Friday, April 18, 2014

Equine Antics

It's slowly warming up again.
We've been released from Winter's clutches, and Spring is tip-toeing back onto the farm.
The forsythia by the old log cabin is blooming,

and buds are starting to pop on every empty tree branch.

The temps are still cold enough that the horses are quite comfortable in what remains
of their wooly winter coats.
After months of confinement in their (rather large) dry lot,
they are happy to once again have the freedom to roam the front pasture.

Green grass is emerging,
making grazing a limited engagement.
After all...if I let the equines have their way, they'd get so fat they would not be able to do this....

It's another Friday.
Can you believe it?
Easter is upon us.
A quiet one for us.

However your weekend is shaping up,
I hope it is filled with many blessings.

And while I am counting mine...
I have to tell you...
you are one of them.
For sure.
I am thankful for your visits!

Have a great weekend....see you Monday for more "tails".

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Running With the Big Dogs

Well, the cold weather hit us hard.
Fruit trees that were in blossom will have lasting effects...
the rest of us will move on.

Yesterday brought sunshine (cold temps) and bright blue skies.
Hubbs finished work a little early,
giving us time for a hike (jog).

If you are tired of Annie pictures,
I must apologize...
for today you will have to endure just a few more!

Every day Annie's world gets a little bigger.
Yesterday she took a huge leap into the extended world of the farm.

Oakley, Sam, Annie, Hubbs and I headed into the woods for a long hike...
our destination was the "field of dreams",
a meadow in the midst of our woods.

Along the way we sniffed every inch of the woods that we could.

So much is to be learned from Sam...

And Oakley...

I can see the wheels turning in her head as she watches them freely explore nature.

(One day, Annie, you too will get to explore freely...but until you are completely trustworthy,
your exploring will be done on the end of a leash.)

On the way back home, we stopped to do a bit of visiting.

Annie:  "Now that's a big dog!"

"Those fat girls are a little intimidating!"

Sammy:  "Hi Ginger, wanna meet our new sister?"

I have a feeling Annie will eventually be good friends with Ginger and MaryAnn.

Annie:  "They're not scary at all!"

One week ago, this little pup kept her tail between her legs.  Two weeks ago, she screamed
when anyone approached her.
Just look at her now!
That tail wags non-stop.
Welcome to our world, Annie...
it's a pretty great place!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We interrupt Springtime to bring you a brief message from our sponsor...
Old Man Winter!

Seriously, a lot of you commented that you had snow.
Thankfully, yesterday, we had rain...
lots of rain.

Our day was spent inside, except for those times that we were out
tending to the animals.
Heated waterers and heat lamps were turned back on,
as the next several nights are to be below freezing.

I can't tell you how many times I played fetch with this little girl...

Indoor play was the day's activity...

except for a brief doggie nap time that allowed me to finish this summer
scarf that I have been knitting.

It is knitted from a cotton/cashmere yarn that I just love.
I love it so much that I just started another in a different color palette.

Looks like Spring chores are on hold for a couple of days.
But that's ok...I have a long list of indoor chores that need tending!

PS:  I may have mentioned yesterday that Annie is a holy terror.
Actually, she is really a great little accidents in the house, sleeps through the night, etc.
What I was referring to is that she has become quite comfortable with her new home,
and is truly acting like a puppy.
She steals shoes every chance she gets, as well as laundry,
and tears around the house like she's possessed!
Non-stop fun, fun, fun!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Waxes and Wanes

I hesitate to say this,
because saying it means that I am acknowledging it.
And, honestly, it makes me a little crazy!

First, the good news:
Spring has arrived in the front horse pasture.
There are daffodils popping up all over...beautiful.
Now, the part that makes me crazy:
Temps are to plummet down into the 20's tonight with a possibility of snow.

Yes, really.
So, quite possibly my daffodils will only last 2 days.
You might remember me saying yesterday that we had temps in the 80's on Sunday.
What is up with this weather?

Well, let's finish enjoying yesterday's warmth before we consider today's freeze,

I finished my new pumpkin patch yesterday.
The chicken fence is up, the gate is finished, the sign is hung.
Check, check, check.
Oh, how I love accomplishing things on the long list.
(Why is it that the list never gets any shorter?)

This garden will be home to our corn crop, our cabbage (for sauerkraut) and 
of course, our pumpkins and winter squash!
But let's not get ahead of ourselves, ok?
After all, pumpkins mean Autumn...
and we're still trying to convince Spring to stay for a while!

As promised, our chicklets have doubled in size in one week's time.

And the seedlings in the greenhouse?
Doubled, as well!

I may have mentioned that I want to let our ducks hatch out their own babies this year.
I am a little worried, however...

It seems we have an egg predator around the pond.

Sadly, I keep finding eggs like this one.

And last, but not least...
have I mentioned that our dear sweet little Annie...
is a holy terror?
She has officially come to life!
I will have to gather a video of her shenanigans for you.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Prelude to Summer

After every weekend, I am always so excited to sit down and chat with you...
so many stories...
so much to share!

We were treated to an absolutely gorgeous weekend on the farm.
Temps in the 70's on Saturday and 80's on Sunday
gave us the opportunity to finish a lot of Spring chores.

Sunday morning we awoke at 5 AM.   By 5:30 I was in the shower getting ready for the day.

Suddenly, our world was plunged into darkness...
the power was out!
Ordinarily this is no problem, 
we have a large generator that kicks in when the power goes out.
However with 40 new chicks and no functioning heat lamp...
we had to hustle to get warmth to our tiny charges.

Hubbs went to the barn to get the small generator.
Unfortunately, we could not get it started.
An extension cord from the house down the driveway solved the problem.

Later in the day we built a fire in the brick pizza oven 

and had our first homemade pizzas of the year.
Amanda had asked some friends to stop by at the farm...

giving us the perfect opportunity to socialize our pup, Annie.

Of course all the dogs benefit from guests!

They are always a part of the fun.

Last week, Amanda brought home new flyers that she designed for her job.
You might notice that the photos on the flyers feature Jenn and Tyler...and Grammie too!

These will be featured on billboards in northern PA, also.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Perfection in a Day

Yesterday was the perfect Spring day.
And believe me, after the kind of winter we had...
I appreciate Spring in a whole new way!

Temps reached about 70 with a breeze,
which made it perfect for drying laundry.

The dogs and I spent a great deal of time out of doors.
We finished cleaning the winter-kill out of the garden area.

Annie is getting more and more used to the sights and sounds of the farm.
Yesterday she met the turkeys.

Surprisingly, she was no frightened or particularly interested in them.

She and Sammy are becoming good friends.
(Oakley is still waiting for her to leave.)

After the garden work was finished, 
I put Annie in her room for a nap and the boys and I went out to visit the rest of our friends.

We stopped by to see Ginger and MaryAnn who were also enjoying the temperate weather.

MaryAnn is such a love...
always flopping down to get her share of belly-rubbins!
(while Ginger just keeps on eating!)

Sammy and MaryAnn shared a moment.

While the horses searched for remnants of lunch...

I sat, surrounded by these two...

I finished a few more pickets for my garden gate...

Patty of "alittlecape" asked:  "I do have a question about your roosters and chickens..... every spring the new chicks arrive but you don't seem to have your own?"

Well, make a long story short...

We tried that several years back...allowing one of the hens to sit on her nest.
Unbeknownst to us, that hen switched nests at one point....leaving her incubated eggs for us to 
grab as we gathered eggs to sell.  Imagine the shock when one of our customers
(luckily a friend) cracked an egg and a partially formed chick fell out.
We have nowhere to sequester a broody hen, except the barn....
so we have opted to just order chicks from off the farm each Spring.
That way, all of our eggs go to market with no worries!


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