Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Beautiful Mornings

I am most definitely a morning person.
Rising early and heading out to see the critters is my favorite thing.

(Moll gives the best lower back massages!)

I'm not a coffee drinker... ( I am energized enough without caffeine)
I just wake up ready to go!

There is so much happening in the mornings.
As the sun rises, the donkeys start to bray.
The roosters crow.
The guineas fly down from their roosting spot.

The sheep and pigs are "baaaa-ing" and grunting, ready to go out to pasture.
The horses are pacing along the dry lot fence...
ready for their trek to the upper pastures.

The dogs run through the farmyard wrestling and chasing.

The garden glistens with dew.

The air is clear (quite often, of late, freshly washed from the previous night's storms).
The world is alive and abuzz... and I feel right at home!

For the past several days it has been quite chilly in the morning (in the 50's)...
unseasonably cool.
Everyone feels energized on these mornings...
especially the horses as they gallop off to graze in the upper most pasture.
I wanted to share this video with you... 
so you can see how happy a cool morning makes everyone...

Don't Red and Ollie look great?
They seem to be at the perfect weight...
which is no small feat with miniature horses who tend to get fat just breathing air!

By the way...our daffy Runner ducks are still hiding in their stall.
Every morning I open the stall door so that they are free to roam.
If they don't come outside by next week, I will be giving them a bit more encouragement.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why Is Everyone So Tired?

Brown Sammie would have you believe that he is a very old, tired dog.
Over the years we've had Dr. Becky draw blood to test for all sorts of maladies...
afraid that there was a reason for his lethargy.

The results are always normal.

Whenever we go out for chores, Sam begs to ride in the gator.

At times he jumps in preemptively, 
just in case we were thinking of going somewhere.

He'd never want to be left alone.

In fact, if I leave him in the house without closing all of the sliding doors,
he will claw his way through the screens to get outside with us.
(See why his other name is Bad Sammie?)

I re-screen at least three doors each summer... not my most favorite job,
although at this point I am quite proficient at it!

He hitches a ride in the gator and then parks himself wherever we are...
and sleeps.

I have come to the conclusion that he is just a lazy dog.

Hubbs always says "Sammie is just conserving energy."
Maybe he's right....

Meanwhile back at the house....

Oh, no.... not you, too!!

 Ivy has learned to follow Sam's lead.

Lazy kitty!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Moonbeam's Big Test

Early every morning we walk the horses up to the upper pastures.
It takes three trips...

two "Littles"...
and then, two ponies.

Typically, a few dogs and turkeys follow along, as well.
If Hubbs and I work together it still requires two trips.

We've been wondering what would happen if I led the Littles,
and he led the ponies,
and we let Moonbeam go by himself, without a halter.

We tried the grand experiment on Sunday morning.
They had been out in the pasture for several hours during the cool of the morning.
By 10:30 it was getting buggy and hot...
time to go back to the barn for their chow (vitamin/mineral supplement) and fly masks.

Hubbs, led the Littles back to the barn....

and then came back for the ponies.

The plan was to open the gate of the pasture after he had the ponies haltered,
and just let Moonbeam free.

Here is the big test:

What a good boy!
I am pretty sure that any one of my horses would do the same.
They hate to be separated from their family.

One thing is sure, however, I would not try this experiment in the morning
when I first let them out.
With all that good hay growing all around, who knows where he would end up!

Friday, June 23, 2017

A Day With The Murphys

Somedays you wake up and you can feel something different in the air.
It's nothing to do with the weather.
It's more like a feeling that things are a little off balance...
out of kilter.

Yesterday was one of those days.
With a long to-do list, we set out early to get started.
As Murphy's Law states...."what can go wrong, will go wrong."
I don't usually believe this... 
however on a day that feels a little out of whack,
it was most certainly true!
Our woes included a flat gator tire (later fixed),
a missing wheel from our large tractor's mower deck (new part ordered),
amongst several other moments of utter frustration.

By noon, it had become the kind of day that makes one want to go back to bed.
But... this is life on a farm, in the country.
Projects are often re-thought as roadblocks are thrown in the way.

And for all the little imperfections that life throws at you on a daily basis,
you have to look for all the amazing perfection that exists 
just a little bit beyond your own personal space.

We looked.
And we found it... all around us.
We consciously let go of the morning's vertigo and re-set our world.
A walk through the fields of our farm in search of wild raspberries

soon smoothed over all of the rough spots of the day,
and brought us back to what is important...

this little part of our world that we call home...

our valley...

this life that we have found here in our own little heaven...
beneath cornflower-blue skies...

where day lilies grow in abundance...
in just about any space that is not growing something else.

We walked, and picked berries, and talked of how fortunate we are 
to live this life.
And all of the inconveniences of the morning faded away.
And suddenly all was right with the world...
it was tilted back on its axis once again.

Last night, when a monsoon came and dropped a half inch of rain in 5 minutes...
windows were open, and gutters overflowed...
(luckily, now, I don't have to water the garden today!)
and the cake that I was making for today's guests fell apart...

I felt that old earth shift right back off her axis, again.
I did the only thing I hadn't tried...
I went back to bed.

Luckily, today's another day!
Make it a great one!!

If you have this honeycomb pan...
unless you make 2 cakes with it!!  It is way too much batter for the pan.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Around the Barn...

We awoke to a 58 degree, blue-skied day yesterday...
a perfect start to the longest day of the year!

Morning chores were started at 5:30...
finished by seven.
I spent some time in the garden weeding and found this...

Yes, ole Mrs. Hoppity has made her nest right in the middle of the potatoes.

I actually knew there was a nest here
because Sammy was walking around the day before with a baby bunny in his mouth.
He spit it out when I yelled at him and the bunny hopped into the barn.
Hubbs rescued the bunny from the barn and placed it back in my garden box.

So, how do you like that?
Seems a little strange that we would be placing rabbit babies back into the garden...
but what else could we do?
They are, after all, just babies!
And, as I said before... I planted enough for an why not share with
some cute fuzzy bunnies!
I know... it might make no sense... but it does to me.

There are tons of babies around these days.
Mr. and Mrs. Barn Swallow come back to nest in this nest every summer.
They have at least two batches of chicklets.
This batch is ready to leave the nest, now.

I interrupted flight school later in the morning

 and was
reprimanded severely by both parents.

Tuesday was freedom day for the daffy duckles that live in the barn.
We opened their stall door and gave them the run of the place....

They still haven't ventured out.

And yes....they are constantly running!.... that is why they are a blur in this picture.
at some point they will get up the courage to explore their world.


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