Friday, September 16, 2011

The Big Decision

After much discussion,
Hubbs and I have come to a decision.

The question was...
"To pig or not to Pig"

The answer is....
Two Pig(s)

Your comments were all unanimously "YES!"

this little brown and white sweetheart...

and this little black and white cutie pie....

are coming to live on the farm at the end of October.

I will have to drive to West Virginia to pick them up.
Road Trip!!!
I am so excited.
And I promise to take you all along with me for the adventure.
Stay tuned!

Oh and that reminds me....
we need to find names for them.

Petunia and Poppy
Laverne and Shirley
Lucy and Ethel

Do you have any ideas?
Perhaps we need to have a contest!
What do you think?


  1. Oh my goodness...adorable! My mom gave me a pot bellied pig the middle of October 2007. His name was Squiggy. 8 lbs of pure cuteness!! He passed away on us February of this year, so this post brought up alot of great memories. I loved that pigger so much.

    I cant wait to follow the piggy-process! :-) Good luck!

  2. you are killin' me! Those pigs are adorable!! I vote for Lucy and Ethel. Let the games begin!

  3. CA-UTE!!! Oh...I just want to smooch 'em!

    How about Thelma and Louise?


  4. I believe I could actually kiss those two! They are adorable, could you swing down to GA so I could catch a smooch! My vote is for Laverne and Shirley. Schlemiel! Schlimazel!

  5. Impossibly cute!! Congratulations!
    Maybe wait until you meet them and ask them their names. I know it sounds silly, but it seems to work at our house. :)

  6. OMGosh...they are soooo cute!!! Can't wait for the end of October...I can't believe I said that!

  7. Or Holly and Molly or Charlotte and Wilber from the book and movie Charlotte's Web. OMG they are soo cute I would love to have little piggy's . Glad to hear Hubbs agreed and they are comming to live on your wonderful farm !

  8. Oh Oh Oh!!!!! TOO CUTE!!! I love little piggies.

  9. OH my GOODNESS. I so would like a little pig. Terribly-terribly excited for you!

  10. Oh Bev, we are SO HAPPY that these little babies are coming to live at Bee Haven Acres!! I told farmer--they will have such a great home there. The two you picked are so sweet--you will be in love! Can't wait to see you here at Verde Farm! As soon as you know the names--we will start to use them with the piggies. I am loving Lucy and Ethel!! :)

  11. Gushing over your cute pigs!!!

  12. There are too many great names ---
    My 3rd graders helped me with a few of these!!
    Anelina & JoLee
    Itsy & Bitsy
    Lavern & Shirley (this one shows my age)
    Mary-Kate & Ashley
    Peanutbutter & Jelly
    Pip & Squeek
    Pippy & Squeeky
    Pooh & Piglet
    *Piglet & Porkchops
    *(my students liked this one best)

  13. I knew it!!!! Where in West Virginia??? Maybe I could go with you???

  14. Oh my, how cute. They are just too hard to resist not taking home.
    If only they would stay that small.
    I think a name contest would be fun.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Country at heart

  15. These piglets are over the top adorable. Love, love it.

    Would you be interested in sharing your favorite piglet photo with me? I would love to host one of your photos for my Wordless Wednesday post. the credit for the photo would be given to you-and a link back to your blog. If you are interested, let me know.

  16. One should be Polka Dot and the other Lolly Pop.

  17. Oh my gosh, they are adorable!!! I can't wait to see more pictures of them after you get them home!! I hope you will stop by my blog again soon! (Did you see my post about piggies?)

  18. PS- Yes, we did make "sit-upons"! So did my daughter!

  19. Adorable! What breed are they? Will they grow up to be bacon???

    A contest would definitely be fun! I'll be thinking of two names...

  20. Wait... are these KuneKune pigs and their mother is named PANSY?

  21. i like pams suggestion of Thelma and Louise. i also like Olivia and Pippa . those are piggy cartoon character my little ones watch on t.v lol


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