Days like these fill me with so much gratitude.  2022 has been a good year.  We had a long, beautiful spring, a bountiful summer... and our little corner of the world, right here, is filled with peace and contentment.  It's truly hard to want for anything more.

And although the world beyond our own little farm seems out of balance, sometimes... life on the farm keeps me centered.

I spent some time off of the farm yesterday - appointments, errands, family time.  I arrived home and immediately headed out to spend time with my critters.  All of the hubbub, rush, and busy-ness of the city and suburbs melted away as I sat in the pasture with the pigs.  My muscles relax, my heartbeat slows.  Ahhhhh....there's no place like home.

Of course, upon seeing me, Maryann came rushing over.  She had been cooling off beneath the scrubby growth around the pasture telephone pole.  I've said this before, I know - but, this girl and I have a very deep connection.

Ginger, on the other hand was more interested in grazing and ignored my presence.

I relaxed, there, in the grass with MaryAnn, watching the clouds overhead and just enjoying the cool pasture shade. 

 I am sure that anyone driving by would think me crazy... lounging with a pig.  Luckily, we get no traffic on our road.  My secret is safe!

A belly rub absolutely hypnotizes this girl.  She is putty in my hands!

Her lip curls in a tiny smile of satisfaction.

It was a wonderful moment that reminded me of just how special this life amongst the critters is.

I also stopped by the pond and spent a few minute sitting on the bank.  Our mallard numbers are increasing weekly.   

We are now up to 10 mallards in addition to our two tame ducks.  This number will keep increasing as we get closer and closer to cooler weather.  The bulk of our feed bill will soon be due to duck feed, as we keep food down for the visiting ducks all winter long.  I know... if we didn't, they'd find another food source.  I'd like to think we make life a little easier for the critters who visit our farm.

As is for all of us... I don't know what the future holds.  I don't know if we will always be able to live here on the farm.  The work will eventually get too hard.  All I know is... I can't imagine living anywhere else.  And so, each day I greet my life with gratitude and the hope that it can stay this way for as long as is possible.  Along with that hope is that I am able to care for all of my critters throughout their natural lives.

Thanks to the energy of little ones, this week flew by.  I can hardly believe that today is Friday, already.  We have a fun weekend planned... a local Arts Fest in lovely Mount Gretna, followed by a day with the littlest of our Littles (Elijah).  We'll be back on Monday with tales of the weekend.

Until then.... many hugs from the farm!

PS... answer to The JR... from yesterday's comments.  Chloe does allow me to put a halter on her.  (Just not the fly mask... for whatever reason.)  Kudos to anyone who can completely figure out donkeys!


daisy g said…
Yes, it's always good to get back home. There is nowhere else that feels so content.

Enjoy your weekend!
So Much Glory said…
We love Mt. Gretna! Used to go to the Arts Fest every year. When my daughter was little we would go the the Jigger Shop, play on the playground and then after the sun set we’d play miniature golf on the ‘camp-y’ course. Also enjoyed the home tours back in the day. Many fond memories!
Marcia LaRue said…
I wonder if it is possible that Chloe is claustrophobic and that's why she refuses the fly mask! She's OK with the halter ... just a random thought this Friday morning!
I know you and Hubbs will have a great weekend! I am enjoying some cooler days in S. Colorado. ❤
I had tears in my eyes after reading about your love for the farm. I know you have written about this many, many times but for some reason it really touched me this time. Maybe it is because of the unreasonable things going on in the world. I just loved this post. Thanks Bev.
Lisa said…
I had a question about pasture maintenance: do you have to seed the pastures and mow, or can you let things grow naturally and have the animals do the mowing work for you? I know you pull poisonous plants too -- is that a large problem? I hope that you and your husband can stay on the farm for years and years to come - it is so invigorating to be able to relax in nature with your animals. :)
Hi Bev,
It is always so calming to visit here. Your part of the world is so peaceful, and very beautiful. You know I just love Maryann and Ginger. They are quite the pair.
Take care.
This N That said…
No place like home for sure...I can't imagine you two being anywhere else..or without critters.
Glad your duckies are coming back..Autumn is just around the corner..Yay!!
Have fun at the Arts Fest..That was always a fun day and we never came home empty handed..
Yes, you're right Bev....the world is in a strange state these days. It's wonderful that you can come home and relax in the beauty of your farm and critters. I hope you and your hubbs will be able to live there for a long time yet. Enjoy your weekend!
Unknown said…
I'm so glad that I came back to your blog! It is so calming to read about your farm and animals!