Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Windows of The Soul

I need to take more time with my "good" camera.

When I do, I take pictures like this....... Photobucket

and this....(laughing)
But seriously, I have this thing for eyes....

windows of the soul.

It is hard to look deeply into their eyes and not be stirred

by the soul looking back at you.

If you have animals, you will understand what I mean.

Sometimes I think that the only difference between them and us is

the ability to speak.

And, if they could speak, what would they say?


  1. I think if your animals could speak, they would thank you for taking such wonderful care of them. Did you get my email thanking you profusely for the apron and rags? I blogged about it are so generous.

  2. I think along similar lines. I think we undervalue the intelligence of our animals based on the fact that they do not speak as we speak. They have a different type of intelligence and different types of communication. And I think they have souls as well!

  3. Those blue eyes are just amazing... Your animals are very lucky to have you, you always take such great care of them.

  4. Oh my...your animals don't speak? I thought everyone's my word verification was cheap...too fitting..

  5. sometimes when she's standing in front of me doing that little "woof" thing that she does, I would love it if she could talk..otherwise I like it the way it is

  6. They don't speak? Dash speaks to me all the time, 'Mommie, I want a cookie, Mommie, I want to play ball, Mommie, I want to go potty.....he is always talking to me, I can't get a word in edgewise! lol The photo is FABULOUS, yes, you need to spend more time taking pics like that! Have a great photo taking day!

  7. The close up photo is absolutely brilliant! Love it!

  8. What great pictures!! I had a dog that used to think she could actually talk. She was so funny and a blast to watch. Love your new camera and what you do with it!! XXOO


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