Thursday, November 26, 2015

Turkey Pardon

Happy Thanksgiving from our farm family to you!
May your day be filled with good cheer and good health.

We will be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with our friends this afternoon,
and making final preparations for our family celebration tomorrow.

I am happy to say that yet again this year Tom and Chuck received a pardon.
They will not become Thanksgiving turkeys (ever!).

It's hard to believe that 6 or 7 years ago we ordered three turkeys
that we thought would be food for us.
And then we named them...
and the idea of eating them went right out the door.
I am sure that we never would have been able to follow through with turning them into food.

And so, we have our Thanksgiving turkey raised by a farmer down the road.
We never meet it... or name it.

I thought you might enjoy this video from almost 5 years ago...

Yes, that's Tyler... 5 years ago!
And the same Tom and Chuck!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Your Mother Meant When She Said "Don't Eat Like a Pig"

As I sit here gathering my thoughts,
the house is filled with the aroma of roasting pumpkin.

This year I snagged one of the big Cinderella pumpkins that I had found
for Autumn decorating...
cut it into segments (only using about a third of the was a monster!)
and roasted them in the oven for Thanksgiving baking.

As you read this post Wednesday morning, 
the flour will be flying as I make my flaky, buttery pastry crusts and pumpkin pies.
If the pie tastes half as good as it smells in this house...
we will be in pumpkin Heaven on Friday.

Yes, Friday.
Our family tradition is fondly known to us as...
Black and Blue Friday.

We have placed a moratorium on Christmas shopping that day,
and instead spend the day feasting and playing and enjoying each others' company...
four generations of us.
It's my favorite holiday of the year... all the good of Christmas, without the shopping.
Just good ole family fun and fellowship.
It is on this day that I am filled with so much thankfulness that I can hardly contain myself.
Thankfulness for family ties...
for all of the souls, young and old, whom I cherish the most.
Parents, children, grandchildren, Hubbs ...all my favorite people in this whole wide world....
all together in one place... surrounding me with love and warmth.

And of course, the farm work continues...

but truly the work is a labor of love...

as my thankfulness extends to these precious souls whose care has been entrusted to me.
They fill each of my days with sweet and tender joy.

Look who's roosting with the turkeys!
Two of the Lucilles were in the turkey house last night when I closed up.
I wonder what the fellows think of that!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pine Treats

Autumn sunrises are the best of the year!

Yesterday's fiery sun arose, but offered no heat to our world.
It's cold now... feeling rather wintry.
I am thankful for a barn filled with hay,
as this hay will help to keep our critters warm in the coming months.

Everyone always knows when it's feeding time.
They become a little impatient and quite vocal!

Our wood chipping project is nearing completion.
There is now a fresh layer of pine wood chips covering the horses' dry lot.
The fresh aroma of Christmas trees is a treat while I am out there cleaning up manure!

There is no better treat for the goats than the tree tops.
They love pine needles and will quickly strip these branches bare...
eating every last needle and the bark as well.

They utilize the branches as scratching posts as well...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Deja Vu

When you read today's post,
you might be inclined to think it is a re-post from another year.
I assure you it's not.

It's just that some things happen repeatedly around here.
Like this...

Yesterday morning, when we opened the chicken house, 
the girls could not get out the front door fast enough!

They literally flew out the door...
one hitting Hubbs square in the chest.

And this is why...

It seems young Percy Possum thought he had found himself a good situation.
Free rent and warm meals!

He soon realized that he had made a mistake,
as we chased him into a garbage can,
(aka: possum re-locator)
and drove him about 3 miles away to another woodsy location.

After last autumn's debacle (finding a possum consuming one of the chickens),
we take no chances on them finding their way back to the henhouse.
Squatters beware!

This weekend was our annual hike along the farm boundaries
to refresh our "No Trespassing" signs...
just in time for hunting season.

We do this yearly on a weekend preceding Thanksgiving.
It's an activity the dogs love.

It takes us about 2 hours to completely circle the farm,
hiking up hill and down, through bramble, and over fallen trees.

It's great exercise and a chance to enjoy every bit of our woods and fields.

Several deer jumped out close by us.
The presence of the dogs flushes them out.
The dogs are not allowed to chase the deer... but the deer don't know that!

I love the interesting fungi that grow on decaying logs....

and the unusual tree formations...

This tree is fascinating.
It looks as though it started out as two very closely situated trees
that eventually grafted themselves together into one tree.

Our woods are just filled with nature's magical touches!
On the edge of the woods I found a treasure...

This abandoned paper wasp nest will be added to my greenhouse gallery of
found nature items.

Isn't nature amazing?

Oh, and by the way...
I am sorry that Friday's post didn't make to to Facebook.
Apparently, I have learned, if you don't give your blog post a title, it won't load on to Facebook.
Now I know!

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Friday already!
After a rainy Thursday, it has cleared and we are headed for much colder temperatures
this weekend...maybe even a little snow flurry activity.

Brrrrrr...thank goodness we have lots of firewood.
Our post-tree-cutting projects are nearing completion.
All of the wood is neatly stacked in this line leading through the woods to the picnic pavilion,

and on our main wood pile behind our farmhouse.
We are slowly finishing up the wood chipping.

However, no outside work was done yesterday.
We all sought shelter for the day as it rained cats and dogs.

By late afternoon the sky cleared

 and everyone emerged ready to eat.

After making sure that everyone had fresh feed
(rainwater took care of all the watering tubs!)...
I headed home to try a new recipe.

photo courtesy of

made for a hearty (and super easy) dinner for a grey, soggy day.
This recipe is seriously good!

It won't be long before salad will be harvested from the greenhouse.
The seedlings are all happily growing.

Sugar peas....


Radishes and kale...

It's nice to still witness the emergence of new life as our temperatures begin to plummet...
not to mention having home grown greens to supplement our meals.

We have a very quiet weekend planned here...
with a possible visit from Tyler and his Mommy and Daddy.

Whatever your weekend holds for you....
I hope it's a good one!


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