Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dog Days

The dog days of summer have hit us, people.
It's hot...
fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot!

By 8 AM yesterday morning I had watered the vegetable garden,
weeded a little more of the vegetable garden
watered the new perennial flowers,
finished mulching the perennial bed,

mowed between the 100 blueberry plants,
and mowed between the pastures.

Oh, and as I rounded the corner by one of the chicken houses,

I was attacked by wasps...stung on the hand.

I could not get that lawn tractor out of there fast enough...and almost knocked down
the pasture fence in the process!

No, I am not on some marathon work binge...
it's just that by mid afternoon the thermometer looked like this...

and I wanted to avoid working in the hot sun.

Once back inside, I removed Annie's sutures from her spaying...
she was so good...held very still while I removed each one!
(Don't worry, I'm a nurse...removing sutures is second nature)

During the heat of the afternoon, I did a little wood-working in the barn...
with Ella Bella to supervise me...

fabricating this little "wind break" for the pig house.

You see, I keep this little front door open all the time, no matter the weather,
so that the pigs have access to their water and grazing.
And although the pigs have a heat lamp,
it should be much warmer for them this winter without the wind whistling around them.

Once I had the partition installed I called the pigs in to investigate.

They sniffed it...

they used it as a scratching post...

And by that time, it was old news and they moved on to other things.


  1. If you could not get the video to load.....check it again...I just fixed it!

  2. Wonder post this morning Beverly...

    Speaking of dogs........ Please say a prayer for dear Jeri .for his safe return.......

    Her dear Keats wandered off yesterday while she was away.. Found a opening in the fence.

  3. If I'm not mistaken, those are kunekune pigs? Do you breed them? They are every so cute!

    1. Kim, they are indeed Kunekune. Sadly, I only have to females, we do not breed them.

  4. Brought me cheer and smiles . . .

  5. nothing like a good butt scratch! eeeoowww...wasps. i am so allergic. i am guessing the rain missed you?

  6. Your bunny garden is beautiful.
    I'm glad you only got stung once. That's a serious wasps nest. Nothing worse than a scratchy Bottom. I hope she feels better. I'm sure Annie feels better too. Today could not be more beautiful. What a difference from yesterday.

  7. Oh, my heavens those pigs just make my day. I can see why you love hanging out with them! I would just sit with them all day. Sweet baby girls.
    I am so sorry you got stung! What a bummer. I am not allergic but have a healthy fear/respect for all stinging things. Ouch.

    1. Yes, they do indeed make any day a little sweeter!! I am not allergic either...which is good...because there doesn't seem to be a summer that goes by without a sting or two!

  8. Ouch! I just heard today that baking soda mixed with water takes the sting out.
    Your critters are so well cared for. Enjoy your Friday!

  9. I don't know how you could stand the hot sun until noon! Yikes, I melt, I'm such a 80 degree girl! LOL!!! Everything looks great! Thankfully you escaped all the other wasps, except for that pesky one that got you!

    It was hot in MA, about 96 at my home! We went back to the cottage in ME and it was 85 by the coast!

    Have a great week!


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