Thursday, October 25, 2012

Painting Crew

We are in the midst of an unusually warm week.

Moist, misty mornings....

give way to partly sunny afternoons with temps in the high 70's and warmer.

This has made for a perfect time to get Autumn chores done.

Washing windows and painting projects have been at the top of the "To Do" list.

One of our run-in sheds is in desperate need of painting before winter.
One of the horses has been munching on the wood trim, leaving exposed wood.

Of course, with any painting project there must be workers and supervisors.
Happily, the turkeys take the role of supervisors....

occasionally "helping" out a little....

paint on the tail feathers, and paint on the chest are the result.

I have often thought of just dipping the turkeys into the paint and letting them
do the work while I supervise.
Hmmmmmmmm...... I am sure someone might object to this idea!

When the donkeys saw me with paint buckets, they offered to help.
"I'll carry the bucket," suggested Chloe...

This could be trouble for sure!

Just like most 18 month old children.... everything goes in the mouth!


  1. It is always such fun to visit you. Love the turkeys . . . do they live on the farm too?

  2. Oh yes, Tom and Chuck came to live on the farm just two days after hatching...two years ago. They are Bourbon Reds (a heritage breed). We also had Edith, but sadly a fox got her while she was sitting on a nest this past Spring. Tom and Chuck miss her terribly!

  3. goldwattle.....he's the tom, the tom with the golden touch.....haha! i could use a couple of those guys to help me out with some projects around here! we are in the 80's today but then waiting to see where sandy is headed and see if we end up with a halloween snow storm. bundle up for sunday. it is going to be cold and wet!

  4. Argh, donkeys. Must resist cuteness...

  5. Thanks for my morning chuckle! They say folks that smile and laugh live longer. So with your blog and all the smiles and laughter it brings I'm going to live to be 200!!!!

  6. Fanta.

    I use to get help from dogs and cats when I was painting. One dog even stepped in my paint pan! Kids! Whenever, I get on the phone with someone my dog, Dash, starts knocking the glass jar on the shelf that has sunflower seeds in it! He loves them but like any kid, he wants my attention only!

  7. What a cute post ! Love your photos . Even our Miggy and Harley are nosey when I am doing things ! The weather here has been wonderful as well wish it would become our winter weather from now on ! Oh well looking forward and planing for spring . Have a great day !

  8. Your fall photos are beautiful! I just wanted to know if you are in the bullseye for hurrican Sandy and if you are I wanted to tell you that I'm praying the safety of you and your family! Furry, feathery or human! :)

  9. I adore your blog, and i know i've said before.. that i feel lots of joy and love when i look at it. So i'm repeating myself, but there it is. And turkey feathers would indeed make good paintbrushes, but as you say.. 'someone' might not go along with that suggestion.. :)


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