Thursday, April 17, 2014

Running With the Big Dogs

Well, the cold weather hit us hard.
Fruit trees that were in blossom will have lasting effects...
the rest of us will move on.

Yesterday brought sunshine (cold temps) and bright blue skies.
Hubbs finished work a little early,
giving us time for a hike (jog).

If you are tired of Annie pictures,
I must apologize...
for today you will have to endure just a few more!

Every day Annie's world gets a little bigger.
Yesterday she took a huge leap into the extended world of the farm.

Oakley, Sam, Annie, Hubbs and I headed into the woods for a long hike...
our destination was the "field of dreams",
a meadow in the midst of our woods.

Along the way we sniffed every inch of the woods that we could.

So much is to be learned from Sam...

And Oakley...

I can see the wheels turning in her head as she watches them freely explore nature.

(One day, Annie, you too will get to explore freely...but until you are completely trustworthy,
your exploring will be done on the end of a leash.)

On the way back home, we stopped to do a bit of visiting.

Annie:  "Now that's a big dog!"

"Those fat girls are a little intimidating!"

Sammy:  "Hi Ginger, wanna meet our new sister?"

I have a feeling Annie will eventually be good friends with Ginger and MaryAnn.

Annie:  "They're not scary at all!"

One week ago, this little pup kept her tail between her legs.  Two weeks ago, she screamed
when anyone approached her.
Just look at her now!
That tail wags non-stop.
Welcome to our world, Annie...
it's a pretty great place!


  1. what a wonderful story. this could be a book. i think annie will end up being queen of the farm. she has such an intelligent look about her!

  2. Annie, I 'm so happy for you and never get tired of seeing you. I bet you will be exploring without a leash in no time at all. Oh what fun that will be for you and for us to witness also.

  3. I will never tire of your critter pics...hey, that's why most of us visit, isn't it? To hear more Tails from the Farm. I'm interested to know your training method to eventually allow her off leash. We've had one of our new rescues, Sadie (about a year old), for almost 3 months (she'd been in a shelter or rescue all her life). She's got some kind of hunting dog in her as her nose is always on the ground gathering scents. Squirrels are her favorite obsession. Not sure how to train her to be an off leash dog outside the boundaries of her yard. Any tips on what works for you would be appreciated.

    1. What I know about Annie at this point is that her attention span is that of a very small child. She has a touch of ADD right now and cannot be trusted to come when called. Until I see that change and see her tuning into me a little more, she stays on leash. I have the advantage that she will most likely follow Sam or Oakley, but still I cannot take the chance. I have found that the most fool proof method of training dogs off leash is with a shock collar. I know that may sound inhumane, but actually the collar that I have has an adjustable "shock" I can deliver just a tiny "nick" to her neck when she does not come when called. The "nick" is preceded by a tone. A couple of trials and they learn to come when they hear the "nick" necessary. They learn very quickly with that. The only down side is that smart dogs will also know when the collar is not on. So, every dog is different.
      I do train the command "come" on a long leash and reward the "come" with a treat. Annie has learned to "come" and then "sit"....but if she is off leash and chasing something....she will become deaf, I am sure. I will keep you up to date with the training as it unfurls....

    2. We used bark collars for our 3 dogs and like you say..we could control the amount of "shock". After the vibrate warning, they would get a little tingle and it only took a few times for them to catch on. They are however, smart enough to know when they don't have it on and all I have to do is show it to them and they remember.. Oh Ya, We must have respect for our neighbors.

  4. There can never be enough pix of Annie! Her story is so wonderful! Terri C

  5. I love Annie and your farm! She is a great addition. Are you having a big Easter egg hunt on Sunday?

    1. Actually, it looks like this Easter will be a very quiet one.

  6. What a fun hike! Is it me or is it the picture? Annie looks almost as tall as Sam, of course not as wide, HA-HA! Hummm, still puppy, wonder how big she will get? Here's to a great day, Hugs!!

    1. Actually, she is only a little over half as tall as Sam. Definitely half as tall as Oakley. Who knows how big she will be. I think I should have a contest to see who can guess......

  7. It is indeed a great place...lucky Annie!

  8. She's so lucky..and so cute...Your post warmed my heart..Have a wonderful day..

  9. How can anyone get tired of watching a puppy... She has such an intelligent look...

    Annie v.

  10. I never tire of puppies as they grow. Keep it coming. :)

  11. Will never get tired of pictures of your life or Annie.

  12. I love this post. Brings me back to the time when I rescued my Rosie, the weiner dog. She was 5 years old and her owners gave up all 3 weiners to the pound! Then a rescue group came along and I rescued Rosie last July. She was 5 pounds under weight (alot for a mini weiner). She was an emotional mess. I was going through a divorce, moved to a tiny little rental home and somehow in this big world, we really rescued one another and she and I have this ebb and flow of a good life. I love Annie's collar. Where can I order one?

    1. Laura, so glad you found your Rosie!! I order my collars from "Orvis"...I always put my last name and phone number. That way if the dog is found, no one knows his/her name....just ours....less chance for them to keep the dog I hope!

  13. Now today I believe I see a hint of a smile forming on Annie's mouth. She looks totally engaged in seeing everything she can out in the big outdoor World. Once she is trustworthy & can run with the big dogs, you may not be able to slow her down. She will be going a mile a minute trying to keep up with Sam & Oakley. The psychological change in Annie has been amazing to watch & has happened much quicker than I imagined it would.. I'm happy to see that she is now in a place where she is getting to know some of the other farm animals. I knew Mary Ann & Ginger would win her over. I hope Sam does not teach her any of his ....umm strange eating habits, is the nicest way I can put it. Is Oakly showing less signs of jealousy? I love seeing Annie's progress unfolding. You & Hubbs are doing a fantastic job with her.

  14. Happy Easter to Annie and all the critters (& humans too!) at Beehaven Acres!

  15. What an awesome adventure! Annie, your world will only get bigger! She is so darn cute! And I can have pictures of Annie EVERYDAY on your blog! LOL


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