Friday, April 25, 2014

Bits and Pieces for Friday

This week was the perfect week to whittle down that long list of Spring chores.
The flower beds around the house are mulched.
The blueberry patch is mulched.

The pumpkin patch has landscaping fabric down as a weed barrier.

Check, check, check.

Chores must be interspersed with plenty of puppy play time, too.
I am happy to report that yesterday afternoon as I was out doing the afternoon chores,
I left our little Annie in the house with Oakley...out of her room.
Normally she stays in the laundry room where her bed is located.
For two hours she stayed in the house and did nothing naughty!!
What a good girl!

We are at that time of year when the equines' grazing is limited to just a couple hours 
each afternoon.

I love the sight of the horses and donkeys out in the front pasture....

peacefully nibbling away.

Afterwhile, though, the call goes out..."Let's go!!" I call,
and Moonbeam comes running in first...always first....

followed by Donnie...

The donkeys make their way in, as well, knowing that yummy feed awaits them.

Scarlett and the Littles...
not so much.
No, they try to get every last blade of grass possible before heading into their dry lot.

These two always make me chase them back into the dry lot.
Maybe they think I need just a little more exercise in my already full day.

It's hard to get upset with them, though...

they are both so stinkin' cute!

And this week's winner of the cute award?
Of course....

Bobby loves Annie and takes every opportunity to snuggle up beside her...
even though the look on his face is utter disgust...

he truly is one happy kitty!

And I have to tell you...
these two make me want to break into song...
like Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen...
"Sisters....sisters....there were never such devoted sisters...."

Well, it's another Friday!!
Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend.
We'll be back on Monday with lots more "tails" to share!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life Lessons

Several of you commented yesterday about how much patience 
certain tasks (like herding turkeys) require.

Patience is one thing that farm living has taught me.
When it comes to nature, living creatures, the seasons, etc...
everything in it's own sweet time.
I have learned to savor those moments as I am sure that some day they will be the ones I miss.

Yesterday, though quite chilly and windy, was another glorious spring day...
made even more special by the surprise of finding this in the garden....

which was quite apropos...
because the mailman brought me these two earth-colored t-shirts just yesterday...

Surely you remember the old song from the musical "Hair"... Aquarius??

And this t-shirt just seemed perfect for garden days...

I spent a bit of time getting this little perennial bed ready for new growth...

It isn't much now, but by mid-summer it will be gloriously colorful and lush.
For now, violas are sunning their smiling little faces.

We played lots of fetch yesterday in the sunshine.

Annie learned the joy of the chase from her big brother.

She also learned a few new lessons in the garden.
tasty treasures (like cat poop) can sometimes be found in the garden...

Did you learn this from Sammy?

And... it's ok to smell Moll on the head...

and even on the belly....

but it is definitely not ok to smell her butt!

Nope, not at all...claws came out in a hurry and little Miss Annie got a good smack!

I think I heard Moll humming "R-E-S-P-E-C-T...Find out what it means to me!"

At the end of the day,
it's good to have a friend with whom to curl up!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Herding Turkeys

Our two bourbon red turkeys, Tom and Chuck, spend their days
patrolling the farm.
For the most part they hang out with the chickens most of the day.

However, if there is any other activity going on,
you can find them in the middle of it.

Every afternoon when I finish the afternoon chores,
I herd the turkeys back to their house and yard,
so that they will be there when the sun goes down.

Herding turkeys after dark is no fun task
and usually requires carrying each 25+ pound turkey back to his house.

Come on....
you can walk along with us...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catching Up With Spring Chores

I might just be loving Spring, this year, more than any year in the past!

Warm, blue sky days make me swoon.

My motto, these days... Seize the Day!

Yesterday I did just that.
With a truck load of tanbark delivered to my driveway in the morning,
I set about distributing that mulch on all of my flower beds and trees.

By supper time, the pile was gone.
Wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load...
while Annie played in the yard with Sam.

Annie is getting quite independent... and is still doing well off leash.

I thought you might like to see the new chicks. 

Now 2+ weeks old, they are out of the large cardboard box
and free to move about the brooder house.

I am pleased to say that I have 41 healthy chicks 
(I counted them as I removed them from the box).

Notice the naked neck chicken?

I ordered two of them.

And last but never least...
How do you like my garden ornament?

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Weekend Update

Oh what a glorious weekend it was.
Spring came and stayed in all her glory.
Birds singing, buds popping, heart thumping beautiful weekend!

Saturday was moving day for the fainting goats.
They wintered in pens in Becky's yard.
(Becky is Hubbs' sister whose log cabin is also on the farm.)

Summer will be spent in one of the large pastures next to where our chickens make their home.

Moving day is a group effort.

Becky takes Smoochie and Chip by lead ropes and the rest follow.
If she did not lead these two, they would wander and before you know it...

As it was, the move went smoothly.

I brought up the rear with camera in hand...and whooped and hollered whenever any of the goats
made an about turn....
after all, who want to run towards a crazy woman?

This is the first time ever that all of the fainters have been together in the same pasture.
In past years, we separated the bucks from the does;
but because all of our bucks lost their manhood last year,
they can all be together now.

Of course there was the typical head-butting until everyone had a chance to introduce themselves. 

An offering of Ritz crackers took everyones' minds off of fighting.

Eventually, all was peaceful, and they set about the task of deciding
which house belonged to whom.

Sensing the excitement in the neighborhood, the chickens made a mad dash into the pasture...
a farm "mixer" of sorts.

Easter Sunday was a quiet day with a visit from Jen (Tyler's mommy) and her friend, Angel.
We had the usual huge farm breakfast with Mediterranean omelets, uncured local bacon, 
and monster popovers!

As is typical, the afternoon went "to the dogs",
as we sat in the front lawn and watched Annie play.

Annie is now magically "off leash"(just when in the front lawn) and doing great...

largely thanks to Oakley who has taken on a "mentor" role with our little girl.

Sam, on the other hand, is the perfect playmate...


as they wrestle around the front lawn.

Annie had her first bath...

and her first weigh-in.
In the two weeks since her arrival, she has gained 7 pounds!
Life is good!


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