Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quiet Moments

What is a day, really....
but a collection of moments.

Sweet moments that are meant to be shared

and never squandered...

because sharing them only reminds you how sweet they are in the first place!

My new normal finds me with a little more free time on my hands.

And when I have nothing else demanding my attention,
I find that I am pulled to my friends.

It's a force as strong as gravity,

and it grounds me.

These sweet creatures that seem to enjoy my company...
for when I am near, they seek me out.
They linger a moment...

we touch...

we snuzzle...

I tell them my secrets.

I tell them how much I love them and how very special they are.

I think they know it!
(that they are loved and are special)

And for all that I give them,
they return the favor many-fold.

They have taught me to quiet my mind...
to sit without speaking, without thinking...
to just experience the moment with them...
and with you as well!

With all of the rainfall we've had this summer,
the gardens are doing quite well.

Minerva stands watch at her post by the rhubarb patch.

Yesterday's harvest was these purple, Italian-type beans.

They taste exactly like a green bean...
and in fact, lose their purple hue when cooked.
For the most part I stir-fry all of my veggies in just a little olive oil.
No water ever touches my less nutrients are lost.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Music To My Ears

I love music...
music of all types.
I've always felt that my life had a soundtrack.
Different songs take me back to different times in my life.

Perhaps the sweetest song, though, is the sounds of the farm at any given moment.

Be it rain showers, crickets chirping, katydids singing, birdsongs,
gobbling turkeys, braying donkeys, or snorting pigs....
those sounds tell me I'm home...
the happiest place in my world.

Yesterday as I moved about the front pasture,
cleaning up manure,
I heard some songs that I wanted to share with you....

The sheep are as socialized as I had hoped they would be.
Whenever they see me, they come running...
and bleating.
If only I knew what they were saying!

You might (or might not) remember that we have another "Grace" on the farm.
Grace, the fainting goat....

I noticed something curious about this Grace the other day.
Check out the long hair on her back legs!

Now I heard that armpit hair and leg hair is back in style (apparently)...
but this definitely takes the cake!

Can you believe it?
It's the 1st of July, already!
It looks like I had better find some patriotic party hats for the animals...
I think we'll have an Independence Day celebration!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Celebrating Summer

Summer is here in all her glory.

Long days, warm nights, fireflies, garden goodness, flowers-everywhere-you-look,

thunderstorms, walking-barefoot-in-grass....

so many wonderful things to enjoy!

Yesterday's picture-perfect weather gave us cause to celebrate.
And that's just what we did...

with a special dinner beneath the grape arbor.

With twinkling stars, lights, and our old Mexican star above us,

we sat at a well-dressed picnic table...

candles, fresh flowers, red wine...

we ate our dinner and talked about the day...

soft, sweet music and the tinkling of wind chimes in the background.

To our one side, the gazebo...

with its glass teardrops sparkling in the setting sun...
the scene interrupted momentarily by a visit from Tom and Chuck.

To the other side, the greenhouse flower beds filled with colorful zinnias.

We stayed and enjoyed the moment as long as possible....
certainly longer than if we had just eaten in the house.

The dogs played in the grass beside us,

until we were finished eating, then they lined up for treats.

An ordinary dinner became an extraordinary celebration...
a sweet memory made.

It's easy to make life extraordinary...
and it doesn't "cost" anything.
It just takes a little bit of effort...
a little imagination or  "outside-the-box" thinking.
Try it!

Take your meal outside...
lay a blanket beneath a tree, add some roadside flowers and a candle or two...
and make the ordinary extraordinary!

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Fowl Tail....

"The corn is as high as an elephant's eye
And it looks like it's climbing clear up to the sky.

Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'
Oh, what a beautiful day."
Yes, this year the corn is growing faster than ever...
thanks to the abundant rainfall we have been experiencing.

It rained (hard) all Saturday.

Sunday morning, though moist and cloudy, was a welcome break from precipitation.
We need a little sun to dry things out.
The flowers are a little be-draggled and need to perk back up again.

Everything is lush and beautiful, though.
I'll take abundant rain over drought any day.
And for those of you in the West who only dream of rain...
I would gladly share ours with you if I could!

Even without rain, it would have been a rather fowl weekend on the farm.
It's a tall long "tail", but I will try to recount it as best I can.

It all began last week, when Old Kenny Rogers was taken into the witness protection plan.

You see, Kenny turned State's evidence...
testifying against mob boss Tom "The Bomb" Turkey and his sidekick Chuck
aka "Lucky Chuck".

It seems these two have been running a multi-million dollar gambling ring
out of the henhouse,
with the protection of a small army of thugs (seen here running away from the camera
so as not to be identified).

Guinea Gus, Guido, and Giuseppe, along with their henchmen,
(and a couple of tough dames as well) have provided protection for Tom and Chuck 
while they've been running the stakes.

It seems this pair of bookies has been selling wagers on everything from
"daily number of eggs laid" to "daily rainfall".

A long investigation proved fruitless until just last week.
Milford wasn't talking...

but his face said it all...

"guilty as charged".

Roy Boy, surrounded by his bevy of beauties, 

claimed innocence.

(What secrets lie behind those eyes?)

It wasn't until Kenny Rogers offered his testimony,
that a crack came in the case.

He was heard saying...

"You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em...
know when to walk away...
know when to run..."

And so, now Ole Kenny goes by the name of "Bruce" and is destined to live out his days 
solitarily, in the barn...
in the company of the cats.


"Every gambler knows that the secret to survivin'
is to know what to throw away and what to keep.
'Cause every hand's a winner and every hand's a loser,
and the best he can hope for is to die in his sleep!"

As for Sir Elton John...
all signs point to his innocence.

His days are spent in blissful ignorance...patrolling the pumpkin patch!

Elsewhere on the farm...
A dozen of the chickens who got their start in April
are moving on to a new home, a new farm.
Hubb's coworker and his family just moved into their farm and are starting
their chicken flock with a Baker's Dozen of the April chicks.

Best luck to Nick and Sam and Ben with their new charges!
It is my hope that Aunt Kristin (formerly known as PJ)
Phyllis and Freida (Lay) give you many happy years of tasty, free-range eggs!
Ps....if you'd like to see more of our wedding photos from last week,
check out my step-mom's blog


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