Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Shoes

For most women, the thought of new shoes conjures up images of

or this....

For me, "new shoes" usually means this....

One of Sammy's favorite days is when the farrier comes to shoe Moonbeam.
Sammy cautiously waits...

And just at the right moment,
moves in to grab the most wonderful delicacy....

Yummy horse hoof trimmings make the best treat!

Chewy, smelly goodness, only a dog could love.

What goes better after a mid afternoon snack than a nap?

Scarlet, my 2 year old pony is quite well behaved for the farrier.
It didn't used to be that way, however.
Last time she spent more time on her back two legs
than on all four.....naughty pony.
This time...the perfect little lady.

"Hey, what's happening?"
Red comes in to the barn to see what everyone is up to.
Red and Ollie have their hooves trimmed quite frequently.
I do them myself and find if I rasp (file) their hooves every few weeks,
they never need more than that.

I am always impressed by how the horses use their tails to swat flies.
Wish I had the same control with my own pony tail!

By the end of yesterday, all hooves were trimmed,
all bridal paths were clipped,
and everyone was brushed.
Sadly, they look great for about 10 minutes,
then everyone rolls in the dirt or worse!

I thought we could play a little guessing game today.
Can you guess what this is?

Is it a juicy red raspberry????


It's a rooster comb!  
On a very handsome rooster, I might add.

How about this?
Can you guess what it is?

Very strange indeed!
It is the ear of a turkey.

Have you ever heard someone say....

"Don't ruffle my feathers!"

Well, if their feathers were ruffled,
they would look like this.....

So, go ahead and ruffle my feathers,
 I kind of like the look....
almost as good as a new pair of shoes!


  1. Cute post Bev! So that's what a turkey's ear looks like...I never would have guessed. LOL!

  2. Oh Sammie, yuck, yuck, yuck!

  3. Yep, the kids always got new shoes before Mom did! Ha! Thanks for the cute, 'what is it's'...I was wondering if those little holes on the chicken were their ears!

  4. Very cute post. Our dogs LOVE it when the farrier comes too.

  5. Cute post...I knew the one wasn't raspberries but couldn't figure out what it was....Everyone in the barn are all spiffed up....

  6. Love your guessing game! I must say, my chickens like it when I trim goat hooves, they are right there to get any little bit they can reach.

  7. I remember those days of hoof trimming. I feel for the poor guys back though! Love your guessing photo's...I got the first one but the second one had me stumped. Loved the ruffled feathers oh and hey...I loved your shoe too! Stay cool...
    Maura :)

  8. You got the farrier's good side:-))

    Are you having difficulty keeping the animals cool in this heat?


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