The Best Kind of Therapy

Most days I am fresh, firm, strong, and ready to take on whatever the day throws my way.

However on the occasional day when I feel more like this (and we all have those days!)... 

I head out to find my special friends.

Ginger and MaryAnn are the best kind of therapy that anyone could ask for.

They enthusiastically come running as soon as they see me... letting me know with their gleeful grunts and their smiling faces that they are happy I am there.

With MaryAnn it is give and take.   For all of the affection she gives, she gladly takes a belly rub as payment.

Ginger just likes to say hi and then return to eating.  She's less apt to sign up for a lengthy session, but she cares, nonetheless.

Regarding yesterday's post:

My very favorite recipe that uses saffron is THIS one.

Ann:  we use pine shavings for our bedding.  We compost these shavings right along with the manure.  Our compost piles sit for at least a year before we use the compost.  We keep a compost thermometer in the active pile and monitor the temperature.  When it drops below 100 degrees, Jack turns the pile with the tractor.  By the end of a year,  just about everything has broken down nicely.

As for the demise of the runner duck... no, the eagle did not take it away... he ate it on the spot.  I am glad I was not there to witness it, however our neighbors were 😞.

As for this autumn's weird weather.  This will be the latest we have ever had to mow.  Normally by this time of year the grass has gone dormant.  We'll be mowing this week... again!


colleen said…
By the looks of that second was a rough day, YIKES!! Ginger and MaryAnn to the rescue. Backyard therapy, the best kind. I was sad yesterday when I read about the runner duck and even more sad today that the neighbors witnessed it :(
daisy g said…
I know what you mean. I have found myself in a funk for the longest time now, and we don't have pigs, but just being outside in the garden or watching the chooks makes me feel better.

There is no healer like Mother Nature.
Anonymous said…
The pigs are so precious!
The JR said…
Thanks for the recipe link.
Ann said…
Thanks, Beverly!
Joan said…
So dear they are, And how we all need therapy these days. One of your commenters mentioned being in a funk (Daisy) and it brought tears to my eyes because of ....well just so much. Having to move because my landlords sold the house I have lived in for 28 years, pain that came to try to live in my body, the incredible isolation of this time and the longing to just feel safe again. It helped to know I was not alone in this ‘funk’ though I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And yet in it there are rays of hope and comfort ... like this lovely post and comments from people that we have never seen.
This N That said…
That is one ugly pumpkin..colorful though..So glad you have your therapy pigs..Whatever their therapy. it works..Animals are the best..
I think sometimes I may need a piggie fix.
You have the best attitude ..that helps a lot !! Fresh, Firm and strong..Yup, that's you!!
I remember mowing at Thankgiving one year..
Love you..
Lynne said…
Thank you for the recipe.

Happy you did not witness the Eagle . . .
I would not have handled that well at all.

I mowed today, mostly picking up leaves and pine needles.
Turning off sprinkling system tomorrow.
I will do leaf pick up as long as I can.
When the leaves get thick, we bring out the rakes and blowers.
A busy time of the year.
Frost warning for tonight.

Those piggies sure bring you smiles and cheer.
And that is good! ❤️
yep, feathers and fur, sprinkled in with a little bit of Mother Nature,,,the best comfort...