Friday, April 23, 2010


Have you seen this chicken?
Babs McCluck was last seen heading out of the
henhouse around 3 PM the other afternoon.
It was an afternoon like any other.
She pecked around in the grass,
explored the edge of the wood...
and then she was gone...
without a trace.

AWOL...she never returned to the henhouse that night.
Although I am writing this with a touch of humor,
you must understand that I am truly saddened.
Babs was my favorite chicken...
She wasn't really a chicken,
but a kindred spirit in the body of a bird.
We had a connection.
We talked, we cackled, we bonded.

No more.
Babs is gone.
The henhouse will never be the same.


On another note, 
let's discuss Hank.
Hank the "*#@**!!"
Yesterday morning I had to sequester Hank.
In the guinea pen.

He is a menace...
a flogging menace.
I am scared silly.
See that menacing look in his eye?
It's the stuff of nightmares.

Hubbs says no chicken soup for Hank.
He wants to try rehabilitation...
behavior modification.
Bad behavior will have consequences...
negative reinforcement.


the Super Soaker!

Look out's war!


  1. Oh no, I can't believe Babs went missing. That is so sad, I loved your post about her. You think there is any chance she'll show up again?
    Good luck with the super soaker, lets hope Hank learns his lesson.

  2. Sorry about Babs, what a bummer! It's war Hank, you'd better run for cover!

  3. I hope Babs shows up! Sorry... and Hank better watch out.. Seems like the war has begun! Let me know if it works cuz I have a rooster myself that I'm in constant battle with...

  4. Oh Bev, I'm so sorry about Babs..hopefully he will show up!


    P.S. love the soaker...he he! Hubs looks great as a dressed up go hubs..he he!

  5. Love your blog and have been lurking. Had to finally leave a comment. I'm so sorry about Babs. My dear Annabelle, an Easter Egger mix, left me early spring and I miss her and her blue eggs so much. After reading bout your trials with guineas and now a budding eventer/foxhunter I see we have a lot in common. Our farm breeds and trains eventers and hunters in central MD. We're preparing to get bees next! I'll study up here. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Its that mid-life thing for Babs- poor thing!!! She hopped in a sports car and rode of into the sunset!!! It was the hair- she thought she was back in the 70's and she just went wild!!!!

  7. so sorry about Babs...why couldn't it have been Hank??? Hubs loves a challenge...good luck with that one!!!

  8. Poor Babs.

    I'm thinking, now I am just saying this becuase it would be so be true in our house--I think Hubbs just wanted an excuse to buy a super soaker, bad Hank or not. Check the joy in his eyes when he uses it-then you'll know.


  9. Oh, poor Babs! She was so cute. I bet you wish Hank "disappeared" and not Babs. Hank does have an evil eye.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  10. I hope Babs comes back I was really wanting to see her when we finally get up to see the farm. I told Charlie about her and he couldn't believe a chicken was like that. Good luck to you and Jack with the rehabilitation of the terrible Hank.


  11. Oh Bev, so sorry to hear that Babs is missing. Let's hope she will show back up....maybe just maybe she has a nest and is sitting somewhere.


  12. NOOOOOO she can't be gone. :( She is truly adorable and must come home... Maybe she has a nest somewhere??? Here is hoping she comes back. And if not then I hope she has found another place just as lovely as yours.

    Cheers Damaris

  13. awe!, I am so sorry to hear about Bab's...
    As for Hank the tyronnorooster....Super Soakers are an awesome behavior modification tool!

    Tell Jack, Have a Blast! hahaha! did I say that? lol!

  14. Oh hon, you know I feel your pain. Perhaps Babs and Helen are having a good cackle right now, swapping stories about us. I hope the aqua therapy sets Hank straight. I had a rooster that flogged me silly every time I went to the coop. A broom worked wonders after about six times......


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