Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Walk On The Wild Side....Week 5

We have an overnight guest for the better part of a week.
Sam, Andy and Ashley's lab (rescue) is staying with us
while Andy and Ashley are away.

It was a little tense at first...with male dogs getting a little territorial,
but by the first evening things had calmed down...
and by yesterday they were all pals.

And so we all went for a hike...

into the woods to gather the game cameras...
and to see what critters we caught on camera this past week.

On camera 1...on the edge of the 100 acre wood...
(I love this first picture!)

There were several bunnies....

Half of the pictures from this camera were of this fellow...
a very busy opossum...or perhaps a whole family of them!

 a fox...

Camera #2 remained at the same location where I spotted that 12 point buck last week.
This week the buck was no where to be seen.

In fact, there were very few deer at this location this week...
so I will be moving that camera to another location.

I did catch Hubbs on a walk with the dogs...

 Most of the pictures were of these little guys....
gathering nuts for the winter.

And, new for this week...
Mrs. Raccoon!

Thanks for stopping by to check out our wildings!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Sid....Joy In The Morning

Yesterday morning, as the rising sun turned the eastern sky to crackling embers,

I was finishing up morning chores...

and had the pleasure of watching Sid and his pony race around the upper pasture
waiting for Becky to bring him home to the barn for breakfast...
(please excuse the wobbly video...I shot this from quite a distance away using a zoom lens)

Sid and Shirley spend their nights in this pasture,
with old Duffy, Becky's elderly retired horse, in the next pasture over from them.

Each morning, Becky gathers all three and leads them back to the barn for breakfast.

If you have followed my blog for a long time,
you will remember that Becky is Hubb's sister, an equine vet.
Her horse, Sid, was an off-the-track thoroughbred rescue
who came to the farm sad and skinny.
He had never known the joy of just being a horse.
With love, kindness, and many hours of mutual training,
Becky has turned him into a magnificent, enthusiastic eventing horse.
They have shared many happy and amazing adventures over the past few years...
truly, the happiest of happy endings!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Autumn Walks and Finished Projects

Hubbs and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday afternoon as the sun
descended towards the horizon.

With temperatures dropping, we soaked in the last of Autumn's warmth.
Earlier in the day a band of rain clouds ushered in a cold front...
and with those storms, the land was transformed to the monochromatic
browns that we will live with over the next several months.

Fall color is all but gone from the trees...
the remaining green belonging to pine trees.

The sights have changed.
The smells have changed.
The sounds have changed.

Autumn has wiped the jewel tones from his palette,
and has covered his canvas in burlap brown.

Winter looms in the not so distant future.

But...yesterday....yesterday still belonged to Autumn...
and we squeezed every bit of the season out of the day
as we walked through dry crunchy leaves, listening to the caw of crows...
watching the sun set on the horizon.

We took a few moments to play with the pigs....

And last...before we part,
I wanted to show you what I just finished.
I have spent the past week working on this little owl shawl...

Each little owl has tiny Czech glass beads for eyes (knit right into the pattern).
And although it looks grey in the photos, it is actually blue/grey.
It is knit with the softest 100% Merino wool.

I am planning on selling it.   (Later the same day....and it is SOLD!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Donkey Love

Yesterday, with temps in the 70's...
we enjoyed the last of warm weather.
I hear a cold front may be bringing us snow showers this weekend....we'll see.

I took full advantage of the warmth and worked outside for most of the day...
starting before sun-up...

finishing up the last of this season's mowing and weeding and cleaning out garden boxes.

It's hard to believe that it is almost November,
and the begonias on the side of the garden shed still look as good as they did all summer long!
You might notice that my fairy garden (green box) is now a jungle.

After the work was done,
I sat with the donkeys for a while.

With my back against their run-in shed,
I watched as they finished their chow...
enjoying the peace and quiet...sound of chewing....birds singing.

And then the donkeys finished eating...
and everything changed!

There's nothing sweeter than time spent with these two girls.
They get as close to me as they possibly can, without actually landing in my lap.
As I sit there, my face is covered with donkey snout and donkey lips...
generous helpings of sweet donkey love!
Life is good!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

One Proud Mama

I had 7 well behaved equines yesterday.
Not your run of the mill "behaved", but extra-specially well behaved.

That's not a statement that I can make on just any old day.
No, most days at least one of the herd can be a little uncooperative.

Yesterday the farrier came to trim everyone's hooves.
He's a gentle soul... soft-spoken...patient...great with the horses.

Usually, one of the horses or donkey girls tests his patience just a little.

Not yesterday.
Everyone stood perfectly still...

picked up their feet...
and minded their manners....all of their manners.

I was one proud Mama.

As for the dogs...
Oakley decided that the house was the safest place to be.

However, Annie and Sam decided that tasty hoof trimmings were worth any risk.

Their bravery paid off!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Update

Oakley and Annie:  "Ummm, pizza, our favorite!!"

Me:  "Sorry kids, these pizzas are for the nice people at the shower."

Annie:  "It's hopeless...I guess I'd better try working the crowd!"

On Satureday we had a shower for one of Amanda's friends, Inna...
one of the many "kids" we've "adopted" over the years.
Not really adopted...but would if we could!

The theme of the wedding was "Fall in Love"...

We provided make-it-yourself pizzas and several salads and Russian Tea Cookies,
while Inna's Mom brought several Russian dishes and desserts...

the bride and groom-to-be both being of Russian descent.
The bridesmaids provided most of the labor for preparation and decoration...

making this party a snap!

I hollowed out this enormous pumpkin, filled it with ice and used it as a cooler.

Sunday Hubbs winterized the pizza oven...covering the chimney to keep out
winter's snow.
We were lucky enough to have 70 degree weather this weekend...
but wise enough to know that it's not going to last.


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