Thursday, June 28, 2012

Colors, Colors, Colors!

It's a beautiful morning on the farm.
The sun is rising in the Eastern sky...
its golden rays touching the earth almost horizontally.
Have you ever noticed how much more vivid color is in the morning?

Each day as the sun rises and sets we are treated to its energy...
its energy, like vibration transformed into color...
color so bright and alive...
radiant color!

So, let us, on this beautiful blue skied, vibrant morning
take a ride to the garden and experience color at its brightest and best!
We'll travel like this....

It's a perfect morning for a ride to the garden on a pink bike!

Watering chores need to be done.

And vegetables need to be harvested!

Let's take a look through the fairy window at the flowers in bloom...

Amazing colors...

Hollyhocks remind me of frilly ball gowns...
hoop skirts with layers and layers of frilly petticoats!

Squash blossoms abound...

in this box loaded with all types of squash plants
spilling out into the aisles!

There are teeny tiny baby pumpkinettes appearing on the vines,
and behind them the corn is as tall as my shoulder!
(Isn't it supposed to be knee high by the 4th of July?)

When our watering chores are finished,
we must harvest some vegetables for dinner.
Not bad for one morning's pick, huh?

Come, let's take a look at the rock garden.
You might remember that I built it just this Spring...

Purple gayfeather (Liatrus)...

A showy orange echinacea...

Fiery orange snapdragons that have been blooming for 2 months now...

Purple sage (Salvia)

(why does this make me think of King Arthur?...
oh yes, that was Pendragon!)

Who can resist those African beauties...
Gerbera daisies!
What I would give to see them grow in the wild!

Fuchsia snapdragons, almost look electrified...
See what I mean about morning light?
These photos are all un-edited.

Now we must fill the gator with buckets of water 

and tend to the orchards, grape vines, and berry canes.
This should be a wonderful year for blackberries.
Our canes are loaded as you can see!
And this is just one of several of these in our berry patch.

With our watering chores complete,
and our vegetable harvest in the bike basket,
we must head for home.

A couple of hours in the kitchen, and yesterday's blueberry harvest
has become 25 jars of blueberry lime jam!
(I will post the recipe tomorrow, as today's post is a bit long!)

The last chore for today will be to turn this old pair of work jeans
with worn out knees...

into something new for summer!

Thank you, Maryjane for the idea!

I sure hope you enjoyed our little trip this morning!
Stop by tomorrow and we will talk about yummy jam.
And Blueberry Buckle, too!!
And most likely hear from one of the critters about how hot the weather has become!


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful morning. I enjoy your blog so much.

  2. Beautiful photos today of your lovely flowers. I really like your pink bike, but recently I saw a blogger's photo of her new bike and it was orange! Wow! I think that's the one I would choose, at least this season:-)

    I am always in awe of your gardens and especially all the beautiful vegetables.

  3. Hello Bev! Sure love how cute your jeans turned out! You are always sure a busy bee! Love how your summer gardens look and that cute bike! The farm is so beautiful! You and your husband have worked so hard a nd it shows. Hugs, Maryjane

  4. What beautiful photos! I am not a morning person, but I am trying to get up earlier so I can enjoy the gardens more each day.

  5. Love the gorgeous pictures of all your flowers! Everything is so stunning! Great harvest!

  6. You are the "Bee Haven Fairy"..just flying around the farm spreading fairy dust..Beautiful colors..
    Love, love love the jeans..I remember when we were in Las Vegas there was a Disney store that sold jeans (old) like that with the Disney characters appliqued on the legs just like that..I just threw mine out..Too short now!!! Enjoy your day..

  7. I love my visit to the farm on bicycle. What gorgeous color! Please tell me where you got the basket on the back of your bike. I've been looking for one Jazi could ride in. Hugs this morning!

  8. Isn't it great to see everything so lush and vibrant with colour. Loving every minute!! Your farm is just "alive" and how wonderful it that.
    We are starting our hay cutting today so praying it stays sunny. The warm part is not a problem..heat wave again.
    Enjoy the day!

  9. How fun! I have a pink beach cruiser with white basket too!!! Great harvest for dinner! I wish I had asparagus in my garden. Next year.
    We had a volunteer blackberry pop up in the grove, and we began to tend to it, and now have a lovely blackberry patch!!!
    I have a pair of jeans just begging for a little lovin' like that too!!!
    Happy Day.

  10. You must have fabulous soil on your property! What gorgeous veggies and flowers! I always love reading your blog and dreaming that one day my red Georgia clay which has been amended within an inch of it's life will produce things that look like that LOLOLOL

  11. Fantastic photos of your gardens . I do love your pink bike ! Wonderful post . Sun rise and sunset is the best light to photograph by ! Thanks for taking us with you on such a lovey bike ride . Have a great day !


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