Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Update

We are never at a loss for things to do around the farm.
Gardening, itself, could be a full time job.
But, oh, what rewards for work put in!

Finally, the strawberries are ripening.
The crop that we thought we lost due to freeze has made a comeback...
better late than never!

We have harvested and consumed the first crop of broccoli.
Another is nearly ready for harvest.
And I will plant more in the fall.

In the areas where I have harvested, I have replanted with other herbs or veggies.

The sugar peas are gifting us with about a quart of peas daily.

The kohlrabi, a rather alien looking veggie, is ready for picking and roasting.

Swiss chard will last through the summer and into fall...
a colorful addition to all the lush green.

Green tomatoes are hanging on the young vines.

The squash that suffered through the freeze are strong and vigorous plants now.

I found these old chicken feeders at an antique market
and filled them with lettuce seeds.

Zinnias are blooming all over...

as well as other flowers that help to add to the festiveness of the garden.

It's like a summer party within this fence each and every day!

Yesterday was freedom day for the hens that we moved 2 weeks ago.
In those two weeks the hens have turned their new pen from this....

to this....

It's definitely time to turn them out on the pastures.
Who knows, maybe we won't have to mow as often!

The hens were a little hesitant about their freedom.
But, once their alpha rooster, Number 6...yes, that's his name, left the yard,
the hens followed suit.

Elton was a little more timid.

And Rod, we feared, would not even venture towards the gate.

Eventually, however, everyone was happily roaming the grounds
and investigating the manure piles.

One of this weekend's jobs was netting the blueberry field.

The berries are beginning to ripen,
so netting then keeps the birds from robbing our harvest.

Guess who had his third birthday this weekend!
Jenn had a little party for him at her place.

It seems like yesterday that this little fellow came home from the
hospital nursery to the farm.
And although he and his Mommy no longer live on the farm,
I know that this place will always be special to him.
Happy Birthday Tyler!


  1. happy birthday tyler! the farm looks beautiful! i like to dip kolrabi spears in dips. i just ate my first broccoli. i must remember to plant more. when you plant it in the fall, when is it ready to harvest? do you start it from seed? i am battling the birds for my service berries. they are delicious this year. i bet the birds get my blueberries before i do. maybe i should try covering them this year. we are about to be in for 90 degree weather!

  2. Everything is looking wonderful. I love your idea with the chicken feeder. I goes to show you don't need a lot of space to grow lettuce. Happy Birthday to your special birthday boy!

  3. You just have the BEST garden. I am still learning the ropes of being successful at it.

  4. Aww, Happy 3rd Birthday Tyler!!! Looks like he enjoyed his cake! Makes for sweet kisses!

    Love your garden! I'm going home after school/work to do some more planting! Can't wait. Like you, I love my little veggie boxes!!!

    Love your antique chicken feeders!!! Great idea.

    Have a great week!

  5. I love that vignette in your first picture... and I know full well what chickens can do to a grassy yard!

  6. Your garden looks wonderful..Now it's time to reap the benefits which you surely deserve..I can't believe Tyler is 3..Time sure goes fast..

  7. Bev, your garden is just beautiful! I think I need to fence mine in too. I have a groundhog getting more than I am! It's hard to believe Tyler is 3 already!!! What a handsome little guy!

  8. Oh Happy belated B-day little cutie ! Wonderful photos . Everything looks great and growing nicely ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  9. 3 years old already! Wow! Handsome as can be! BTW love the ladder with the pots. Gardens are wonderful.

  10. I so envy all the wonderful organic veggies you have growing in your for your table! Wish that was available in my, etc.

    I adore that first picture with the ladder and the galvanized pots! What a cute idea! I may have to copy that someday!


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