Monday, December 17, 2012

Sometimes Happy Stories Have Sad Endings

Before I begin today's post...
I must tell you that our party was great on Saturday.
I have a few pictures to share with you.... more tomorrow, I promise.

I sit here at my computer with such a heavy heart.
I usually try to keep this blog light and happy, but sometimes...
well sometimes reality smacks you in the face and sadness hangs on you like a heavy cloak.

(And please excuse me....for what we experience here on the farm
is nothing compared to the burden carried by those who have been touched by
recent disaster and senseless violence.)

Many of you have followed the story of Pete. (You can read the beginning here.)
Pete was the saddest sack of bones you would have ever seen...
close to death...
until his lucky day when Dr. Becky rescued him and brought him to the farm to live.

With her love and care Pete thrived.
He gained weight and began some occasional work under saddle.

Pete was sweet and willing and eager to please.
Becky had intended to give Pete to our friend Anna, who often helps us around the farm.

It seemed that this horse who had had such a sad life until last March
was now destined to live out his life in perfect bliss...
the picture of health...
a truly happy horse.

Sadly, yesterday, Pete developed something called a "volvulus"
for no apparent reason.
When a horse develops a volvulus, its bowel twists on itself,
cutting off  circulation to the bowel...resulting in cell death of the bowel tissue.
Pete's volvulus was severe enough that he had to be "put down."

Our sympathy goes out to Dr. Becky and to Anna...
who both cared for and loved this horse.
We will all miss watching him in our pastures.
He was a living testimony to the power of love.
We had hoped he would represent the happy ending that we desire for all who are neglected or abused.
It was just not to be.

I am so sorry to be sharing so many sad stories these past two weeks.
But this is life on the farm.
We take the good with the bad.
We celebrate the good.
We mourn the bad.
We say a prayer of thanks that the good always outweighs the bad.
We know on those sad days when tears stain our faces
that tomorrow will bring smiles.
We are surrounded by love...
and love heals all.


  1. That is such sad news. I can understand how devastated you must feel, after putting so much love and effort into giving Pete a second chance. He looked so strong and healthy and happy, all thanks to your dedication.

    Thinking of you..

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. I'm so sorry to read about Pete. You and Dr. Beck showed Pete what it felt like to be cared for and loved. Please extend my sympathies to Dr. Becky as well.

  3. He was surrounded by love and I am sure he knew that. RIP Pete.

  4. So sad to hear of Pete's passing. In the relatively short time that Pete was a part of your lives, you and Dr. Becky gave him so much more than all of his previous years. In that knowledge, you should both find a bit of solace. We, your readers and fans, feel privileged that you can share not only the happy times, but also the sad ones. Big hug to all at Bee Haven Acres.

  5. Sad . . . Yet, with truth . . . Sunshine Cometh in the Morn . . .

  6. I think that Pete's life on the farm with Dr. Becky with all the love and care he recieved represents how these broken and abused creatures can be healed. I am sorry for the loss of Pete.

  7. Bev, I'm so sorry to read about Pete passing away. Hopefully you'll find solace in the fact that you all gave him lots of love and care in the few month he was with you all. Hugs...

  8. Oh, my heart breaks for all of you, and especially Pete. Atleast you showed in what love is, what a good life can be, he knew comfort and good living before he died.

  9. I am so sorry for your loss ! He was looking and doing so well ! At least he lived a happy life near the end when he got rescued by you guys and had a happy time on the farm ! We will miss him !

  10.'s so tough isn't it.
    We were warned that Our English Mastiff Abby is prone to this type of issue..there's surgery that can be done for dogs with this tendancy but we've never had the money for it so we keep an eye out for trouble and pray without ceasing..knowing the moments are precious.
    Dr. Becky, Anna, Beverly, You all have given Pete a sweet, loving life.You've been there when he needed you, even to the last.We are honored to have witnessed this great love in action. It's Risky to care so much. But necessary for life to have meaning.
    Thank You for showing us how it's done.

  11. I am so sorry to hear about Pete. The horses's digestive system is precarious and too often a time bomb waiting to explode. Please tell Becky what a lucky horse Pete was to have her take such good care of him, love him, and give him his forever home even though it was for such a short time.

  12. Oh, I am so sorry to hear of Pete's passing. He was a beautiful boy and was so lucky to have known love and gentleness in the last months of his life. You all were a blessing to this wonderful horse. Please extend my condolences to Dr. Becky and Anna as well.

  13. So sorry to read that you had to put Pete down ... he knew he was well cared for and loved and his pictures prove that ... one never knows from one day to the next just what will happen! God bless you and everyone who was so instrumental in caring for this wonderful horse!

    Hugs from Colorado ... Marcia

  14. I'm so very sorry to hear of Pete's difficulty, and your and Dr. Becky's loss. How heartbreaking to have to end Pete's life. And yet, nothing will change the fact that he experienced love and nurture and that in the last 9 months his life changed dramatically for the better. That reality will not change. I hope it will bring some comfort as you mourn Pete's passing and miss his presence on the farm

  15. Oh my. This news makes me so sad to hear. It makes me happy that Pete was able to live months of happiness and enjoyment at your farm after his previously terrible situation. Losses of pets, especially unexpected and sudden, are especially difficult and saddening.

  16. Oh my. At least he was finally somewhere he was loved and cared for. Not that that really helps :-/. I am so sorry.

  17. So sorry about Pete. You all worked so hard to bring him back from the brink of death, your success was so wonderful. I am so glad he got a good home with you for the time that he had left.
    It is sad and yes, good and bad seem to come together, but I am glad you have much more good.

  18. Oh no Beverly. I have watched and read along with so many others, as Pete regained his strength and valor.
    My heart goes out to you. Hickory and Pete.....and so many before them. I am so sorry.

  19. Aw man, not Pete! So sad! I'm glad he knew what love felt like before he died. So many people and animals would give anything for that.

  20. Oh my heart hurts for this beautiful horse. At lease he had a few good years of love. What a nice thing you all did for him.

  21. Oh Bev,, I share your saddened heart...and as you know I am wrapping you & Becky in hugz of comfort.
    Your love and compassion for animals is such an inspiration...
    I love you and miss you and look forward to next summer when we sit around the campfire bragging and telling 'tails' about our fur-kids.
    Hugz & Hearts I send you.

  22. I loved Pete's story and I thank you for sharing. I am very sorry to hear this. He was very much loved by not only you all, but by complete strangers in different parts of the USA! God Bless all of you.

  23. So sad about Pete! "Tomorrow is another day!"

  24. poor pete. i am so sorry to hear this. i hope he was not in too much pain.

  25. I am so very sorry to read about Pete. I am just so incredibly thankful that he finally found our what it felt like to be well taken care of, what a good home felt like and that he felt true love during his last days on this earth.
    Thak you for giving him the best year of his life. My condolences to all of you. Losing a beloved pet is so very hard.

  26. I am so sorry to hear this. That must have been such a huge shock. Thank goodness Pete had a comfy life there at the end. All of you cared for him and loved him and gave him that extra TLC. That was apparent. I know he was a happy horse on your farm, and that you all made a difference.


  27. I am so sorry to hear this. It does seem like 2012 has been a year of sadness on so many farms. Blessings to you and your family.

  28. so so sorry to hear about Pete, sometime I think life is really not fair. Hopefully, at least he did not suffer. At least thanks to all your great care he had some good times with you all,

    Annie v.

  29. Saying so sorry just doesn't seem enough!! Thank goodness that Pete ended his life back to all his glory, surrounded by those who care deeply for him. He had to have known and felt that. Respect and love are so powerful for both human and beast! At least Pete found love and respect.

  30. So sorry to hear about Pete. Another animal given a chance at a better life by those at BHA..It just doesn't seem fair..

  31. My heart goes out to all who loved Pete! I've followed Pete's story from the time he came to live with Dr Becky and you.
    I think God wanted pete to know the hands of kindness and loving hearts before he called him home. He was lucky that he had his time with you & Dr. Becky!
    RIP Pete... may he forever be in your memory!


  32. I'm so sorry to hear about Pete. But so thankful that he had such a wonderful time at the end of his life - bless all of you for taking him in.

  33. I lost my horse, Rusty, to the same thing 25 years ago. Petey was loved and knew it. That's the best you can say. He died with his loved ones around him. Isn't that what we all would hope for? Hugs to you and Dr. Becky, Mary A

  34. Hi Bev,

    Ironically enough, I was just thinking about pete the other day and wondered how he was. How sad that he developed colic and was euthanized. Dr. Becky brought him back from the edge of death and he was so happy.

    I'm so sorry for Pete. I know that he felt the love and was happy in his home. It's just so sad after all he overcame.


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