Morning Moments

Unless it's pouring outside, all of the animals have grazing time in the mornings.  

The donkeys go out into the front pasture, while the horses are walked to the upper pastures.  Before leaving the barn, Moonie has his fly mask put on to help block the sun's rays from his one remaining eye.

Because she has 24/7 access to the front pasture, Ginger is always there by the gate to the dry lot requesting her breakfast (lunch and dinner, as well!)  She eats her bowl of chow and then wanders over to see what Forrest is doing.  He's enjoying his morning cat food can.  Annie and Chester lick their cans clean (Forrest gets to lick the lids and the spoon).  After Annie and Chester are no longer interested, Forrest steals a can and plays with it for a few minutes.  "Keep away" is his favorite game.

I love that all of the animals are comfortable with each other.

Old friends...

just having a morning chat.

After barn chores are finished, we head up to the chicken houses to let the chickens out for their day-long free ranging.

I notice as we pass the upper pasture that Moonie has lost his fly mask.  I walk out into the pasture to retrieve it...

and stop to talk to Ollie and Red, who are happily munching their breakfast.

The horses are shedding like crazy right now.  This hair comes off just from me petting his back.
I pick it up and shove the hair into a crevice in the fence.  Some bird might find it a suitable nesting material.

"Oh, hello, handsome horse!"  Red comes over to see what we are up to - just in case I might have some treats in my pocket.  "So sorry... my pockets are empty!"

"Well, hello, good, one-eyed sir!  What seems to have happened to your mask?"  Moonie looks at me and nickers his amusement.

He holds still while I again put on his fly mask, then goes back to enthusiastic munching.

And so, we arrive at another weekend.  I am off, tomorrow, for a train ride to the big city to see a Broadway musical.  Up and back the same day - it'll be a long day, but a fun one!  I'm hoping the weather cooperates!  I'll tell you of my adventure on Monday.  Til then - be well.  Sending hugs from the farm


daisy g said…
Oh, that Moonie is a handsome boy.
It’s amazing that your chooks can free range without worry of predators!

Have a great time in the city.
Safe travels.
Marcia LaRue said…
Such a nice, peaceful stroll around the farm this morning, getting the animals all taken care of!
Curious as to what musical you will be attending in the City! I hope you met up with friends to see the show!
Tracy L said…
Lovely posts as usual. It looks so green and pretty. A play sounds wonderful. I would love to see Suffragettes when it comes around. I was able to catch a bit of it on CBS Sunday morning show.
Heather said…
We have a mule with UVeitis and I've discovered that Kensington makes a UV-Protective fly mask that stays on really well. It's not cheap, but it works nicely. :)
Bee Haven Bev said…
That is exactly the fly mask that we use
This N That said…
Good pictures of your pasture activity.. Love the assortment of animals. Somewhere recently I read an article about things that are bad to use in birds nests. I think horse here was in there. Zoey is shedding a lot right now too. 'tis the season!
Enjoy your show. Have a safe trip xxoo
Have a great weekend, including tomorrow when you head to the city on a train for a play. How fun. Can't wait to hear more about it. Glad Forrest doesn't cut himself licking and playing with the cat food lids. Your animals always look so happy!
Lynne said…
Loved seeing “the family” mix it up with one another.
I look forward to hearing about your visit to the city!