Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day!

Up until now, I have been avoiding putting the new donkey girls 
out in the same pasture with the horses.
Yesterday, being the start of a new month (May Day!),
I decided it was time that all of the equines got to know each other.

So, I opened the gate to the front pasture and let the horses out.

Of course they got right down to eating!

Then I opened the donkeys' gate to the front pasture also.

Normally, the girls love to go out,
but this time they were a bit tentative....



keeping their hind legs in their own paddock... just in case!

Eventually, they relaxed and wandered around the pasture...
always together (strength in numbers).

Except for one game of chase (initiated by Donnie Brasco),
all was quiet and uneventful
(just the way we like it!)

Even coming back in for breakfast was uneventful.

They all went out again later in the day for a couple of hours...
once again...

In honor of May Day, I did a bit of gardening.

I added Gerbera daisies and holly hocks to this garden box.
By the time summer gets here, this window should be filled with blooms!

You might remember a couple of months ago,
when Edith decimated last year's fairy garden....

I decided to move the fairy garden into the greenhouse,

and spent yesterday reconstructing it. 

Here it is safe from chickens, cats and turkeys.
And since it is out of the weather, it should make it through next winter, also.

It seems a wee gnome moved into the fairy's house.
I suppose having a giant turkey lay 3 eggs in your front yard is enough to scare off the fairies!

Since moving the fairy garden, the side of the garden shed needed a splash of color.

So, I installed these pot holders and hung some begonias.

Inside the greenhouse I made a potting station.

This old wash tub ($9 at an antique market) holds my potting soil
and gives me a place to pot plants that keeps the soil contained.

And last, but not least, Edith remains missing.
I am keeping my hopes up that she is sitting on her brood.
Time will tell....


  1. Those turkeys have a way of hiding, even for all their size! I'm hoping she shows with a brood of her own. And that Fairy Garden idea is so cute, I'm afraid I should try to do one. You have a very creative touch with your outside decorating and your garden shed sure doesn't look like my shed! Really nice!

  2. I LOVE your fairy garden and I remember when Edith claimed it. Why can't I find an old washtub for $9...add $20 to that and it was the best I could find.

  3. The fairy garden is just adorable and I love all the pretty flowers you planted. It really looks beautiful Bev!

  4. I love the fairy garden, you did a great job on it! I'm also loving the birdhouse design hanging on the shed, I've got some old wood lying around, that's my next project!

  5. What a wonderful fairy garden! I have mine in a wheelbarrow, but don't have a house yet. Did you make yours? I've seen some online, but they can get kind of pricey.
    Have a great day with your animals and garden!

  6. It's always so nice for the humans when all the animals get along.

    Love the newly reconstructed Fairy Garden and a great idea to keep it in the greenhouse.

    Love that old washtub too. Great use for it.

    Crossing my fingers that Edith is OK.

  7. Oh,my, your garden is blooming already! It is going to look fantastic this summer. My tulips are up but not blooming yet..rain again today, after two windy days. Ugh! And I am going camping this weekend!

    I hope all is well with the turkey.

  8. Awesome photos ! I Love Gerbera daisy's I love Daisy's of all kinds really. What is the name of the flowers in the hanging basket inside the green house with the yellow & orange flowers ! Love your fairy gardens ! Have a great day !

  9. I love the little pockets of pretty things you have spaced here and there. The blue door is beautiful! (And I'm getting a little concerned about Edith for you--hope she makes it home safe!)

  10. I think she's setting...just to keep you worrying for the next, what 28 or so days? ;-)

  11. Your flowers look wonderful..looks like you'll be doing a lot of watering..Glad all the equines got along...Hope you soon have some fairies visiting your fairy garden...

  12. I love your idea with the window at the side of your planting bed. Can you tell me how you fastened it? Is it fastened to the garden bed itself? Or did you add stakes to the bottom and push them into the ground to hold it upright? I have veggie beds in my front yard right next to the house but they aren't getting enough sun. And next year thought I've convert to flower beds and that would be so cool to have windows at the back of each!

  13. Cute furry donkeys. Love the fairy garden. I have one too! I made my own gnomes with Sculpey clay. One day I'll do a post on them. I hope Edith shows up. Have a great day.

  14. When our turkeys were young, they liked to perch on our trucks. Not good. Somehow, they managed to outgrow that! Hope you find Edith.

  15. I can't help but be a little concerned for Edith's well being. I hope nothing bad has happened to her. Hope she shows up soon.

  16. I love your fairy garden!

    Sure hope Edith comes home soon!

  17. I just love your donkey girls and horses... Looks like they will do just fine with each other.. My, what a beautiful place you have. Your garden is so beautiful, and the FAIRY garden! Love it.. Sure hope Edith shows up soon..
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Blessings, Penny


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