in shed,
I watched as they finished their chow...
enjoying the peace and quiet...sound of chewing....birds singing.

And then the donkeys finished eating...
and everything changed!

There's nothing sweeter than time spent with these two girls.
They get as close to me as they possibly can, without actually landing in my lap.
As I sit there, my face is covered with donkey snout and donkey lips...
generous helpings of sweet donkey love!
Life is good!


  1. those two sure are cute! i love how annie goes under the fence and gets a back scratch at the same time.

  2. Awwww, they are so sweet. Your garden shed looks amazing! Enjoy the last bit of fall weather!

  3. Awwwh, that is just too sweet! They are so beautiful. Lucky you.

  4. Don't you love the sound of crunching as they eat hay?! My donkeys are angry with me right now because they are locked in their paddock until I can get to the bottom of Bill's lameness issue.

  5. I have changed my mind, the pigs were my favorite but I think the donkeys are winning my heart.....So gentle , so sweet , they seem much more affectionate than the pigs...
    Annie v.

  6. Oh how I love these donkeys . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. I liked that Sweet Donkey Love!


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