Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Then And Now

Just a reminder...
that what has been will be again!

I promise!

Poor ole Minerva...

It's about that time when Minerva heads to warmer climes for a bit of R&R.
She's done her job...and a darned good one at that!

When the green begins to once again appear,
Miss Minerva May Honeycut will return to the garden in her summer finery.

It's encouraging to know that this....

will once again be this...

And the fairy garden area...

will arise from its winter slumber and come to life again!

Knowing that this plot of barren boxes...

will once again nourish us!

And though it sometimes feels like the winter months drag on incessantly,

they are a necessary time of rest that gives us the opportunity to dream and scheme.

I spent some time yesterday (as the snow was falling) planning for Spring's projects.
I am ordering more honeybees.
I ordered 42 chicks for April delivery.
And I have perused the seed catalogs...
I'll be placing my orders this week.

"To every thing there is a season...
 and a time for every purpose...."
Truer words were never written!


  1. The farm is glorious no matter the season! I look forward to seeing it waken again in the spring. Enjoy your winter resting!

  2. Your farm is just lovely thanks to your loving care of it all! Stay warm...

  3. Loved seeing the Summer/Winter pictures...thanks. It is always hard to picture how beautiful it was in it's glory, when all you can see is dead stuff...ha!

  4. Great post and reminder of "soon will come the spring." Around the corner very, very soon . . .

  5. Miss Minerva it is time for your spa treatment and a little rest! I love the winter/summer pictures, give us all a dose of Spring Fever. I have found I buy most of my seeds locally. We are very fortunate to have two organic seed companies in OR. I'm sure there are more but I have my favorites. Come the first of April they all get together with local nurseries and have Garden Palooza. Such fun to see what is new for the season. Oh my, I still have to wait and be patient, over two month still. Hugs!!

  6. It 's nice t have the changes, I think.. Each has something to offer..Shorter morning walks for one..Somebodys little piggys freeze..Stay warm..

  7. Good Morning Beverly, Spring is coming. . . Spring is coming . . . love your "then and now" photos.
    You might feel the need to go out and put a coat on poor Miss Minerva :)
    This is the time of year when we get out our garden books and do a little dreaming by the warm fire.
    I think that the gray skies bother me more than the cold . . . they seem to bring me down a bit.
    Please come over and join in on my latest Give-A-Way.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  8. OMG, poor Minerva she is cold, put a little shawl on her...something.

  9. I am soo looking forward to the Spring and summer now . Lovely post and photos . I have heard another quote like this . To every thing there is a season to everything there is a reason . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !


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