Friday, September 16, 2016

Arrivederci Friends

Well, the day is finally here.
I succeeded in slowing time down for the last two weeks...
I've been so excited.

The feed bins are filled....with extra feed in storage.
Hay is stacked.
The pantry and refrigerator are stocked.

Everything is ready for a small army of house sitters and care givers
 to survive over the next two weeks.

Yes....TWO weeks!!
It's an awful long time to be away...
but necessary in order to see all that we wish to see.

Oh, how I will miss my friends...
the four legged...

and two...

I will also miss visiting with you each day.
You are a big part of my day.
My peeps.
So many of you have become "friends."
So many of you I wish were closer so that we could have tea together in the morning,
and a glass of wine in the afternoon....
or borrow a cup of sugar from each other!

Here's the deal.
I am taking you along with me... in my heart.
I will take lots of photos and share our adventures with you as soon as we are home.

We will be back in October.
I'll have so much to share with you...
you might have to tell me to stop!!!

Until then, dear friend....
be well, be happy, stay positive...
and share as much love as possible!

Mwaaaaaahhhhh!  (Hugs and kisses from your farm family!)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Either Need To Relax, Or Buy A Smaller Fork!

Yesterday morning around 7:30 I had finished morning chores
and decided it was time to clean the front pasture.

With muck buckets and my favorite manure fork I drove the gator into the pasture...
my three trusty sidekicks with me.

I had already cleaned the upper pasture where the horses had spent their night.
I do that every morning after they come back to the barn for breakfast.

I am a fanatic about clean pastures.
Besides the fact that I hate to see manure lying around,
it is healthier (from a parasite standpoint) 
for all of the animals to not be grazing where they drop manure.

"I might be just a little crazy," I thought, as I cleaned up sheep and pig manure in the front pasture.

Does anyone else do this?

Now, granted, their manure is much smaller than the horses.
However, with a diet rich in grass, they leave piles much the same size as a large dog.

My rationale is this...
if it fits on a manure fork, I'm cleaning it up.
I might be the only human on the face of the earth doing this, however.

Please...tell me.... do you clean up your sheep or pig manure?
Or am I the only crazy one here?

Ok...don't tell anyone....but I have been known to also clean up piles of sheep-berries.
(I need to invent a smaller fork!)

Oooohhhh....I just had a thought....a pasture vacuum!  Hmmmmmm.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Secret To Slowing Time

Oh, how I love this time of year.
The days have shortened a bit and evenings are quite chilly.

The last of summer's color (and the best of summer's color) hangs on until
that first frost chases it away.
It seems to take forever for Spring's plantings to become full and lush like this...
and then suddenly one night it is all gone.

The ground remains parched, and the leaves are falling off the trees
brown and crunchy.
I doubt that this year's fall foliage will be colorful.
It's been too dry.

As I go about my afternoon chores, I throw some hay to the horses
and pause for a while to watch them eat.

I love how this mis-matched group of equines has grown to be such a tight-knit family.

They stick together like glue...
all day and all night.

Each night as I lead them up to their pastures,
the ones left behind whinny their displeasure.
Once all of them are re-united peace returns to the herd.

Their pecking order seems to be organized by size...
with Moonbeam the herd alpha.

I have never witnessed any discord amongst them...
they just seem to love each other.

Red's abscess is healing rapidly.
This will soon be nothing but a memory and a temporary scar.
Isn't that amazing?

I have to admit... I am finding it quite hard to stay focussed this week.
The packing is done and the farm has been readied for our absence.
There are a few errands left to run before we leave.

I am so excited for this trip.
It will not be a restful vacation...not one for catching up on reading.
No, this trip will be an adventure...
many miles, many sights, many activities.

We will slow down in the middle of the two weeks for a five day stay in Tuscany with friends.
This is the part of the trip that appeals the most to me.
Wrapped around each side of those 5 days will be visits to Rome, the Amalfi Coast,
Pompeii, and traveling by train to Florence and Venice.

And by the way....
the secret to slowing time is looking forward to something really exciting ...
the time passes so much slower!

"Ciao, amici, ci vediamo domani!"

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tom In Tow

It's early morning.
The sun has just peeked above the horizon... a bit late for my taste.
I will be happy when Daylight Savings is over and we turn the clocks back.

We've returned to cooler weather.
The nights are downright chilly, and that suites me just fine.
I love sleeping under a pile of quilts...breathing cold, fresh, country air!
The horses are happier with the present weather as well,
and are once again spending their nights out in the pastures... the upper pastures.

Each morning we hike to the upper pastures 
to bring the horses back to the barn and their dry lot for the day.
It takes several trips back and forth until everyone is moved to where they belong.
I've wanted to share this part of the day with you for a while now.

The thing that I find fascinating about this process is how Tom,
our Bourbon Red turkey, follows along on each lap of the horse transfers.

He runs along behind Hubbs as he leads Moonbeam back to the barn.

I follow behind with Red and Ollie.

Once they are nestled into their stalls eating their chow,
we head back out to the pasture to get Donnie and Scarlet...
Tom once again in tow.

It takes us two trips to get everyone back to the barn.
If I am alone, it takes me four trips.

No matter the amount of trips, Tom is along for the run...
and run is just what he does.

He hangs around the barn until all of the work there is done.
Then, when we head up to care for the chickens and goats,
he follows us there...
running as fast as he can after the gator.

This old bird is such an integral part of our farm...
tagging along with every chore we do.
There will never be another turkey like this old guy.

Well, some of you have guessed correctly.
We are headed to Italy this Friday...for two weeks.
The blog will be idle for those two weeks.
When I get home, however, I will have much to share with you.
For those of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram, (@beehavenacres)
I will be posting photos there while we are gone.

Don't worry, the dogs and critters and farm will be well tended by a small army of
family and friends!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Wherever You Go...There You Are

It was a weekend with my favorite Littles...
this time the two legged ones, not four!

Soccer season is in full swing...
and although Tyler still has happy legs and runs circles around his teammates (literally)...

he has learned a little more about the game...

Like... the object of the game is to get the ball in the goal!
Although, "which" goal is often in question.

We kept Mackenzie this weekend while her mommy and daddy had a grown-up
weekend away.
We helped with chores and visited with pigs.

She loved the pigs and the pigs loved the extra attention.

She learned the fun of playing in dry, crunchy leaves...
and went home with leaves in every crack and crevice!

One thing that a 13-month-old will teach you is that it is never about the destination...

but rather, it is all about the journey.

Oh that we should all view the world with the curiosity of a child...

where every new discovery is savored without hurry...
living purely in the present moment...
no regrets of the past, no worries of the future.
Master this and you regain the joy of childhood.

PS:  Countdown to vacation = 4 days.
It might involve a little wine....salute!


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