Friday, August 29, 2014

A Perfect Day...For Spreading Manure?

There are some days that are just so beautiful,
they take your breath away.
Yesterday was another one of those magnificent days.
Temps reached 80... low humidity... 
as nearly perfect a day as one could imagine!

What would you do on such a gorgeous day?
Me, I'd take my tractor out for a spin, of course!

Actually, with the hay off of the hayfield (and no, it was not good enough to use as feed)...
it was time to spread the aged compost pile.

And so, with Jim on our "Tin Lizzy" 1953 Ford tractor...

and me on the "Deere John" with the bucket...
we scooped up and spread all of that manure/compost. 

Of course, the nosey chickens had to see...

what all of the fuss was about!

When we finished, I headed to the garden to pull some veggies for dinner.

I had thawed one of our "Amish" chickens and cooked it down for soup.
To the broth I added our carrots, celery, onions....herbs, white beans and orzo
for a hearty soup.

I stopped at the pigpen to share the tiniest carrots with Ginger...

 and MaryAnn...

and once again we discussed the value of chewing with one's mouth closed!

(For what it's worth.)

And know my sense of humor is warped...
(You've been warned.)

Do you know what this is called?

"Carrotage รก trois!" of course.
I love how carrots grow in all sorts of wonky configurations.

Would you like to see the pesticide we use in our orchard?

Guineas on patrol...gobbling up every bug they come across!

And with that I bid you farewell for this week!
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.
I will be back with a post on Labor Day (Monday).
Until then.... be well, be happy!


  1. I thought the blue skies in Texas were gorgeous, but the skies over your place are absolutely stunning. I remember not so many months ago when you were less-than-happy with Mother Nature. I believe she has been making up with you this summer. Have a glorious weekend, Bev.

  2. Thanks for my morning laugh. Yes, yesterday was picture perfect. Couldn't have ordered it any better myself. I don't think I would like to be sitting across the dinner table from Ginger and Mary Ann. Something would happen to my appetite, I fear. Enjoy your holiday weekend. Sounds like the humidity maybe coming back.

  3. Morning coffee and Bee Haven laugh,what a great start to my day! Ginger and Maryann are staying true to the saying"eat like a pig". Enjoy your weekend, Hugs!!

  4. yesterday and this morning were glorious here too. now the awful heat returns. it's time for me to pull my carrots too. i think they will be tiny though. have a great labor day weekend!

  5. Yesterday was picture perfect for sure..Today is starting out that way. I understand that there is more humidity in our future and 80 degree plus temps for the rest of the month.Looks like the chickens are losing one of their dust bath spots...Are the compost and manure piles one in the same? Your soup sounds yummy. Sitting across the dinner table from Ginger and Mary Ann would surely have a negative effect on my appetite.I could sure use some Guineas..Do they get no seeums? I guess they don't get bugs that fly either..Enjoy this beautiful day.

  6. It looks gorgeous there! What a fun way to spend a beautiful day!

  7. I have tried to decide if composting the ample amount of manure from two mini donkey or spreading it would be more worthwhile. Do you have a compost pile?

    1. Hi Carla...We have a compost pile and in that goes manure, kitchen scraps, grass, leaves, gets turned with the tractor to keep it at an adequate temperature for breaking down the ingredients, but not so hot as to kill the beneficial bacteria. Then, months later, it gets spread on the hayfield.

  8. I am swooning at the mere mention of 8o degrees and low humidity…A great day on the farm. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  9. Sweet post...especially about Maryann and Ginger learning some manners.!!! LOL! Your bucket of pulled veggies for the chicken soup look perfect and prompted me to go get some of those things in our garden and prepare some good old fashioned soup! Great post...gets me going in the morning...although I may not have the ambition to answer until the night time. Have a wonderful Sunday before Labor Day!!!!

  10. I love your pest control. With only three hens, I don't get quite the coverage you do but I am still thrilled to see them at work here. Three hens, three eggs a day, that makes me happy.

  11. The photo of your doggy beside the vegetables is PRICELESS. I'd frame that one.


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