Friday, October 28, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

If you have ever owned/loved a horse you will understand what I am going to say. 

Horses bring out the best in you,
horses can bring out the worst in you!

We love our horses,
and so we care for them...
day in and day out,
several times each day,
no matter what the weather,
no matter how we feel.

We hay them.
We grain them.
We keep their water fresh.
We keep their bedding clean and dry.
We clean up their manure.
We groom them, clip them, bathe them,
keep their sheaths clean.
We pay vet bills.
We pay farrier bills.
We drop money on horse care items without even batting an eyelash.
We take them out to graze,
and round them up again.
We love our matter what.

And in return.....
they teach us patience, perseverance, humility.
We become better people when we spend time with our horses.
Most of the time.

And then there are the other times,
when our horses can elicit a string of profanity from our mouths that would make
our mothers blush!
It is at these times, when our worst side shows.

Unfortunately, my worst side emerged yesterday.

You see, Moonbeam, my haflinger has a hoof abscess.
I have been soaking and dressing his draining hoof this week.
The good news is... 
he is getting much better.

The bad news is...
I am pretty sure he broke at least one of my ribs yesterday while changing his dressing.

During his dressing change,
he started to crowd me in the aisle.
I turned my side to him and pushed, attempting to push him back into the middle.
He pushed back, and moved forward,
pinning me to the stall wall with his 1500 pounds.

It all happened in a split second.
I felt the crush.
I herd the pop in my chest.
The pain ensued.
(An all too familiar pain.)
And yes, I cussed a blue streak!
(And landed a girly punch right on Moonbeam's side.)

He meant no malice.
He didn't think.
He is quite often oblivious to his massive size.
He did to me what he would have done to another in his herd.

My feelings were hurt,
not to mention my chest.
Eventually, though, rational thinking prevailed
and I realized that for the most part
our horses consider us just one of the herd
and treat us like they would each other.

I suppose that is all we can really hope for....
to be one of the herd.
After all, our horses do not love us in the same way our dogs love us.
Do they?
The affection our dogs give to us without asking for anything in return,
might just be a little much to ask of our horses.

And so, we continue to love and care for our horses,
through the bites, the kicks, the stepped-on-toes,
the bruises, the fractures...
all the while knowing that the love we hope our horses feel for us,
is something quite different.

And yet, it's enough.

Don't worry, these types of occurrences are rare.
Our horses are usually quite pleasant and cooperative.
Moonbeam is moody right now.
His foot hurts.
He'll get back on track.

And so, as you read this, I am driving my sore ribs to West Virginia to pick up
Ginger and MaryAnn
our two little Kunekune piglets.
And no, in answer to a question I keep receiving,
we will not be eating them.
They will become part of our farm family.
And I will have lots of pictures for you on Monday!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sorry about your ribs. My sister had horses and I remember they were a lot of work. How lucky you are to meet Amy and also getting two of her pretty little pigs. Hope your ribs heal fast!

  2. Oh ouchie. Hope you are doing okay today. I'm sure he meant you no harm, just doesn't realize his size or strength or your lack thereof.

    Get healed soon!

  3. Yikes, I'm sorry about your ribs. Hopefully everything will heal quickly. Can't wait to see pictures of the little piggies...

  4. Ouch! After raising 12 foals and having so many horses, it's important to be that alpha and command respect. But you're right, when they are injured or sick and in pain or frustrated, their actions can reflect it. I have no doubt they love us, but they are mostly looking for more hay or treats:-)
    Cannot WAIT to see pictures of the piggies.

  5. I cannot imagine a 7 hour drive with broken ribs!
    I'm so glad Moonbeam meant no malice--not a kick. Leaning is just naughty, not mean.
    I hope you are able to find some comfort in the cutie-cutie pigs (my name for that breed).
    Safe travels!!

  6. I am sorry that your horse injured you. No doubt he was only responding as he would to the other horses in his herd...They do not realize that we do not weigh 1500 lbs and a light kick/push can break our bones.

    Feel better soon.


  7. poor dear...I understand how painful that can be...maybe you should see a Dr....ha, ha! With all the love and attention, you would think Moonbeam would be more appreciative...but he still loves you..he is just grumpy.
    Can't wait to see your little babies!

  8. As you know, ribs are painful and take a while healing. So sorry that you got caught in the middle. Big oaf didn't realize that he could hurt you so easily. Looking forward to seeing the piggies.

  9. Oh, that must hurt a lot! So sorry! And yes, it hurts your feelings too.
    Hope the trip to get Ginger and MaryAnn goes well and doesn't hurt your ribs. Can't wait to see them.

  10. I hope that you're feeling better soon. (I don't know how long ribs take to heal!) But I'm sure the anticipation of getting your little pis helps!

  11. Can't wait to see the piglets at your farm, being loved and cared for. So sorry for your pain!

  12. The mini's make our lives so easy don't Those heavy legs on the draft sure are a chore to dress. I had a clyd that used to get abcesses all the is just plain hard work!!! Hope you feel better soon. Not fun being that sore!!! Have you seen the new tape with all the could have a great time dressing Moonbeam up with some fancy tape on that
    Looking forward to the pictures.
    Your post hit the nail on the head on our love of horses..thanks!!!

    Judi B.

  13. I hope your injury isnt to bad I have been there with my horse when I was younger. I miss having horses even though it can be a mixed bag of events with them. Take it easy and hope you and Moonbeem recover fast and arent to sore OOOOO I know how it feels really I do OUCH ! Not the hoof , mind you lol I know what that feels like when kicked though. Beautiful photos.

  14. I hope you're doing OK and that the pain isn't too terrible!

    I can't wait to see the pigs!

  15. I hope ypu and your ribs, Ginger, Maryanne and Amanda all made it back safe and sound...I know Moonbeam feels really badly about hurting you..As Mollie doesn't know how little she is, he doesn't know how big he is..Stay safe...

  16. Ouch, hope you feel better soon. I have minis and drafts and seem to get hurt with the minis. I have been dragged, knocked down and trampled during vet visits with the little guys who hate their spring shots. My percherons stand like gentlemen and don't move a muscle.
    Heather in PA

  17. I do hope your ribs get better! And so does that hoof!

  18. We've had cracked ribs from horse injuries, so hope you are really OKAY. We've had an abscess going on too on the thoroughbred which had to be taken care (to say it nicely) yesterday. Very powerful, these horses, and like you said, in an instant they can swing around and do some serious damage. Good luck with the abscess and your own pains. I feel for you!

  19. Sorry to hear about your ribs. Yes they can sometimes make folks have great potty mouths...mine included! Be careful with your ribs.

  20. OH Bev...your poor ribs! Yes you are SO RIGHT when it comes to our feelings about our horses. My little Arabian was a sweet boy and acted like a big pup and for the most part other than being a 'goof' he was a good boy. But I've had my toes stepped bucked off because he saw a wave in the water in front of us as we were walking through it and it scared pinched between the fence and him and so on. But still we love them. Poor Moonbeam...I hope his hoof heals fast so you and he can get back on track together. Most of all...poor you having to drive all the way to Amy's with broken ribs!!! I hope the trip goes well for you. I'll be watching for your post on the new piggies...can't wait!! Maura :@)

  21. First, feel better soon! That has to be so very painful.

    Second, I LOVE horses! Whenever my mother and I vacation at Disney World, we always make sure to visit the horses at Fort Wilderness. (Mom swears they remember her, no matter how many years it's been Lol!) They're such sweet, beautiful creatures.


  22. ooooh hate when that happens. Hope you're feeling better soon, and the abcess clears quickly. The repetitive soaking becomes tiresome, especially as the temps go down. Ugh.

  23. Ouch! So sorry about your rib! Can't way to see the piglet pictures!


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