Friday, January 20, 2017

Naughty Ponies

Bored ponies are naughty ponies...

and with this week's mucky weather, our seven equines have had to spend a little more 
time in the dry lot than they would have liked.
Unfortunately, they run and tear up the field when it is this soggy out.

Instead, they find all sorts of mischief to fill their time with.

Like... playing with the muck cart while I am cleaning up manure...

and almost dumping it out.
"I saw you two!"

Even TomTom stopped to watch the action.

"Honest, wasn't me!"

Mr. Innocent

"What do you have to say for yourself Moonbeam?"

"Oh, I can still see you!"

Every year or so, Moonbeam succeeds in knocking down the top board across the pig stall.
He pushes and pushes against it... trying to get to the hay on the other side...
until he finally succeeds.

I think we have finally thwarted his attempts by installing this chain across the top of the boards.
He should no longer be able to get enough leverage to push out the board.

One thing about this big guy...
when he makes his mind up that he wants to be someplace he's not allowed,
he does everything in his power to achieve his goal.
I must always stay a step ahead of him.

Each night I close up the pig stall to keep Moonbeam from pestering Ginger and MaryAnn
all night long.
Closing the door is not enough... 
no, Moonbeam is the best lock picker I have ever seen.
He uses those sweet pony lips of his like fingers!
I have to use a hook and eye lock across the door to prevent his entry.

"Ok, about a little photo shoot?"

"Wait a minute... I have to fix my mane"

"How's this?"

Always the joker.

"Wait.... this is my better side."

"No," I say, "that is just your dirtier side!"

Handsome, but naughty!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Canine Comradery

It was another foggy and dreary morning...

as I did morning chores yesterday.
(It remained that way most of the day.)

Dr. Becky was out with Buddy and Daisy.
Our dogs had not had a chance to play with each other for a while,
so we stopped and just let them run and wrestle.

It's hard to get a good photo of Daisy right now as she is quite active...
especially with all of the other dogs around.

But then, it's next to impossible to get a photo of five playing dogs...
especially on a foggy morning!
I might have gotten better photos of the five of them if I had had my 35mm camera...
but I hate taking that one out on dreary days.

Daisy is almost Annie's size.  Her body is as big as Annie's, but her legs are shorter.

Dr. Becky has done a lot of training with her and she knows many commands...
but it's so hard to concentrate when there's so much fun around!

I think the other dogs were ready to do her tricks for her...
just to get the treats!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Waiting In The Still and Dreary

It's (again) been a mild winter here on the farm.
Our snows have been few and far between with just enough accumulation
to be pretty... but then melt within a day or two.
Not enough accumulation, I am sad to say, to use those cross country skis we
bought ourselves two winters ago.

I am starting to believe that buying those skis assures that we will never have a snowy winter again!

Well, temperatures have been mild...
so mild that the only reminder that it's still winter is the little bit of ice...

 remaining in the chains that link the gutters to the rain barrel of the old log cabin.

The huge patch of forsythia next to the cabin is covered in buds.

Perhaps we'll have an early spring this year.

That would be lovely!

We've had enough rain that the spring beneath the old log cabin...

is finally running again.
This spring feeds our pond and helps assure its health.

Yesterday, as we (the dogs and Bobby and me) went out to do afternoon chores,
we took the front road route to the barn...

passing the barn and front pasture.

See how dreary my world looks right now?
It's wrapped in a soft, damp, foggy, misty blanket... waiting.

in that state of grey suspended animation...
waiting, for what?

For whatever comes next.

Most everyone around here is just waiting for their next meal!

As for me...
winter always feels like one long work in progress.
I am knitting, and sewing, in between re-organizing this corner or that.

It seems like summertime is filled with accomplishments...
the blossom of a flower, the ripening of a fruit.

But winter... winter teaches us patience.
We learn to live in a holding pattern... 
dreaming and scheming for what comes next.

So many possibilities.....

I wanted to update you on Star, our Dwarf Nigerian goat.
Dr. Becky looked at her and determined that she has a mammary tumor.
Since she still seems to be getting along fine, we will leave her as is.
However, eventually she will have to be euthanized.  We will keep a close eye on here...
and hope that she stays comfortable for a long while.
Time will tell....

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here We Go....

"O' Tannenbaum, O' tasty are thy branches!"

The goats are enjoying their pine tree snacks!

Good breath for everyone!

Even the sheep have almost finished off their tree.

We'll leave the trees in their yard until Spring...

they serve a dual purpose...
scratching post and shedding tool!

Yesterday while feeding, I noticed that Star (our older Nigerian Dwarf goat)
has an odd looking udder.

Even Stella was concerned!

I'll have Dr. Becky take a look at it....
 and hopefully it is nothing for concern.

She's been acting normal...eating fine and getting the normal amount of exercise...
so I am guessing that nothing hurts her.

If only our animal friend could talk.
Then again... maybe not... I'd never get any peace around here!!

For example...

Sam:  "Mom.  Hey, Mom.  Mooooooooooommmm..."

"Let's go home.  I need a nap!"

See what I mean?

Monday, January 16, 2017

A Change of Plans

Sadly, this past weekend came off quite differently than planned.
I found myself laid low...

and unable to spend the weekend with this little one.

Instead of a visit from Mackenzie, I had a visit from Sam-n-Ella...

and they over-stayed their welcome!

I am guessing I suffered from a food-borne illness, as Hubbs had no signs
of the bug after more than 48 hours exposure to me.
I had eaten a store-made cheese spread that he did not.
(I'll never eat it again!)

Anyways, it knocked me right out of the weekend.
By yesterday I was just getting my feet on the ground again.

It's all up from here!

And some good news...
Jury Duty was cancelled!!!


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