Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Bobby

Please welcome the newest member of the Bee Haven Acres Barn Kitty team......Bobby. This handsome guy came to us today after a phone call from Doctor Becky. It seems one of her clients was elderly and had this cat who was just a little too playful for her. Bobby kept getting under her feet and tripping her, and with Parkinson's syndrome, she was a bit too unsteady to dance around a playful kittie. So, Becky called explaining that Bobby was a very sweet cat who was destined for the Humane Society, and would I like to adopt him? Oh, how could I say no. So I talked with Tom Tom and Ella Bella and they both said that they would give him a chance to join the ranks.
Here he is on arrival...
Introductions to Ella and TomTom went smoothly...no hissing, no hair standing on end. We shall see how things develop over the next few days.

Bobby is quite a large cat...and he is just about a year old. He looks as though he may have some Maine Coon cat in him, with a very thick and furry tail. He wears a white sock on each of his paws, so maybe the name Bobby is short for Bobby Socks!


  1. Beautiful cat, hope everything goes well in the next couple of days.

  2. Oh, he's handsome. Must be the Maine in him.


  3. How will you introduce Bobby to the group? Will he be kept indoors for a few weeks? Are the cats all barn cats? Maybe Bobby will be more interested in mousing.

  4. I would have taken him..I'd love to have another cat...I think my vet said not to get an adult with Max..any cat would have it's paws full coming in to this house

  5. aww he is sweet! I was thinking he had Maine Coon in him. He looks so furry and soft. His face is very similar to my Maine Coon (mine just turned 11 yrs old last week. :) ) Hope Bobby settles in well!

  6. Bobby doesn't have the Maine Coon ruff around his neck..does he talk?? How's he doing???

  7. How fun. I love a cat with Maine coon in it. I had a Maine Coon for 18 years and she had a son who lived to be 16. Oh I loved those 2, so furry, I especially love the toe tufts...you are one lucky girl.


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