These November Days

 We are mid-way through November and still our daytime temperatures remain relatively warm (50's to 60's).  Nights, on the other hand, have been very cold - 20's.

Finally, yesterday, I made it out to the barn to witness the sunrise.  It wasn't the most brilliant of the week, as the clouds were few - but it was spectacular, nonetheless.  It's been perfect weather for the year's last bit of gardening work.

I love these frosty morning when the dry, crisp autumn world shimmers with ice crystals.  There's something about those delicate crystals sparkling on russet leaves in the morning sun that leaves me awestruck.  There's so much beauty in the process that eventually renders our landscape brown and barren.

By late morning, the air has warmed enough to work outside in just a sweatshirt - the morning's jacket, hat, and gloves no longer needed.  

And yes, Forrest likes to graze a little with the horses.  Moonbeam never seems to mind the chaos that accompanies Forrest.  Nor do the littles.  The ponies, however, are a different matter.  There's nothing like an exuberant puppy to send them scattering to different corners of the pasture... making them difficult to catch, in order to walk back to the barn.  Moonbeam still takes himself to and from the pastures.

Yesterday's task (in addition to the daily chores) was to continue cleaning up the garden. By the end of the afternoon, there were only three boxes remaining in need of a clean-out.   Perhaps they will be today's chore.

I started listening to a new book on Audible... the recently published memoir of Barbra Streisand (my all-time favorite!).  It is recorded in her own voice and has a run time of 48 hours... so it should keep me entertained long after all of the gardening is complete.   

As I worked, the dogs played and Hubbs brought tractor buckets full of compost to cover each emptied garden box. 

A few chickens visited... most likely attracted to the worms in the fresh, rich, compost.  It was literally teeming with earthworms... a great addition to the garden boxes.

And, we had a visit from our friend Ellie (the golden doodle from across the road.)

She and Forrest ran and played, while Annie barked her "too rough!" warning at the ruffians.

Annie, at 10 is the puppy "fun" monitor.  A little play is fine, but when it gets too rough, she puts everyone in their place!


Karla said…
Wow, Annie is 10! I remember your post when you got her, and how traumatized she was. What a great life she's had on the farm! Forrest has added such great energy to your farm family, love reading about his antics. And now the time of year for resting (some) and reflecting (more). I love being outside in the cold. The more I read and listen to podcasts about intentional cold exposure, the more time I will be spending outside this winter.
daisy g said…
Sounds like a perfect autumn day! Glad that Forrest had a new friend to play with.
We saw Barbra Streisand's interview on Steven Colbert and she is truly one of our national treasures. So talented, and has always been herself.

Bee Haven Bev said…
Yes… I saw that interview as well… delightful!
This N That said…
It looks as though you pretty much have summer put to bed. It’s taking its time. Leaving us this year. It has been a beautiful month. Always fun to have playful puppies. Around to help out. 02 star Barbra Streisand on Steve Colbert. Hope you are enjoying her book. I remember when she was just starting out. One of my favorites. Hugs.
Joyce / Harrisburg :) said…
Barbra is my favorite too, and I was lucky to see her in concert in Brooklyn when she was on tour. A dream come true! I’m reading the book but think I will switch to audible. Have a wonderful day!
Question Bev….I saw a recipe for sour dough English muffins on line. To be honest, making and maintaining a sour dough starter seems overwhelming. You make this a lot. Should I be apprehensive? I could use some courage 😀 Debbie
Bee Haven Bev said…
I think the thought of keeping sourdough alive is much more intimidating than the actual task. There are weeks when I don't touch my sourdough and it just patiently waits for me in the fridge. Then I feed it and it is once again active and bubbly and ready to use. I have not bought bread in a store now for years. I made the commitment to sourdough and never looked back. I am trying to expand my horizons to use sourdough in more recipes. The English muffins are quite easy. If you were closer, I would share my sourdough with you and give you lots of coaching and encouragement. I can give you the latter, but not sure how the sourdough would like the USPS. King Arthur sells a sourdough starter and has really good instructions on how to keep it alive. That might be a good place to start if you decide to take the leap.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i can't wait to read that book. i love her. you can dry sourdough starter and store it in a jar. you can also pulverize the dried starter for shipping.
Jackie said…
Annie will keep the youngens in line. Makes me smile.
It I a joy to visit the farm each day you post. I love how all of the animals have their own personality, but
Respect each others space.
The muffins look delicious. A sour dough muffin and some homemade apple butter. Mmmm😊
Barbara has always been one of my favorite artists. Growing up in the 70s and 80s with Rick and roll and all of the artists in that genre was amazing. But putting on a vinyl of Barbara was a treasure. I watched Barbara on Stephen Colbert. She is a genuine person. Never forgot who she was. I have always wanted to go to a concert whenever she would feel she could do a performance. PBS just aired her concert in Brooklyn over the weekend. It was absolutely wonderful. I will put her book on my Christmas list. ❤️
Thank you Bev and Hubs for sharing your farm family with each of us.