Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday's Addendum

Yesterday's snow was mostly mixed with rain and so we had no accumulation....just slop. This morning, though, it has started to snow again.....and here is what it looks like from our upstairs loft library...
I think I will stay in the loft (that is also where my sewing room is located) today and watch the snow fall. It is the warmest area of the house. Because the living room has a cathedral ceiling, much of the heat from the fireplace rises to the loft.....mmmmm, toasty warm!


  1. Oh, lookie there! We are scheduled for 40% rain/snow mix tomorrow night! I think I read that these early snowfalls are breaking 100 year's worth of recordkeeping.


  2. Can I come over & play? lol!
    No snow here, yet!
    Just rain off & on.
    As for my sewing room, you think it was a disaster when you where here????you should see it now! lol!
    Creative minds are often very messy!!

  3. Oh such a pretty veiw.No snow yet in my part of WV.I think your mantel is just beautifu l decorated for fall.I love the cats there adorable and the horses too.Hugs,Jen


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