Friday, September 19, 2014

Cleo Flew The Coop

Meet Cleo (short for Cleopatra)...

Cleo is one of the chicks that arrived April 1st.
She is one of a kind...
an Egyptian Fayoumis.

This breed of chicken is known to be exceptionally fast and predator safe.

Cleo is very flighty and has proven herself quite the Houdini.
Every morning when I open the henhouse she comes out the door sprinting...
bobbing and weaving to get out of the way of the other chickens... and me, too.

By mid-morning....every single day... she has escaped the henhouse yard
and is the only chicken outside the fence.

You see, right now I am keeping all of the girls in their yard during the morning hours...
to make sure that the newest layers get the hang of laying eggs in the nesting boxes,
and not out in the woods or pastures or goat houses.

I have yet to discover how Cleo escapes, but every morning she does just that.
(And then spends the rest of the morning trying to get back in to her compadres.
Silly chicken!

Autumnal weather has given me a burst of energy seldom seen in the summer months.
And so, yesterday I stripped out all of the bedding in the chicken houses and 
replaced it with clean bedding.
I did a little mowing (mowing will soon be finished for the year...YAY!).

I paid my daily visit to Ginger and MaryAnn,
with pockets full of apple treats.

Oh, how these girls love their apples!

"Got any more???"

My free time was spent making these burlap flowers (wedding preparations)...

and packaging up orders (aprons, bracelets and knitwear) for shipping.

You might remember me mentioning that I was going to an auction
last evening to bid on a Hoosier cabinet.
Well, I would have given my eyeteeth for this particular cabinet...
however I was not prepared to pay the price that it sold for. did not find its way home with me.
C'est la vie.
I love finding great finds at great prices.
Maybe next time.


  1. sorry you didn't get the cabinet. my auction philosophy has always been, something else will come along eventually!

  2. Cheeky hen . I think it is funny they do that then frantically try to get back in silly things , It is fall like here to and so fresh with the sun shining and the sun rises and sets are just lovely this time of year . Thanks for sharing . I am off to do some garden clean up now ! Have a good weekend !

  3. Good morning. I think I could just fall in love with Cleo! My daughter is getting married Oct 4th and unlike you we kinda waited until the pressure was on before we really got down to brass tacks :( There is going to be a shower at my place the 27th, also. I love your burlap flowers. Well not much time to chat but hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Maybe Cleo has a secret tunnel !!!. Your burlap posies are adorable...I, too, have that spring in my step that cooler temperatures bring..Have a fun weekend...xxoo

  5. Sorry about the Hoosier but somewhere there is just the one with your name on it!!! Maybe Cleo flies?

  6. Silly Cleo . . . the cool weather is putting some adventure in her spirit!

  7. I hope Cleo comes home.. I love your burlap flowers Beverly... You do such beautiful work.

  8. I have a hen, Lucy, that flies over the fence every single day! But only after she lays me an egg :-) They have minds of their own, those chickens! And my pig Doink literally drools when I bring him apples! Thanks for making me smile!


  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, It is awesome.

  10. An American in TokyoSeptember 26, 2014 at 1:46 AM

    Cleo sure is pretty! She has the biggest and most beautiful eyes I've ever seen on a chicken! =)


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