Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Countdown Begins

"May I have your attention please?" says Rod Stewart, our wacky Polish crested Roo.
"I have an announcement."

"This Friday is Sissy and Sally's (our pregnant fainting goats) due date!"

These two best friends are both big as barns !

Becky has them monitored by video surveillance,
so we will know as soon as they begin labor.
Hopefully Monday's post will be filled with baby goat pictures...
as well as mini donkey pictures.

For those of you who missed the post about these gals...
this is Morning Glory...

And this is Daphne.

These two little girls are miniature Mediterranean donkeys,
also known as Sicilian donkeys.
No, they are not coming from Sicily....although all of their ancestors came from 
Sicily or Sardinia.
These gals are coming from Shadow Cross Mini Ranch in northern PA.

They are the sweetest, friendliest little gals ever.
They are both just 9 months old.... born on the same day,
and are best friends.

Their size upon maturity will be 32 - 36 inches tall...
about the size of Ollie and Red.
(the smallest fellows in this picture)

I am told by those who have them (and I have read this, too)
that with lots of love and handling, these gals will be very sweet and loving
additions to our farm family.

You can bet that during the early weeks of their life here,
Sam will be wearing his shock collar 24/7.
There will be no donkey chasing!
You got that, Sam?

PS....Happy First of March!!
Spring is right around the corner.
And March is birthday month around the farm!


  1. So much excitement. Baby goats and mini donkeys. We are having a snow storm today in Massachusetts so its not very springy today.

  2. I used to be an equestrian therapist and used 3 mini donkeys as part of the program. And let me just say that it may be Sam that is in for a surprise. Donkeys do not care for intruders in their pasture and will chase off just about anything they do not like. But it is true they can be very gentle when needed. My equestrian program was for the severely mentally handicapped so the donkeys really put up with a lot of harsh stimuli , yet were very sweet to the patients. But they still would chase off our very kind therapy dog if she wondered in the pasture. They are really fun animals.

  3. From what I understand, donkeys are often used as guard animals for sheep and goats to protect them from predator canine species. You may not need that shock collar as these girls may take care of Sam themselves!

    They are cute, love those long ears.

    Paradise Farmgirl

  4. I can't wait for your babies to get here!

  5. Sam will learn, with time, that donkeys love to buck and kick while they're running and playing. It takes a quick dog to stay away from that. My Aussie is quick but only plays with them on the other side of the fence.
    I love the photo of him having a staredown with your mini. Who won?

  6. How many things about to change! Can't wait to see it all...thanks for sharing your adorable farm family.

  7. Oh lots of exciting stuff going on there week there ! What with the minis ariveing soon and the girls having kids I cant wait ! Love the names of the minies soo cute ! Great photos and post ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. Yup..March is certainly birthday month..I'm sending 11 cards...then there are the goats... and a big welcome to the mini's..Lot's going on at the farm...Hope all goes well with the goats...

  9. We had our first kids last Monday. I love kidding season! Hope things go well.

  10. fell in love with Daphne sweet face... Do these donkeys have a brown cross on their back? if so I think they are thought of being

    Annie v.the donkeys in the Nativity scene.


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