Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tawdry Audrey Sings

For some reason, yesterday, this song followed me around as I worked on the farm.
I have to blame our goat Audrey for planting this song in my brain.

As I cleaned water tanks in the goat pen,

I could have sworn I heard our own Tawdry Audrey singing...

she continued....

Me:  "Audrey, you know it isn't April, don't you?"

Poor Audrey was a little embarrassed and looked away, blushing...

"No worries Audrey, we could always use a few more flowers around here!"

It has been a beautiful spring so far with hardly any rain.
Luckily, a possibility of rain was predicted yesterday after nearly a week of beautiful blue skies.

In spite of the dryness, the orchard is in full bloom.

And the lilacs have just begun to open,
gracing us with their heavenly fragrance.

I love cutting bouquets to bring into the house.

Well, Audrey was right about that rain...
by late afternoon, yesterday, the showers came...

which is good, because everything needed a drink!

(Sweet Sadie Pie's grave, covered with violas.)


  1. do goats really blush or is this me just being a stupid city dweller? we got a sprinkling but hopefully more is on the way.

  2. Ahhhhhh....the beauty of photo editing!! Goats most certainly do not blush....embarrassment is not in their repertoire!

  3. Audrey has a handy dandy perch to watch for the rain showers . . We need some rain showers around here! Beautiful season of color isn't it . . . everything seems to be "popping!"

  4. Cute post this morning of Audrey! Believe it or not the PNW needs a little shower. We have been dry for three weeks. Mother's Day is the day predicted.

    Sweet violets bring a tear this morning!! Hugs!

  5. I just love Audrey and her song! Glad you got some rain. We have had more than our share! Have a great day!

  6. I didn't know Audrey could sing..Another adorable post..You always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud...Have a wonderful day..

  7. Fabulous photos!!! Audrey is a dear and I think she is beautiful!

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a goat just sit like that before. She does look like she's maaing her song to the world! Glad you got your rain.

  9. Beautiful resting place for sweet Sadie Pie. The violas should return year after year.

    We hape to get some rain here in the Finger Lakes of New York today or tomorrow. It has been so beautiful here but it is dry and we do need some rain.

    Love your blog so much!


  10. Oh WOW.... Audrey is a great singer and needs to sell that CD!!

  11. Beautiful shots and Tawdry Audrey is hysterical!!!


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