Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Me and My Shadow...

Most of my time this week has been spent in landscaping projects.
With the gazebo project completed, I moved on to weeding
and replanting last year's rock garden.
I have added a few more perennials to that and will finish mulching today.
(I'll snap a photo when it is complete.)

Sammy has been my shadow these days...

Now that Annie and Oakley are off having adventures,
Sammy does not let me out of his sight...
not to mention the fact that he would rather hitch a ride in the gator than run with the others.

My "down" time was spent sitting in the cool grass in a shady spot in the goat pen.

You might remember how rag-tag this group was a couple of months ago.

Now, having shed all of their winter coat, they are all sleek and quite lovely.
Here's dreadlock-free Andy...scratching "that spot" with his horn.

Here are some of the girls...acting quite innocent.
Just moments before I shot this, they were attacking their house...
head-butting for unknown reasons...
just something to do on a hot summer afternoon.

Dear, sweet Dot.. a little wary of the camera....preferred the safety of her house.

And Fred, in his usual spot...beneath the hay feeder.
He likes to eat without expending much effort!

Poor Smoochie...his days are numbered, I fear.
Arthritis has left him quite crippled.
He does not seem to be suffering, but does not move around as much as he used to.

And still, after all these years, O'Malley remains the friendliest goat we have.
At this particular moment, she walked over to me for a little help.
A huge horsefly had landed on her back, and she was unable to get rid of it.
I think she knew I could help her out of that situation.

"Ahhhh, much better!"

And at the end of the day...
a toast to a productive day...
with my very best friend!

It's important to take the time to enjoy the spaces we create!!


  1. Thank you for blogging, it's a wonderful start to every day, I have a question about the goat houses. Do they always go back to the same house? Also, have you seen the "jerry the goat" video. Hysterical, there's one in every crowd. April

    1. April...certain goats seem to favor certain houses....but others take whatever is open. The males seem to get the pick of the houses, then the females as I have noticed. And....thanks so much for your kind words!!! I am going to check out "Jerry the Goat".

  2. Your days are full. I had goats long ago. I enjoyed them so very much.

    1. Fainting goats are very peaceful creatures...and very easy to handle. We love them!

  3. You painted a very relaxing day in this posts. Sam knows he has a good thing going so he will stick close, smart dog! How about trying another slow day, enjoy!

    1. June....Don't let looks deceive was busy as usual. This morning, by 8 AM I had watered the garden, finished mulching the perennial garden, mowed the blueberry patch, mowed all around the big pastures and weeded. This is why I have to be intentional about slowing down sometimes! HAH!

  4. I couldn't have said it better. Great picture of Sammy. The goaties look great. They probably smell better too. Great pictures as always. I hope this is the last hot , hot , hot day.

  5. Gosh, with all the work you do around your beautiful farm, I am afraid those itty bitty drinking glasses would never do! (well for me anyway) Not to sound crass, but some days perhaps a 16 ounce glass would be so much better! Oh, who am I kidding, 32 ounce tumbler would be heaven, especially after weeding or perhaps during weeding or just thinking about weeding. Happy hump day!


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