Thursday, August 25, 2016

Random Thoughts on A Random Day

It's hard to believe that this my 2158th blog post.

I am happy that I have stuck with this for so many years.
It's just a part of my daily routine.

There are days when I have a story to share, and days filled with little moments.

At the end of every day when I sit down to write my thoughts,
I look through the day's images and am reminded of just how lucky I am to be surrounded, each day,
by so much of what I love.

Writing makes me appreciate the small moments that make up each day.
So, you see, it is as much for me as it is for you.

Having you to share this journey makes it all the sweeter, though.
The beauty of life was meant to be shared.

Love is meant to be shared.

In the past I have heard critical words about writing a blog that is filled with "sunshine and rainbows"....
that this is somehow not "realistic".

From my perspective, we are bombarded each day with the reality that is life...
to an extent beyond what we are equipped to handle.
It's no wonder there is so much depression and anger in this world.

I live a real life...with ups and downs just like anyone.
But, I choose to make this blog a force of positivity and love in a world that desperately needs it.

I wish for this place to be a brief respite from the sadness in the world.

I need a promise from you, though....

If I become boring, repetitive, etc... you will let me know
and I will retire my keyboard.

PS....Let's talk s'more tomorrow about the sunshine and rainbows!!

PS....the homes-made marshmaloooooos turned out great!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day is Done, Gone the Sun

Days are getting shorter now...
the sun setting by 8:30 each evening.
I head out to do evening chores before 8,
 stopping at the sheep pen to check their water and say goodnight.

They come to the fence hoping for treats...

and I give them each a few Ritz crackers.
Good night sweet sheep!

Next stop is the barn.
First on the list is removing fly masks.

Moonbeam always loves to play...

he's actually trying to pull me in the direction of the gate...
where Donnie waits patiently to go out in the pasture.

I get a little help with the manure pick-up.

Eventually the gate is opened, and everyone heads out into the grass.

Nights are cool and bug-free,
so grazing is much more pleasurable at this time.

After I've finished tending to the equines,
I feed the pigs 

who have been noisily demanding their bedtime meal.

Once the sun has set, I close up all of the chicken houses,
to keep everyone safe and sound for the night.

All the girls have found a place to roost.

This little lady always picks this inconvenient place on top of the door.
I pick her up and move her out of the way.

Remember Fish?
He is the rooster who was being picked on by the other three
and was moved up with the hens.

It's quite obvious that Fish has it made!
I am sure he feels that being picked on was worth it in the end....

Ahhhhh, it's good to be King!

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me.
I picked and canned 2 large buckets of tomatoes...
more sauce!

I brought some Limelight Hydrangeas in from the garden...

They are a favorite of mine... and dry wonderfully!

After tucking in the animals last evening,
I made some homemade graham crackers from this recipe...

and a pan of homemade marshmallows.

I see S'mores in my future!
I'll tell you how they turn out after this weekend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Morning Adventures With Grace, Hope, and Faith

Yesterday was another day for firsts...
and this time the donkeys did not lose their minds.

Yesterday, for the first time, the sheep went out to the front pasture with the pigs.

Perhaps it was because the donkeys were almost comatose,
after spending the night time out in the pasture with the horses...
or perhaps it is just because the sheep are no way as scary looking as the pigs.

Whatever the reason, the donkeys took this scene in their stride....
completely unaffected!

The sheep thoroughly enjoyed their added freedom,
but still came running 

when they saw me out in the pasture picking up manure.

I don't delude myself into thinking that they are just happy to see me...

I know they are just hoping for Ritz crackers!

It was fun interacting with them in their new surroundings.
I can't help but believe that enlarging their world is as good for their mental health
as it is for their physical health.

After all, a little adventure helps to make life more fun!

" Good morning, Fred and Ethel!"

My farm buddy, Tyler is back home with his Mommy and Daddy again.
We had a wonderful time together many funny stories that I could tell you.

Perhaps the funniest is how he describes what he saw when we first opened up the chicken
house in the morning.
As he tells the story...
"The king chicken (rooster) jumped on top of the other chicken (hen)
[as Tyler does a little hopping up and down motion]
and squeezed and squeezed until the other chicken pooped himself!"
How he acts this out is even funnier than what he says.
And all of us with chickens know exactly what was happening in this scene.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A Weekend With All of My Favorite People

Wow!  What a fun-packed weekend!
The past three days were a blur of activity.
Luckily I took lots of photos.
If you are not in the mood for adorable children (and animals, too)...
stop right here!

I knew you'd keep reading!

Friday our favorite farm friends 
Macy (right ...who sustained a boogie board accident while at the beach the week before) 
and Maggie (L) and their friend Giada...

came to visit their four handsome,
but naughty, roosters.

They thought perhaps if they came and talked to them and loved on them...

that perhaps they would start behaving a little better.

Time will tell!

The girls had a great time visiting with all their farm friends...

and much to the sheep's delight, came equipped with extra Ritz crackers.

Happy Birthday Maggie who turns 7 and starts second grade today!

Saturday, Hubbs and I went to our favorite Arts Festival

in Mount Gretna, PA....a wonderful Victorian community in the woods.

House after house just like this line the quaint little streets of this hillside, wooded community.
I especially loved the window boxes and ivy growing on the sides of this house...even on the roof!

Then Sunday was Mackenzie's first birthday.
Her parents threw a Puppy Pawty for her...

I made her outfit...

and crown...

and a spare tutu for her highchair...

Her mommy baked her her very own 5 layer cake...

which soon turned into a mass of frosting and crumbs!

And then after the party, Tyler came home with us and will spend today
at the farm.

It's hard to believe that he will be starting first grade in another week!
Oh if I could only keep these kids from growing up so quickly!

It was a wonderful long weekend filled with all of my special kids!


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