Friday, February 23, 2018

Soggily Wrapping Up Another Week

I sit here gazing out the window at the rain falling from dark grey skies.
Cold breezes are once again blowing through the tree tops.
As I sit here writing, I am still chuckling from yesterday's comments regarding our
garden angel and the "cold sore"... lichen growth on her face.
You guys crack me up!

I am so thankful for the two warm, sunny days to which we were treated.
They helped to fuel my gardening fire.

I am busy making a list of what needs to be done relatively soon.
The grapevines need pruning.
Minerva, our garden scarecrow who you might have noticed was absent last summer,
needs a complete makeover.
Years ago I drew a pattern for her face... so I will be busy sewing, stuffing and painting
a whole new personality for her.
There will be no sagging for that girl... no, she has the luck of receiving a new face
every few years.
Minerva May Honeycut...her fresh, country look is as timeless as her aprons.

I sit here writing, know that some of my four legged friends are also inside looking out...
waiting for sunny days to return.

The others don't seem to notice the weather.
My horses are notorious for standing out in any given weather...
even though they have the freedom to come and go from three large indoor spaces.

Yesterday I showed you how muddy Moonbeam had gotten himself.
You asked how I would get him clean.

If it were warm summer weather, he would get a bath.
However, since it is winter and cold has returned, I simply allow the mud to dry
and them brush it off.

Amazingly, though, when I went out to feed them yesterday morning, he was almost clean.

With four days of rain predicted, I decided to just ignore his looks...
they will only get worse before getting better.

There are sunny days ahead, and we will use those days to spit-shine this handsome fellow.

So, while the rains fall...
I am busying myself with housework (while listening to my MasterClass courses on
writing, photography and cooking).
I have a few quilting projects that I should start... and finish.
There is always plenty around here to keep me busy.

PS... I am hoping you may have gotten a chance to watch the Rescue Dog Show that was aired last week on the Hallmark Channel.
It was the sweetest thing I have seen in a while...
with categories such as "best kisser", "best couch potato", "best fetcher", 
"best elder dog", and more.
As I watched it I realized that my four rescues could have done very well in this show.

Annie... for agilities and fetching... this girl can run like the wind and stop on a dime.
She catches balls while they are still in the air...
she is the most amazing athlete we have ever seen!

Sam... for couch potato... he thinks the furniture is his.

Oakley.... best elder... best all around friend in the entire world... canine perfection!

And Chester.... best kisser!

This guy just cannot hold his licker!
If my face is anywhere close to his, he covers every possible inch with kisses...
until I am laughing hysterically.

At 8 months, I am pretty sure he's not going to ever grow into his ears!

And with that we've reached the end of another week.
We'll be spending a soggy weekend here on the farm... wading through mud with our friends.

Now, tell me.... have you ever seen anything as cute as these two piggy butts?

The End.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Brief Taste of Spring

Yesterday morning, I headed out for morning chores to see rising sun...
which was actually shining...
and my heart sang!

Blue sky, warm breezes, rays of sunshine reaching down to touch the soggy earth...

it was a taste of spring in the middle of winter.

For the first time in months,
I worked to the song of robins... more robins than I could count...

busily enjoying their wormy breakfasts in the pastures.

We walked the horses up to the upper pastures as a treat...
a sunny morning to enjoy before the next four days of rain arrive.

Their hooves squish-squished in the spongy earth.

The earth just cannot hold another drop of water!

This is what happens to horses this time of year...

Yikes!   I need to ride him through a car wash!!

After so many mucky days, sunshine doesn't go un-noticed!
Everyone was out running around in the sunshine yesterday.
And believe it or not... by afternoon the thermometer read 77 degrees!

Winter is not over... we still have March weather ahead of us...
but what a wonderful taste of spring we had yesterday.

Even the garden began to wake-up just a little!

I spent several hours off the farm taking care of one of my Littles...
who was home with croup....
but before I left for town, mixed up a batch of sourdough bagels and set them on the counter to
rise for the day.

While I was gone, Hubbs mixed up a loaf of sourdough bread and set it out to rise.
(He's been studying bread baking, amongst other things, in his retirement.)

By late afternoon, the bagel dough was ready and we cut the dough...
formed it into bagel shapes...

boiled it and baked it...

Not bad for our first attempt.
As for Hubbs' bread...


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My Truth

Good morning.... from beautiful Mudville!
This is how our world looked yesterday... before the temperatures skyrocketed to the upper 60's.

With four solid days of rain headed our way,
I wanted to get a little extra work done.

We cleaned out the sheep houses again... giving them dry bedding to get them through
the four days they will likely spend indoors.

If only I could make the sheep as clean as their houses!

Of course, as with everything... there is always an audience.
In this case, they are just there hoping that treats might be next on the agenda.

Just to give you a taste of what it's like around here....

We've been lucky to have the opportunity to babysit a bit over the past month...
spending time with our littlest of littles.

My, how they are growing!

We will also get to see Tyler this Friday for a bit.
These three little people make my heart so very full.

I must thank you for all of your wonderful words of affirmation...
you are so very generous in your comments and I cherish each and every one.
I have to share my truth with you, however.
I find myself uncomfortable reading the words "talented" or "artistic".
Those words imply that I have a special unique gift...
which I assure you I do not have.
It also implies that perhaps you might feel that you do not have that gift.

The truth is...
besides being raised by generations of "can-do" women...
my one and only gift is this:
"self reliance".
I have never been afraid to try anything... and with that... I have never been afraid of failure.
Trying something and failing at it is nothing more than a learning experience...
bringing us just one step closer to succeeding.
Some things have a steep learning curve.
Some things do not.

♫  I can play the piano... not because I have any musical ability...
but merely because I took years and years of lessons and spent hours and hours practicing.
Without lessons, I would still be playing chopsticks.  ♬

When I see someone doing something that I would like to do...
I usually turn to Youtube and search for tutorials...
like... making fancy butterfly cookies.  
Online tutorials are a wealth of information - 
breaking down instruction to a step-by-step process that can be watched over and over.

I am no expert at anything, but I know where to look to find other experts to guide me.
And then I jump in with both feet and persevere until I conquer.

What I have learned is this....
If there is something you long to do... try it.
Know that at first you might fail... but failure is never the end...
 it is just one potential part of the process!

My hope is not that you read my blog and think I am "talented"....
but that you read my blog and it empowers you to make your day or your home or your life,
 whatever you wish it to be!!

I am truly grateful for the friendships that this blog has afforded me...
it's lovely to have you to sit and share a cup of tea.
We are all on a journey... how much sweeter it is when we share it!
(And fancy cookies make it even sweeter!)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Just For Fun

While the snow melts, the rain falls, and the river rises,
I have been indoors, like the bluebirds, 
(whose melodic songs have once again become my morning madrigal)
feathering my nest.

I've been sewing and knitting... and dreaming of warm, sunny days...
spending time doing little projects in my sewing room.

I added a sheer drape to one window...
and instead of a curtain rod, suspended a gnarly branch from the woods on two
faucet handles.

I ordered a few yards of "scrim"... a very filmy gauze,
and made these swags... just for pretty.

I've been spending a little time in the company of wee folk...
who just seem to keep dropping off my knitting needles and staying for tea!
They are each between 3 and 4 inches tall.

I've been feeding my sourdough starter 
and making a batch of English muffins each week with the discard.
I might have to stop consuming these delectable treats before my middle turns into a muffin!

We've been making a concerted effort to get out for a long walk on any day that it 
doesn't rain. (Helps to counteract the muffins!)

The woods inspire me... there is so much beauty to be found there!
I could seriously decorate my house with fungi!

Unfortunately, this beauty was out of my reach!

My animals are all filthy... the result of constant snow, melt, rain, mud, etc.
Very soon they will all get a complete makeover!

For those of you who wondered about our rising river...
we are many miles away from it's swelling banks.
We sit very high and dry...
even in comparison to our barn and our animals.
The only water we must deal with is ground water (mud.)

I have a fondness for chalkboards and use them in my decor.

I've seen so much chalkboard art on the internet and always wondered how it was done.
Given that I am no artist and my handwriting is not lovely...
I longed for a way to decorate my chalkboards.

Last week I found it!
Chalk Couture is a company that sells adhesive, reusable, silkscreens for chalkboards.
You simply use a small squeegee and some chalk paste and...


The chalk designs wash right off just like chalk...
so you can change your chalkboard whenever you like.

Just like this....

Monday, February 19, 2018

What Cats and The Weather Have In Common

A typical day in the life of a cat:

Typical late winter weekend:

After several warm days, in which our snow had finally melted...
we received another 5 inches!
The funny thing is... by Tuesday it is supposed to be 70 degrees!

Our river has swelled from the recent snow melt and rain...

I can only imagine how this will look later this week,
after the current snows melt and this week's predicted rains come!


Goodness, someone needs to go on a diet!



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