Monday, February 20, 2017

A February Gift

Oh my goodness!
What a splendid weekend we had...
with sunny skies and temperatures reaching the upper 60's.

We basked in the warmth of the sunlight.
What a gift to receive in the middle of February...
and it is supposed to remain in the 50's (plus) through the coming week.

It finally dried out enough for the horses to spend the morning in the upper pasture.

When we designed the fences for the upper pasture, we divided the space
into four equal pastures.... four squares within one large square.

Each contiguous pasture can be connected to it's neighboring pasture,
by opening two gates and chaining them to the fence across from them.

This enables us to turn the four pastures into one large pasture.

Yesterday we opened two of the pastures and allowed the horses access to both.

Amazingly, as soon as we let them go in the pasture,
they headed straight for the opening into the neighboring pasture.
I swear the first thing they do upon entering any given pasture is
to make a perimeter check to see if any of the gates have been left open.

"FREEDOM!!!".... I am sure is what goes through their crazy horse brains!
It was obvious they were happy to have their space enlarged, 
because they ran and ran...kicking up their heels.

I think we all felt a little Spring fever this weekend.

We had a visit from our favorite little farm girl on Saturday.

And what a farm girl she is becoming...

complete with her own little muck boots!

Mackenzie loves the animals.

Feeding the sheep...

Petting the horses...

She's quite curious about those crazy chickens.
"Chickens!" she said as she pointed to the hens (a new word!), "Chickens!"

It was the perfect weekend...
with just the right amount of work and play.

I took a little time on Sunday to clean up the horses.
A winter's worth of mud and dirt was brushed out of their coats,
manes and tail were brushed out and trimmed,
 bridal paths were shaved,
and hooves were picked clean.

And to top it all off...
we found the largest egg EVER!!
Check it out (next to one of our usual extra large sized eggs)...

This one was extra jumbo.
Oh, the poor hen!

Friday, February 17, 2017

All We Need Is Love

Have you had a chance to look at the evening sky this winter?
Have you noticed how bright Venus is in the early evening hours?
It's bigger and brighter than I have ever noticed.

I think it's a sign.
I think Venus (the Goddess of Love) is telling us we need more love.
With the world's turmoil, I am inclined to agree!

And so... in order to spread a little love around
(and believe me we have plenty of it to spread)...
I am dedicating this post to my two special love muffins...
the porcine princesses!

When I was a little girl...
if anyone had asked me what animal I desired more than any...
I would have replied, "A pig!"

If only I had known in those days that someday my dream would actually come true...
I would have wished for nothing else in life and would just have been content in the knowledge
that piggie love would eventually be mine!

And the wonderful thing is...
I can share that piggie love with you!

So here you are....
a little look back at the lives of Ginger and MaryAnn...

It's hard to believe they were ever this small....
the size of a kitten when we brought them home.

Oh my, and then there was Tyler...also small!!

Our sweet Maddie (no longer with us) was the consummate babysitter.

Walking with a leash....with turkeys in tow.

My how they've changed over the years

My two favorite girls!!
Ginger and MaryAnn are 5 years old now....
middle-aged, like me!  (Haha!)

I wish each and every one of you could meet Ginger and MaryAnn...
they truly are a couple of love muffins!

Have a wonderful weekend.
We are supposed to have some warmer weather...
so I suspect we will be spending part of the weekend in the garden
getting ready for the garden make-over.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wrestling Match

The pictures for this post were taken over the span of an hour
as I cleaned the front pasture yesterday afternoon.
You'll notice that the weather pattern is quite erratic...
snow one moment, sunshine another.

That's pretty much the way it has been around here lately.
It's as if Winter and Spring have been involved in a wrestling match...
each gaining control a day or two at a time.

By this weekend it is to be back up into the high 50's...continuing on into next week.
And yet...we still have a little snow on the ground.
It's been a weird winter.

Nonetheless, the chores go on...
no matter the weather.

As I drove the gator around the pasture, Sammy rode shotgun.

He stayed in that seat for a whole hour...
I presume he was too tired to walk.

Yup.  Exhausted!

Oakley, my old man has quite the developed olfactory sense
and like a pig hunts for truffles, he moves about through the pasture...
nose to the ground...

sniffing out piles of manure.

And with a discriminating palate, he taste-tests them as well.

Annie, as always, keeps watch over the pasture.
You never know when a bunny or squirrel will enter the territory and need to be chased.

After a morning of pasture exercise, the horses are taking their afternoon nap.

That is until I approach the fence and they all come over for a chat.

By the time I reach the donkeys, the snow has begun again.
No chatting for these donkey divas... no, snow might mess up their coifs...
so they stay inside.

Of course here I am out in the snow squall getting covered.
But then, I am much less vain than these gals!
And not half as cute!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nabisco....Please Send Ritz Crackers!

Each and every time the pigs hear one of us in the vicinity,
they run to this corner of their yard.

It's become their favorite place...
and where you can find them just about any time... rain or shine.


I installed this metal mailbox on top of the fence post
and keep it filled with Ritz crackers at all times.
(Nabisco loves us... and they don't even know it!)

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night
keeps these porcine princesses from their appointed snacks!"

Ginger and MaryAnn love their snacks....
more so than any other animal on the farm.
Pigs, you see, lack the ability to ever feel satiated.
They are, in essence, always hungry.
Luckily these two are herbivores and are content to munch on grass and hay.
But snacks....
oh those wonderful Ritz crackers....
are oh, so yummy!!
(And no "no-frills" imitation will satisfy these girls!)

Just see.....


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