Friday, April 5, 2013

Wanted: Guinea Herder

The chicklets remain safe and sound...
tucked away in a warm and safe part of the barn.

It still remains a mystery what got into the brooder house.  
That henhouse is for all intents and purposes tight as a drum...
unless something burrowed under one of the sides and somehow found a crack to 
sneak through.
We may never know.

For now, though, my gals (and potentially a couple of "surprise" roos)
will stay in the safety of the barn.
No predators are there thanks to the barn cats...
and the barn cats cannot get into the chicks.
So, all's well that ends well.

Yesterday felt like spring, with temperatures finally reaching 50 degrees.

At one point in the day, the guineas decided that the raised beds were just that...

I had to try to herd them out of the garden and close the gate.

Have you ever herded guineas?

Well, you have not lived until you have tried to get a flock of guineas to go where you desire,
or better yet, to leave where you do not desire them to be!

After running around like a silly guinea, myself, I finally got them all out of the garden.

Feeling as though I had not quite had enough of a challenge,
I decided it was time to for a little donkey maintenance.
(Sometimes working with the donkeys can be a bit like herding guineas!)

Both gals were quite calm and willing, however,
 so we cleaned up hooves and chatted.

 Thinking that luck was on my side,
I decided to forge ahead and work on halter and lead manners.

I am happy to say we are progressing in that area.

No longer planting their feet firmly in protest,
the gals are actually starting to walk quite nicely...

not always in the direction that I would like,
but, hey... I am happy with the fact that they are walking at all!

A little at a time...I remind myself.
Donkeys require patience.
And perseverance.

Perfect princesses!


  1. So sorry to hear about the chicks. Your world is ever changing. Love the donkey pictures.

  2. Happy your litte hens and a couple of roos are safe and sound. Such busy days you have, donkeys and guineas and baby chicks plus even more. You are a marvel indeed . . .

  3. From the description of what happened to the chicks I would wonder if you have a fisher in the area. They are from the wolverine family. I don't know if they are in your area. The cats would be no contest for them. They are horrid.

  4. Baby chicks look all safe and warm. Cute, cute pics of donkeys this morning! Here hoping for another nice day. Our rain has returned. Hugs!!!

  5. Glad to hear the chicks are all safe now ! We have a few guineas wandering over every now and then from the farm just down the road from us and yes they go where ever they want and boy do they panic when being herded back home lol they are quite funny to watch and hear ! That's good the Donkeys are doing well on lead . Lovely photos . The sun is shining here but the winds still hold a chill . Have a good day !

  6. Guinea Herder !!! Finally a use for Mollie at the farm :)
    What a beautiful day..Enjoy

  7. Lisa at Two Bears Farm is looking for someone to answer some questions about guinea keeping for her... I'll direct her your way!

    Love those donkeys!

  8. Donkeys sure are known for being stubborn! I am so glad the chicks and roos are okay. I was wondering.......

  9. Was curious is that just mulch that you have between all your raised beds?


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