Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sad Stories....Happy Endings

If you have followed my blog for a while,
you will remember that two years ago (April 4th) Sid came to live on the farm.
Sid is Becky's thoroughbred (retired race horse) who was very thin
and very unhappy when he first came to the farm.

Now after two years, Sid is a beautiful, muscular, athletic horse
who is well loved and oh so happy.
Don't you just love a story with a happy ending?

Yesterday marked day "one" of a new story...
with hopefully the same happy ending.

Enter Powder (renamed Pete).

Pete is a 7 year old grey off-the-track thoroughbred that Becky just adopted (rescued).
She was called to see this horse who had a rather severe injury to his "manhood".

(I suggested that in light of this injury and his silly name (Powder)...
that she rename him Peter)
(By now you should know that I have a warped sense of humor!)

And so "Pete" it is!

But back to our story.
Pete was found to be in terrible shape.....



with terrible untrimmed, cracked hooves.

Bones sticking out all over....

the saddest horse EVER!

His injury alone would require hours of nursing care...
something his previous owners were ill equipped to perform...
and seemingly unmotivated as well....
not to mention the fact that the rest of him was in horrible shape.

Becky struck up a deal....refunding her Vet fees in return for taking the horse.

She calls Pete the "ultimate project horse".

We brought him home last night.
Trailering was a bit of a test...
 he was quite wary about entering the trailer.
Becky has infinite patience...
and so with a bit of time and coaxing she got him into the trailer;
and we transported him home.

Becky worked on his swollen "part"...
applying medication and massaging to help reduce swelling.

Meanwhile, I sewed him a mesh sling to provide elevation, 

while still allowing for elimination.

Pete has a long road ahead of him, but I know he will get there.
There is more than enough love and TLC here to help him along.

He is a sweet, gentle fellow with soft sparkly eyes...
and I cannot wait to see a happy horse in place of this skinny bag of bones!

I will give you progress reports as the days pass.

I can't end this post without saying that my heart is so very heavy.
Pete is a "hit you right between the eyes" sort of reminder that there are so many
neglected, unloved and abused animals in the world.
I don't understand the sort of people who can watch an animal starve to death.
As we packed Pete into the trailer I overheard the previous owners talking
 about their upcoming trip to Florida.....
Go figure.....

It makes me sadder than sad....

guess I'll go out to the barn
and hug my chubby horses!


  1. It is so sad when people treat beautiful animals in such terrible ways. I really can't wrap my mind around it. I have a home with lovely cats and dogs who were abandoned and/or neglected. I'm a better person because of them. I admire your efforts.

  2. OMG, he's in horrible condition! I cannot believe the cruetly. .. and it always REALLY angers me to see people so ignorant of an animals suffering, at their hands!... You are angels.. Pete is so lucky that Becky rescued him. I look forward to the happy ending you're going to give this guy. I love your sling with the netting, very clever!

  3. So very sad how some people can treat animals as they do. So sad. Kudos to you ladies for helping these horses who so need some TLC!

  4. What sad pictures! !! I hope he does great in his recovery! Have a great day

  5. God Bless you and Becky for your kindness, the hardest post on any blog I have ever read. I love animals so much! Terri

  6. Oh Man! That just made me cry...very very very sad! Please give him an extra dose of care for me. What is wrong with someone who would ignore an animal they own. I will need a weekly photo please...or possibly a daily photo. One thing I make sure is, they have enough to eat!! You can't miss that one.

  7. I am so glad this story is going to have a happy ending. We had a similar story in this area this week and unfortunately the horse didn't make it. I am so happy to see such good people like you and your family that really care for animals. I enjoy reading your blog every morning.

  8. I have never understood how humans can be so cruel to animals ! Poor guy well I am happy to see and hear that he is in the best care possible and will recover beautifully with the love and care you , your family and other animal friends on the farm will give him . He will bounce back in no time ! Have a good day !

  9. My heart aches for Pete. I know with yours and Becky's love he will make it. You can't answer why? I'm just thankful there are kind people like you to the rescue. We will are enjoy watching Pete flourish!

  10. Pete found the right home ~ that is for sure!
    And aren't you smart making that sling.

  11. I have been involved the past month with saving a few horses from a kill buyer lot in PA. It is hard to imagine what is inside people's hearts and minds who would do this. I look ahead to how happy and healthy he will be in a few months. I rescued two young horses who are still in PA and will come out here when they are 100% ready. This story is important to tell.

  12. I just want to weep with happiness for Pete! I love a rescue story and know he will now have the happy life he needs. I had been tempted to take in a neglected horse,but someone else got him first. That is probably a good thing, as I know nothing about horses.
    I Did see your new donkeys, (my comments must have been eaten) They are wonderful!

  13. I had to take a minute before I could see to type...how can anyone let this happen. I saw the neighborhood they lived in...it wasn't about money.

    I know Pete is going to be so thrilled at being rescued by Dr. Becky and you...he will have a wonderful life and lots of animal friends.

  14. I have a neighbor who neglects his animals. He has been reported, the animals taken away and yet he still gets more. I can't understand that kind of mentality either. I know owners of animals like to eat their meals at mealtime, why wouldn't they think their animals wouldn't like to eat as well. So sad!

    I'm so happy for Pete and the wonderful opportunity y'all have given him to live a well-loved, happy life. I can't wait to see the progress reports on him!

    Awesome sling by the way!

  15. This post brought tears to my eyes. How can someone not notice or worse not care that their animal is neglected and hurting. If people won't or can't take proper care of an animal they shouldn't get one! Pete is so lucky to be one of the ones who was rescued by angels like you and Becky. My heart breaks for all of the others out there. It will be great to see Pete's road to recovery.

  16. Oh what a sad story and an even sadder looking horse...Those people should be shot..Pete is definitely in a better place and I, for one, am so grateful for people like Becky...I'm sure he will be a very rewarding "project"..Can't wait to see the transformation..

  17. I am sure Pete has already felt the love that you and Becky and everyone else at the farm has to offer him. I look foward to this journey with all of you. Hugs!

  18. I'm sorry but those owners should have been sent to jail or at least fined! There is no excuse for treating animals like that - none at all! I'm so glad Pete is in a good home now and can't wait to see his "after" photos!

  19. Oh, it makes me so sad, how could anyone treat an animal that way. If you can't care for one people should find a loving home where they can!! There is no excuse for it.Especially since there are people like Becky and you guys that are able to love and care for them, thank goodness.


  20. Oh my gosh, I couldn't believe my eyes. How could anyone let an animal suffer like that? Makes me wish I could do so much more. My heart goes out to you and the care and healing yet to come for this poor guy. He is in such good hands now. You guys will go straight to heaven!

  21. I love that Pete got a new, healthy lease on life, he couldn't have ended up in a better place with better people! New home+new name+good nourishment+careful tending to his delicate injury=LOVE!

  22. I hope the previous owners realize that Karma can be a bitch. I have some friends who will buy cigarettes before pet food. They can never figure out why their 'luck' is so bad. I don't wonder at all. Get 'em, Karma. Bev, you guys are angels! Peter just doesn't know how luck he is!

  23. Thank you so much for recusing Pete - I don't have words to describe my feelings of the sub-humans that used to own him.
    THank you for caring and restoring my faith in humanity.

  24. I'm so glad Becky and you are the kind caring people who would help Pete find the happy life he deserves.

  25. Poor skinny and injured Pete. It just breaks my heart to see any animal or child neglected, abused and sad. It won't take Pete long to figure out that he is in a happy place with endless love to be shared with him! Bless you all for taking him in to be a member of your family! Hugs, Meghan

  26. Dear Lord how can people do such a thing , but we have to also remember that they do it to children usually this goes hand in hand. Thank you so much for showing that there are still caring people.

    Annie v.

  27. You guys are wonderful. How lucky Pete is to have been adopted by your family.

  28. Thank God for people like you and your sis-in-law! I would rescue every single abused animal if I could. It just makes me sick to my stomach. There is a special place in hell for people who abuse animals and children.

  29. That is just criminal! Thank heavens Petey Boy now has a home full of love where he can rehab his way back to health.
    : ) Kris

  30. I am so glad he has found a new home with your family. You are wonderful pet owners and now he will experience the kind of life that every animal deserves.

  31. Of COURSE there are 30 comments already for this post.

    We are all animal lovers and take pride in nurturing loving and well fed animals.

    People who do this truly confound me.

    I am so happy for Mr. Peter and his good fortune to meet Becky and everyone on your farm. He is a very lucky indeed. He'll be chubby and happy in no time.

    (Nice sling, BTW - genius!)

  32. The first photo of Pete was really shocking to see. So nice to know that people who will love and care for him, the way he deserves, have given him a home.

  33. This is one of the many reasons I am sooo very proud to call you my friend,,, because of yours (& your family) compassionate heart...
    How sad that a so called human can treat an animal so in-humainly....
    I see it all to often up here as well... recently a "human" up and moved,,,,leaving their 10 horses in the pasture....with no fresh water or food,,, only that which they could barly nibble on the ground,,, after almost a week, the neighbors realized the 'humans' had moved out & no one was feeding the horses... thank goodness we have a Horse Resuce up here,, they jumped into action and a week later a bunch of us showed up to help build 'lean toos' shelters for the horses.... thank goodness the horses were not in as bad a shape as poor Pete....
    Hugs to you, Becky and the rest of the family for opening up your homes & hearts to Pete and other horses like him.

  34. Glad Becky was able to "swap" them and Pete will now be well taken care of! I've worked with neglected horses in the past, but out of curiosity, what do you feed when a horse is that skinny? In the past we've used a few different things and I wondered what Becky's plan is for Pete.
    Can't wait to see how he progresses!

  35. Autumn.....Pete is on a high fat horse feed, unlimited hay 24/7 and some alfalfa and a little turn out each day for grazing. It will be a slow process.

  36. I don't know what to say...How can people treat animals (or other people) like that!

    I'm glad to see she's taken him in. Please keep us posted. I can just imagine what a beautiful horse he's going to be when you guys are done with him.


  37. I can't wait to see lucky, lucky Pete's progress (You are Angels indeed!) Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

  38. Thank heavens for people like Dr Becky

  39. Oh my goodness :-(. I am so happy he's with you all now. What a sweet old guy...who should never have been in this situation to begin with.

  40. Yep, I knew this would make me cry. I'm so glad that Pete has a new home and yes, there are so many neglected animals and children. Much love to you all. Becky is a saint.


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