Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cuteness Overload

If it is possible to overdose on cuteness,
then that is exactly what I've done!

I am surrounded by babies!

Yesterday morning at 6:15 I picked up 29 chicks at the Post Office.

A whole box load of fluffy assorted chicklets...
too cute for words!

Everyone made the journey successfully...
arriving seemingly healthy.

A breakfast of Quik-Grow gel, chick starter, and vitamin water helped to get them off to a good start.

They will spend the next several weeks under the brooder lights for warmth.

Later in the morning the van arrived carrying Grace, Faith and Hope.

They were introduced to their new stall (temporary)
where breakfast was awaiting them.



"What hay?"

The species doesn't matter...children are universally the same!

Faith quickly learned that it takes a lot less effort to just lay on top of breakfast.

By the end of the afternoon, everyone was ready for a nap!

The turkeys were quite curious about the new arrivals!
(As were the dogs.)

As was Moonbeam....

"I am so over all of this cuteness!"

"My bags are packed....I'm hittin' the open road."

(Hens hate sharing the limelight!)

Monday, April 20, 2015

Today's The Day!

It's here...
it's finally here!
The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived!
The lambs and their Mama arrive at 10:30 AM today!
And by 6:00 AM, I should have received a phone call from the local Post Office
that my 40+ chicks have arrived as well.

Oh, happy day!

Now, if only my camera had the ability to take photos of the future, 
I could share the lambs arrival with you today.
As it is, that will have to wait for tomorrow's post.
But, what a post it will be....
babies, babies, babies!

We spent our weekend working on the spring chore list.
Amongst the items crossed off the list are:
clean basement front porch and paint wicker furniture
get the brooder house ready for chicks 
install a steering wheel on the pirate ship 
put the pile of accumulated tree limbs through the wood chipper 
(...until the tractor stopped working)
clean out the garden shed 
weed garden
plant more spring veggies
hammer tomato stakes into the ground in the pumpkin patch

By late afternoon on Saturday, Hubbs and I were spent.
We took a quick breather on the front porch and propped up our feet.

It's always great to sit on the porch and listen to the birds...

watching the bird feeders and the trees for activity.

And there was lots of activity.

Sunday was a continuation of Saturday with the addition of ballroom dance lessons 
for the bride-to-be and her dad...

and the groom (on left)

Everyone learned their steps and will use the next two months to practice.

Our last activity of the weekend was a hike to the stream with the dogs.

We placed the game cameras down by the water to watch who comes for a drink.

The periwinkle by the stream is in full bloom...a carpet of green and lavender...

just lovely...as is the stream...always beautiful.

I am happy to say that the chore list is slowly getting shorter.
However, lawn mowing season has arrived here on the farm.
And that's one activity that takes many hours each week.

I'm wondering if I could knit and mow at the same time!

So....stay tuned for lots of lamb photos tomorrow...
who knows, maybe a video as well.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side

The dogs and I took a trip into the woods to retrieve game cameras yesterday.
My hopes were high that this might be the week we see a bear.
For the past several weeks we have seen so much evidence of bear in the woods...
but the woods are large and a game camera only gets a tiny portion of it...
so luck has to be on our side for us to get a photo of Mr. Bear.

As luck would have it...
we did not.

if you have grown weary of seeing whitetail deer photos...
stop right here.

If you never tire of seeing deer, you may proceed...





up close and personal....

and of course the obligatory tree-hugging squirrel...

And a blue truck passing in the distance....do you see it?

Well...this week I am moving the cameras again.
Perhaps back down by the stream to see who comes for drinks.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Today's Post is Brought to You by The Letter F!

I feel like I am back in the Sesame Street Days of my life!
today's post is definitely brought to you by the letter F!

"F" is for spring flowers...that finally have bloomed...

daffodils in the front pasture...

It's always amazing to me that the daffodils never get trampled by the horses in the front pasture.

Do you suppose that horses share our appreciation for spring's flowers?

"F" is for forsythia...

in bloom around the old log cabin...

"F" is for farrier...who paid us a visit yesterday.
He worked on everyone's hooves while I worked on cleaning up messy winter coats.

By the time we were done, everyone looked fabulous!

"F" is for fence!
The fence company arrived yesterday to build the fence around the orchard.

This area will be home for the new sheep.

The pigs could hardly wait to explore this area...

and off they went to sniff out every corner.

They investigated the houses...

which I finally finished painting yesterday.

Yummy grass grows beneath the old dead apple tree....
this is the tree that I refuse to cut down, as it gifts us with morel mushrooms around its base each spring.

I sure hope the girls aren't like truffle sniffing pigs....sniffing out and eating the morels!!

On the subject of fences...
I put the temporary fence back around the pumpkin patch yesterday as well.

This area is completely ready to plant as soon as the weather is warm enough.

Our last "F" for the day is for FRIDAY!!
Can you believe it?
Another Friday has come around again.

Tomorrow's weather prediction is perfect...sunny and highs in the mid 70's.
The spring chore list continues....

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see our Walk on the Wild Side....
where I share the week's worth of photos from the trail cameras in the woods.
Who knows....maybe that elusive bear will finally make an appearance!


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