Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This is Worth Waiting For!

It seems that so much of our year is spent wading through ice and snow...
skies cold and grey,
earth brown and grey.

Each day passed with the promise of warmth and color to come.

That time of year seems so long... days pass slower then
(which is not a bad thing!)

Suddenly, though, we find ourselves in the midst of an explosion of color!

All of the rain of the past three weeks coupled with the recent sunshine
has brought world back to life.

Every square inch is teeming with life.

Greens, so green... almost unimaginably green.

Is it any wonder that this is my favorite color?

After the work is done...
feeding, mucking, weeding, watering, mowing...
it's time to sit and just enjoy the beauty of our world.

Puffy clouds float overhead in a crystal blue sky as I lie back with cat on lap,
surrounded by friends.

This is heaven.

This is what gets us through the cold and dark days of winter.


Do you remember a few weeks ago...
I showed you a few messy looking goats?

A couple of our goats looking as though they had fallen on hard times...

Now they are looking quite lovely...
all of the old shedding matter removed.

Dr. Becky mildly sedates these two and combs all of the shedding fur,
trims their hooves,
and just generally gives them a makeover...
these two that won't stand still for such nonsense unless under the influence of drugs.

I should be so lucky... to take a nap and wake up with a complete makeover!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sound The Alarm!

Sound the guinea alarm!!

There's a new face on the farm.

This morning's appearance of a new face sent the guineas into alarm mode.
Squawking their usual disapproval...
"Stranger! Danger! Stranger! Danger!"
the guineas announced the newest addition to the Bee Haven neighborhood.

Meet Buddy.
He was just adopted from a shelter in Kentucky (or maybe it was Tennessee)
by Dr. Becky (Hubb's sister who also has a house on the farm).

Buddy, of unknown age and unknown breed mix,  (and sweet as sweet can be!)
was out for morning chores with Dr. Becky...
meeting the farm animals for the first time.

He was quite interested in Tom and Chuck...

as they were in him as well!

The dogs were highly interested in playing with him.

Sam and Oakley had to be told to mind their manners.

Buddy is still a little thin and his muscles are quite weak.
(Dr. Becky has no idea what his story was...
he is quite lucky to have been adopted.)
With a little time and tender loving care (and lots of treats)
he will gain weight and strength and be ready to give Sam and Oakley a run for the money!

Annie was quite happy with Buddy's arrival...
someone new to chase her!

I love happy endings to sad animal stories.
And although we don't know Buddy's story...
we can only guess based on the condition he was in.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Ghandi

There seems to be a feeling amongst many that man is to have dominion over animals.
Dominion does not necessarily mean respect or care, however.
My belief is that man is to live harmoniously with nature...
we've not done such a great job dominating it!

Monday, May 23, 2016

How to Lead a Farm Takeover

We're Amanda and Tim, we're the "kids", and we took care of the farm this weekend.

We've hung around here a bunch!

Sorry, pun, couldn't resist!

Most of the time, we venture up during holidays, pizza oven parties, go-kart races, and one notable wedding 
(...that was us, last summer, getting married and stuff).

So when it comes to things like hanging with Minerva, 
we're expert at spending quality, rainy time in the garden 
with our closest inanimate human. 

We made a few attempts at garden quality control too... i.e., an excuse to eat spring rain garden fresh produce (side note: that could be a laundry detergent scent).

And, if you want to successfully play farmer for a weekend, 
the ability to summon animals is super helpful. 

Moll-Cat was not so excited about the summoning...

It helps to establish authority with the animals.
Rather, the animals will play along with your displays of discipline, 
knowing you aren't the real deal, plotting their escape at your expense. 

Alternatively, just show them love.
And make sure the gates are locked!!!

We had quite the time holding down the fort for the weekend.
Don't worry. Bev will be back tomorrow! 

Until next time...

Friday, May 20, 2016

My Peaceful Place

There is nothing more peaceful and satisfying to me
than taking a break from mowing and weeding...
to sit quietly with the donkeys.

I'd have to say that of all the animals on the farm,
I feel a deep inner connection with these two girls.
Spending time with them is good for the soul.

We just may have found the cure for just about anything that ails you!

Wow!  Another Friday has arrived already!
We have an exciting weekend planned.
We are heading to Maryland on Saturday to go to the Preakness.
The weather is not in our favor... but we'll have a good time anyway.
Tim and Amanda are holding down the fort for us.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Let's Take a Walk....

Would you like to take a walk with us?

I am hoping that the following video uploads with no issues....
although, as I write this it is past my bedtime (last night) and there are over three
hours still to go on the upload to YouTube.
If it were a perfect world, I'd have nothing to worry about.
So, I am crossing my fingers and going to bed with the hopes that this video is present
when I awaken.
If not, check back a little later and it will be up and running for sure!!


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