Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Bees And The Birds

With colder weather approaching,
the bees will soon be staying inside their hive and hibernating.

However, it doesn't seem to be cool enough to keep them inside
this week.


they've been buzzing all over the farm....

enjoying the last few sunny days of summer!

"Bee-haw, bee-haw!"

Today's smile was brought to you by DaphBee and ChloBee!

With Autumn quickly approaching, Hubbs spent a little time yesterday 
closing up the pool for the season.

Of course, he had supervisors...

6 of them.

It's nice to know that somebody's always there to lend a hand...
or something....


  1. It's always hard for me to say goodbye to the pool for the season. We will be doing that this weekend.
    Chickens, cats and dogs make great helpers!

  2. Cute photos ! On a farm there is always some to help or supervise lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. We always have chicken inspectors involved here. They are willing to help and don't expect much in return.

  4. Funny, funny girl you are or is it girls! Those two Bees are sure cute! Pool weather is gone here also unless you have a heated one. The days have been warm but the nights have dropped into the fifties. I need to a move on to my Fall work. Time is flying so Winter will be here before I know it. Hugs!!

  5. Well, every construction job needs at least one or six supervisors.

    The donks are especially funny today... LOL

  6. And bebee..:) Glad Hubs was able to enjoy this weather too..No turkeys??

  7. Bev,
    Thank you for making my day! This is too funny, I laughed myself silly...Love the bees

  8. Why thank you Bev! How sweet of you to visit and leave such a kind note.

  9. I swear you have more fun with dressing up those two lovely donkeys...
    Love the headbands. Maybe I'll get something like that for my "Mom-Costume" come trick or treating time!

  10. I can't believe that you actually got Daphnie & Chloe to look so cute as bees. Quite an accomplishment - no one is pulling off the other's costume & they actually looked right at the camera & professionally posed for the camera. An unusually cooperative effort for those two girls. Only you would think of donkey bumblebees! If you had winch & a couple of strong harnesses you could take some photos of the girls in flight - just a thought.
    Can chickens swim? Maybe not, but they sure would look cute wearing red poka dot bikinis. Maybe you can sew some up this Winter for the ladies to wear next Summer. Milford would look great in a Speedo don't ya think?

  11. Ellen, you and I would get along famously....oh the trouble we could stir up!!


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