Code Red in The Morning!

 Early mornings are the best time of the day... in my humble opinion.  I've always felt that way, so I doubt I'll ever change.

With the sun slowly making its way above the horizon, it feels as though there's a blank canvas in front of me - a day just waiting to become some form of masterpiece.

Even on these cloudy, monochromatic days - I still feel a sense of anticipation for what the day may hold.

I suppose if you don't have a chance to get out and experience the beautiful hidden colors of nature that can be found in the woods, even at this time of year, then perhaps these endless grey days may feel dismal. Just remember - we all need our time of rest... even the earth.  It's this time of dormancy that allows the earth to gather its energy and ready itself for the rebirth ahead.  I've been trying to put this time to good use... knitting and sewing some projects, trying new recipes, as well as cleaning out some storage areas in our home.  What I've tried to avoid is looking ahead to the allure of springtime. 


With a finite amount of days ahead of me... I don't want to wish a single one away.

The good news is... we've had a few dry days and things are not quite as muddy as they were.  Oh, they're still muddy; but the mud no longer sucks one's muck boots from one's feet.  Also... have you noticed a shift in each day's light?  The days are longer now.  More light helps to lift one's spirit.

Almost every morning involves shuffling the equines around from dry lot to pasture and back again. 

 Most mornings, the process goes smoothly and everyone knows and does their part. 

 One morning this past weekend, however, we had what our neighbors call a "Code Red."  A Code Red is the signal that goes out by text that one (or more) of the equines has escaped.  I received (but missed) just such a code on Saturday morning.  I was up in the attic going through old photograph albums.  I didn't have my phone at the time, so I missed the text.  In a matter of minutes, though, Jack was downstairs saying " I need you... the donkeys have escaped!"  

This apparently happened as he was bringing in the ponies and the two mini horses, and removing halters.  He had closed the gate behind him, but had not put the chain around the fence yet.  Our donkeys are very cunning and typically always do a perimeter check of the gates.

  It's not that they actually want to escape, but the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  At least that is their thought, I believe, as they open the gate and take off at a donkey trot (which, if you are not familiar with a donkey trot, is a rather comical sight).

The thing is... donkeys do not like to be on the lam.  In fact, within a minute of running through that gate they start to panic and want nothing more than to be back home again.  Donkeys are smart and quickly realize that the grass is not in fact any greener anywhere else.  It's just that they lack the foresight to think through their escape plans - and hindsight is 20/20 vision, as they say.

So, by the time I reached the barnyard, the donkeys had about lost their minds. 

 They were closed in the upper pastures (to keep them from running any further away), pacing the fence. They know the way back to their own yard, 

but it usually takes a little encouragement to get them headed in that direction.

Once they are home again, all is right with the world.  

I did overhear Daphne telling Chloe "I told you that wasn't a good idea!" 

 Yes, I do believe that Chloe is the instigator for these adventures... not sweet, chubby Daphne!

PS:  Happy February!!


daisy g said…
I agree with you that mornings are the best time of day. But lately, I find so many wonderful things about the various parts of the day, even the simplest of routines is so comforting.

Those girls just needed a bit of excitement, I guess. Glad your neighbors were on alert!

Hope you are feeling better.
I am a morning person and so enjoy those first rays of light! I agree with daisy g
there are many things to enjoy about every part of the day!
Those donkey girls just keeping you on your toes! I too have been cleaning/clearing closets and such. Great time of year to do it.
Have a fantastic Wednesday!
littlemancat said…
Those donkey girls just had to give you a little excitement! Isn't it always the few times that you don't have your phone on hand, that something comes up?
This N That said…
I too, am a morning person..It just doesn't start quite as early as it used to as I go to bed rather late..
Glad the Donkeys came to their senses without too much bother on your part..
Sounds as though you are feeling better ?
Love your first picture..
Happy February..Enjoy this pretty day..Hugs
jaz@octoberfarm said…
now that is a real pair of bad 'asses'!