Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catching a Bear....

It seemed so easy.
Fill it with donuts and he will come.
That's what the game warden said when he placed the trap in the yard.

Once again we woke to find the trap door closed.

Did we do it?
Did we finally catch that pesky bear?
Surely the other animals can read,
that this trap is for a bear and not for them!
maybe the bear can read, too.
In which case, he will most obviously never enter this contraption....
after all... it is a trap.
It says so right on the side!

Well, most of us agreed that last week's raccoon, while potentially viscious,
was awfully cute.
But, this guy, that we caught this time is not so cute!
Not cute at all.....

No, this guy is the stuff that nightmares are made of!
Goodness, is he ugly, or what?
(Oh, and he ate the rest of Tyler's birthday cake!....and it was a lot of cake.)

Well, that trap is now full of new jelly donuts.
We are going to catch ourselves a bear next time,
I just know it!


  1. yikes! what IS it? you're awfully brave getting close enough to take a picture ... he looks like he'd bite you in a heart beat!

  2. He is sooooo ugly. Not even a mother could love THAT face!


  3. At least you captured the true nature of this beast. Most people think they are "harmless." Ha! Those of us who have gotten too close know the truth.

  4. He's not a bear, but I say good ridance!

  5. At least possums aren't as likely to carry rabies as the raccoon. My sister had a young possum live on her porch with the cats a couple of years ago when the weather was horrible. It would hiss at everyone but her. Maybe the third time will be a charm!

  6. Ugh...is that a badger? You are way to close to him!

  7. He sure is ugly! And mean. When my kids were young they found a baby possum in the barn and brought it into the house in a bucket to show me. It was kind of cute, well not really!

  8. How do such small animals trip the trap? I figured it was based on weight or something.
    Wonder what that opossum has growing on the tip of it's nose?

  9. Besides not liking Racoons, I dislike opossums even more! I've have a long story with one. Let's just say kitchen cupboard and dog door. I still get shivers. I sure hope you catch your bear soon and so they can relocate him. If not you will have some very fat other animals running around the neighborhood.

  10. Live road kill !!!..Good job..maybe next time it will be Mr. Bear..

  11. Yes, I agree, that is one ugly critter! And they are vicious too! I think I'd be more scared of that thing than the bear! What are you doing with these other wild unwanted critters?

  12. When we catch a critter in the trap, we open the doors and let them leave. I don't want to get close enough to do anything but that! Oh, and by the way, the game commission came and took the trap just a bit ago....they said someone else needed the trap. So, I guess we will never catch that bear!

  13. Oh Bev..this is almost better than the bear. I have a friend with a horse that got possum disease..what a heart break!! I am so glad you got it and it can be on its way out of your barn area.
    NEXT the bear..for sure..right??!!! Good luck.
    LOVE the pictures of the house..and what a breakfast. Wish I was there to enjoy.
    Hope the weather stays nice for you..Judi

  14. We have opposums here. They are so ugly. Maybe, the bear has been trapped in one of those traps before. It is a smart bear for sure.

  15. He just wanted that cake, thats's all. I think you feed'em too good. Good luck with big bear. Deb

  16. Wow! That is certainly one ticked off and frightened opossum!


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