Making Big Deposits With No Penalty For Early Withdrawal

We, here in the Northeast, have the pleasure (and sometimes the pain) of living with four distinct seasons.  Personally, I love the change of seasons... each one bringing new and wondrous facets to life on earth.

  For a certain part of the year, though, we live in a rather austere, colorless world.  Cloudy days, bare trees, misty rain, and blustery snowstorms punctuate that particular time of year. 

 And although I miss and long for the brilliant colors of the other three seasons, I take the opportunity to rest during this homogenous winter season.  Now, granted, my "resting" may not look like most people's because it is rare that I am ever sitting still unless my hands are occupied with something creative.  But still, there is a rest that comes with shorter days... without the sensory stimulation and outdoor work that spring, summer, and autumn bring.

The sounds, smells, and colorful sights lie dormant as the earth, itself, rests during the winter.

Perhaps it is the realization that monochromatic life looms around the corner that I am so intent upon enjoying the heterogeneous palette of summer. 

 Summer is nothing short of a colorful explosion.  

Almost every day I am met with a new, vibrant blossom,

 or fruit, or creature.  

It's the time of year that leaves me feeling child-like - full of wonder and awe at all that surrounds me.  

I spend so many hours out-of-doors just soaking in this sensory smorgasboard... making deposits into my memory bank so that I can make frequent and necessary withdrawals in the leaner months ahead.

I love sharing the lovely sights of each day with you, here.  My camera is the portal through which you, too, can travel into my world for a moment or two.

Years ago, when we began farm life - there were barely any flowers here.... except for those planted by Mother Nature herself. 

 Each year after that I have added and added. 

 Now, there is color everywhere you look. 

 And, each year our land grows more and more beautiful.

And with that... a deep satisfaction. 

 Gardening is a passion - one that I hope to continue until the day I draw my final breath. 

 I love working hand in hand with Mother Nature.  She has revealed secrets to me not found in books.

Ps,,,, I noticed a comment yesterday that worried me.  Purselane is the edible weed that I mentioned.  Morning glories are generally not edible.


One of our daily morning chores is that of feeding our pond fish. 

 We have a myriad of different fish that inhabit our pond, but none quite as obvious or a showy as our koi.  They have lived in this pond for longer than we have lived in our log home here on the farm.  


I spent a good portion of yesterday morning walking miles along the farm's woodlands in search of wild blackberries.  

The rains of the past month have been the perfect encouragement for  fungi.  All through the woods, lovely mushrooms have emerged...

and some I have never before seen.

I picked and froze another quart of blackberries.  Brambleberry jam (aptly named as I spend much time pulling briars out of my skin!)
is Hubb's favorite, so I take extra care in picking as many berries each summer as I can find.  It's one of the little things that say "I love you."  And it truly is a labor of love - as I always come back with chigger bites.  Chiggers are tiny insects, almost invisible to the naked eye, who leave the biggest welts in the most uncomfortable of places!

In the end, though, it's worth it!

At the present time, we have way more cherry tomatoes than we can possibly eat.  Yesterday I slow roasted a pan of them (sprinkled with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper ) (250 degrees for a several hours).  

I packed them tightly in small canning jars, topped them off with olive oil, and will freeze the jars for use this winter.  How delicious will roasted summer tomatoes taste on a piece of freshly baked crusty bread!

Here we are... and so quickly we arrived here... at another weekend.  I will be watching Tyler's last swim meet on Saturday... a league championship meet.  After the meet, I will pick up Mackenzie and Easton and keep them for a farm over-night visit.  It should be a perfect weekend!

I hope your weekend is perfect as well!

We'll be back Monday with Tales to tell.


Addendum : Written after blog was finished......

We lost our precious Griz yesterday afternoon.  After months of trying to cure his abscess and other ailments - with surgery, wound care, and antibiotics - he succumbed to his health problems.  He had quit eating these past couple of days and seemed to lose his zest for life.   I spent his last half hour of life cuddling him… and he passed peacefully.  I am so very disheartened, losing this friend.  I only hope that his months here with us were as happy as possible.  It is with great love and great loss that we say goodbye for now... see you on the other side.  Dearest Griz, you'll be in good company when you reach your destination... for we have many beloved friends beyond the veil.



Sheila said…
I am so sorry to read of Griz's passing. I loved his story. I will miss reading and seeing photos of Griz. I am happy he had such a good life no matter short with you at Bee Haven.

Sheila Young
The JR said…
I'm so sorry for you and your family. Griz found a wonderful home when he wandered onto your place.

About 4 weeks ago, I lost my Lucky. I plucked him out of the middle of the interstate when he was about 4 weeks old. I think he hitched a ride under a car and when the car ramped on....he flew out.

He was bruised, battered - had broken teeth. His tail was shorter than it was suppose to be and his little hip appeared to be broken.

I cried and cried so much, I made myself sick. Took me 3 weeks to get over the sinus infection from all the crying.

We get so attached to them. Love them with all our hearts. I know Gris had the best care possible and was very much loved.

Take care.
Anonymous said…
So sorry about Griz hopefully he is not in pain now
Bee Haven Bev said…
The JR.... I am so very sorry for the loss of your Lucky! Sending hugs from the farm!!
daisy g said…
Oh, no! Griz certainly picked the right place to spend his last few months. Bless him and you.

Jeannie said…
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that Griz has passed away. I loved reading about his adventures with you. Happy Trails, little buddy.
Diane said…
So sad to hear about Griz. It was such a joy to watch him change from a ferocious feral cat into the velcro kitty. He hit the jack pot when he wandered onto your farm. You gave him an incredible life.
Alice said…
Condolences on the loss of Griz. He was a special cat. I had a calico cat that had the same virus. She would leave gobs of snot everywhere when she sneezed. It would dry like concrete. She had constant runny eyes and she had a fused lower spine and a crooked tail from inbreeding. She had been rescued off the streets of Johnstown but had such a loving personality that the shelter returned to rescue the rest of the litter, but they had already been killed. I just called her Kitty, but she became Old Kitty as she lived over 20 years. She had been with me a third of my life. I still miss her.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i am so sorry to hear about griz. he was so loved.
Patty said…
I'm so sorry that Griz is gone.I have tears in my eyes writing this as it feels like I have lost a friend. I loved reading about Griz in your daily life and riding on your shoulders while you worked. I'm going to miss him too.
Dianne said…
I'm saddened about the loss of Griz. His joy at being 'home' at last was palpable. Your loving care of that orphan of the wild was wonderful to read about and the photos of him nestling all over you were so heartwarming. He was my favorite of your critters. He loved you, that was obvious. That you were able to cuddle him and ease his transition is a treasure. He had the best life he could have wanted when he came to your farm and he showed you his gratitude over and over again. Thank you for that.
Marcia LaRue said…
All of your flower pictures are so beautiful ... and those butterflies ... especially that black one! Wow!!
I, too, shall miss the adventures of Griz ... my goodness ... for all the tears shed at reading about his passing, you'd think he was my personal kitty! In a way, he was all of ours to love! Maybe now that other feral kitty will decide to come in closer unless the 2 Beatrixes warn it off!
It will be interesting to see what new crops up! Beware of that black fungi! Yikes!!!
Jody in Georgia said…
I was so sorry to hear about Griz, as a cat momma I've watched a lot of
furkids cross the Rainbow Bridge in the last 40 years or so. It is never easy, but I try to imagine them all playing together in heaven waiting for their momma.
littlemancat said…
Joy and sorrow in this post - the beautiful flowers,butterflies,and garden and the loss of the sweet boy Grizz. Hugs.
littlemancat said…
I meant Griz, sorry for the misspelling. He deserves his name spelled correctly.
Anonymous said…
I don't think I've commented here before but I've been reading your blog for years; a silent friend. I appreciate the beauty you share as we can't all live on farms, and your positivity. The loss of Griz hit me hard. He was my favorite animal on your farm; I lingered over every picture of him as I could see and feel the love oozing from his body. What a special cat. So glad you could love on him until the end. I am sorry for your loss. It's good to know he is not suffering now. It seems like the most special ones often go the soonest. But we carry them in our hearts.
Anonymous said…
I am feeling a bit heartbroken about Griz.He was such a character! I will keep the memories of him riding around your necks in my heart forever. I'm so glad you shared him with us. Thanks for letting us love him.
Kelley said…
I will miss Griz too. He had such a strong personality and seemed so loving of you and the happy life you gave him. I’ve been especially fond of him since our last name is Griswold, so I thought of him as a distant relative!??

The joy of sharing your abundant flora bursting with color brings much happiness too.
Wanda Devers said…

Griz was such a dear kitty. You did all you could to save him and he had a wonderful life there riding around with those he loved and who loved him so much. There are always losses but this is one of the saddest yet.

I will be thinking of yall with love and wishing you comfort.
phyllis Schmitz said…
Goodbye dearest Griz.
This N That said…
Very sad to hear about Griz..He was fortunate to have spent his last months with you and live the life a cat should live..What a wonderful cat he turned out to be..such a personality...hugs !!
Your flowers are lovely..a labor of love no doubt..wonderful pictures..So many butterflies !!
Have a fun weekend! xxoo


So sorry for the loss of Griz. it's always a hit to one's soul.
I've lost so many companions over my lifetime that I think about every day.
Bless Griz!
Karen said…
Lots of tears here for you sweet Griz . . . .I so looked forward to seeing your face almost every day. You ended up at 'Love Farm' for a reason - to receive and give lots of love. I'm so sorry your stay was so brief - but then again - when is a good time to say goodbye? Rest in sweet kitty naps sweetheart.
Oh Bev.....I loved your blog today until I got to the very end and read about dear Griz. What a sweet, friendly guy he became under your watch. I didn't realize he had enough health problems to take him out of this life. so sad. He surely loved all of you and your farm. My heart is sad, like yours.
Cheryl said…
So very sorry to hear about Griz. Thank you for cuddling him until the end. He really had the best life and end of life with you.
Anonymous said…
I'm so very sorry about Griz. His stories have been a favorite part of your blog.
Susan said…
I am so sorry about Griz. Please reflect on the comfort, joy, safe environment, medical care and love that you gave him. He was a lucky kitty and I'm sure he knows he was loved. Hugs
Lynne said…
Sad about Gris . . . always enjoyed seeing him in your posts.
Love your pictures of your farm , flowers and green.
Uplifting to look out, walk about and see the color.
I have started cutting back some of my things like
my Iris greens. They area a great filler, until they reach
their spidery stage and then it is time to snip away.
I find my thoughts turning to the next season . . .
There is time though to enjoy the sun, snip some flowers,
enjoy all the fresh produce. This week we enjoyed some
delicious sweet corn and yummy Blueberries!
Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend and swim meet!

Anonymous said…
I am so sorry. You gave him such a wonderful life. I loved watching him come into his own with you. Marcia