Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Turkey Troubles

It seems our turkeys are the topic of discussion this week.
Yesterday's post told the story of our unsuccessful attempt at hatching turkey eggs.
Today's post could end with either a happy or a sad ending also.

It seems our female Bourbon Red turkey, Edith, has gone missing.
For the past 3 nights, Edith has not returned home to her house at dusk,
nor has she been visible during the day.

Tom and Chuck are quite lost without her.

They follow me around the farm looking quite helpless.

This happened last Spring....
and we eventually found Edith sitting on a nest.
Last year we confiscated the eggs.

This year, if in fact she is somewhere on a nest,
we have decided to let her alone and let her hatch out her babies.

Tom, Chuck, and I combed the woods yesterday looking for her.
We were unsuccessful.
And if Tom and Chuck know where she is, they aren't talking! (literally!)

Hopefully she has not been the victim of any "fowl" play...
and hopefully she will emerge in a few weeks with little ones in tow!
Wouldn't that be fun?

Baby Edith, 2010
For now, I will keep hoping for her safe return!


  1. Oh, that is sad news, but hopefully she is happily sitting on a nest somewhere safe. I feel for you and your "boys". How sweet that they looked for her with you. Last year I thought one of my hens had disappeared, but it turned out that she had gone broody, and when I found her I moved her somewhere safe (my daughter's cubby!)
    Good luck!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. I hope she returns with many young ones for you all to love.

  3. As we all hope for a safe return. But I also know you are worried for her safety. We will just all keep our figures crossed and say a little prayer for a sweet turkey named Edith.

  4. I hope you find her. She might need an implanted GPS for next year.

  5. Cute post...I'm keeping my fingers crossed Edith is busy becoming a mommy!!!!

  6. I'm very sad and fearful for Edith..let's hope it's all for naught.

  7. I do hope she is safe and comes home with a brude ! Loved your photos , have a good day !

  8. Crossing my fingers for Edith's safe return home, and hopefully, with babies!!!

  9. Oh, I pray that Edith is OK. If you do find her safe and sound, you will need to give her a swift lecture about leaving home and not letting anyone know that she was leaving! I am sorry that the boys are so distraught!

  10. i pray Edith returns with a full 'Rafter' in tow!
    Those Toms need something better to do than Mopin' around;p

  11. I hope your sweet Edith comes home soon....
    We have lots of rain, shall I send some of it your way? :>)

  12. Keeping only happy thoughts that Edith will return with or without little ones.

  13. Oh Bev that's too bad Edith disappeared again this year...how can you not worry. I bet you're right though...and she's 'setting' on her clutch of eggs in the woods somewhere and will show up one day with her little ones following behind her. The poor boys in the meantime! :(


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